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Introduction to Statistical Methods 0655-121B PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Statistical Methods 0655-121B

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Introduction to Statistical Methods 0655-121B - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Statistical Methods 0655-121B. Lecturers and Course co-ordinators Dr. James Curran G2-23 Dr. Judi McWhirter G3-29 Tutorials Dr. Alec Zwart RG.22. Textbook. Introduction to the Practice of Statistics (3 rd Edition)

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Presentation Transcript
Introduction to Statistical Methods


  • Lecturers and Course co-ordinators
      • Dr. James Curran G2-23
      • Dr. Judi McWhirter G3-29
  • Tutorials
      • Dr. Alec Zwart RG.22


  • Introduction to the Practice of Statistics (3rd Edition)
  • David S. Moore and George P. McCabe
  • ISBN: 0-7167-3502-4
  • Available from Bennetts ($108 with student discount)
  • Available on desk copy in the library
  • Eton Statistical and Mathematical tables
  • (will be provided in final exam)

What do I get for my fees?

Your fees entitle you to participate fully in Introduction to Statistical Methods

Make the most of your opportunity

Your commitment
  • 3 lectures
    • Lecture Monday 11-12LG02
    • Lecture Tuesday 2-3 LG02
    • Lecture Thursday 2-3 ELT.G01
  • Problem Session
    • Thursday 3-4 ELT.G01
  • One tutorial session

Tutorial sessions (One per week)

  • Thursday 10am (RG19)
  • Friday 9am (RG19)
  • Friday 11am (TG3.01)
  • Attendance is compulsory
    • rolls are taken
    • work is assessed
  • Tutorial times
    • Monday 4pm (RG19)
    • Tuesday 5pm (RG19)
    • Wednesday 9am (AG11)
    • Wednesday 12pm (K1.18)

Select ONE tutorial time

Computer labs RG12 Lab 5
  • Learn statistical package Minitab and Microsoft Excel
  • Not compulsory but you will need the computer to complete your assignment work
  • You should attempt to get into the lab for at least 1 hour a week
  • Lab times (with demonstrators)
    • Monday 1pm
    • Tuesday 11am, 12pm
    • Wednesday 12pm
    • Friday 12pm, 1pm
Other access to labs
  • You may be able to use lab at other times
  • However this is at the discretion of the tutor in charge
  • No demonstrators
  • Prior to 8 am, after 6 pm and at weekends, a swipe card is required
  • see Karen Devoy, G2.18 for authorization
Tutorial sessions, labs
  • Sign up times
    • Straight after this lecture
    • Sign up for one tutorial
    • Sign up one computer lab
  • Sign up sheets will be in on the class notice board which is in the foyer of R block on the ground floor next to the lift

whichever is more

favourable to you

Final Assessment

  • Internal coursework : final exam ratio
    • either 2/3 : 1/3
    • or 1/3 : 2/3
    • must achieve a minimum of 40% in both coursework and exam to receive a clear pass
  • Internal component
    • 2 Tests 50%
    • Tutorial assessment 20%
    • Minitab assignments 30%
  • Tuesday, 22nd August 7 - 9pm L1, L2 and L3
  • Tuesday, 3rd October 7 - 9pm L1, L2 and L3
  • If you’re sick it is much better for your own assessment purposes if you sit the test regardless and show a medical certificate (preferably before the test) rather than missing the test
Tutorial assessment (20%)
  • Tutorial sheets will be handed out during your tutorial and will generally be available from the web the Friday before your tutorial time
  • Tutorial exercises will be marked
    • scale of zero to two
  • Work to be considered for assessment to be handed in before 5pm two days after your tutorial.
  • E.g. if your tutorial is Monday you must hand it in before 5pm Wednesday, Tuesday on Thursday.
  • Friday tutorials hand in before 5pm Tuesday the following week.
  • Attempt to do numerical parts BEFORE your tutorial
Assignments 30%
  • In this course you will do two large assignments for which you will have approximately 3 weeks to complete.
  • These assignments will require the use of the computers.
  • You should start these assignments as soon as you get them?
  • Why?
    • There will be no extensions
    • Being ill on the last two days before the assignment is due is no excuse
    • The computer labs are always busy on the last day and usually the printers jam
  • Handing in
    • A labelled box opposite the statistics office (G2.18) will be out the week the assignment is due
  • Tutorial exercises
    • A labelled box opposite the statistics office (G2.18) will be out the day the tutorial exercise is due
Assignments & Exercises
  • Return of assessed items
    • CMS school office
    • ground floor, G block
Missed coursework
  • Covered in regulations in University calendar
  • need documentary evidencee.g. medical certificate signed by a registered doctor
  • A medical certificate protects you and us from claims of unfair treatment.
  • In general, if you can complete the work but are ill hand it in and show a medical certificate. This will be taken into account in your final assessment

Class Noticeboard

  • Foyer of R Block on the ground floor next to the lift
  • The class noticeboard is used for
    • Posting of class notices
    • Posting of internal assessment marks
  • Make sure you check it from time to time to see that your marks are correct
  • If you:
    • have a question about your marks
    • need to show a medical certificate
    • or counsellor’s cerificate
    • need to get a copy of the latest tutorial (if you missed in and can’t work out how to get it off the web)
    • or any other general query about the course
  • Then please see Karen Devoy, in G2.18 (Statistics office, 2nd floor in G Block)
  • Please be polite

In General ....

  • Lectures
  • tutorials + exercises
  • computer labs +assignments


active participant