Human relationships
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Human relationships. What do human relationships mean ? the way that people behave / act towards each other , what they feel about each other How can HR be divided ? - good and bad - formal and informal. Good and bad Relationships. We have good relationships

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Human relationships


Human relationships

  • What do humanrelationshipsmean?

  • the waythatpeoplebehave/acttowardseachother, whattheyfeelabouteachother

  • Howcan HR bedivided?

    - good and bad

    - formal and informal

Good and bad relationships
Good and badRelationships


ifwe love, undestandeachother, get on witheachother

badrelationships - argue, are angrywith, dislike or hate eachother

Formal and informal relationships
Formal and informalrelationships

Formal r. – canbebetweenemployers and employees, students and teacher

Informal r. – parents and children, husband and wife – itmeansrelationshipswithinfamilies or betweenfriendsetc.

How do hr change as we grow older
How do HR changeaswegrowolder ?

  • 1st relationshipsare formed in ourfamilies – parents and children.Itisveryimportantrelationshipwhichcaninfluenceusduring the wholelife. Weshouldhavegoodrelationshipwithourparents – shouldbeourexamples.

  • Relationships in families are complicatednowadays.

  • Parents – busy, tired, don´thaveenoughtime, livestressfullife.

  • Ifparents and childrendon´tunderstandeachotherthereis a generationgapin families.

How do hr change as we grow older1
How do HR changeaswegrowolder ?

Laterwelookforfriends – usually the peoplewiththesamevalues. Somefriendshipscanlastyourwholelife. Somecanbeshort –termed.

Qualities of a true friend

Explain : „A friend in needis a friendindeed.“

- he / sheshould / shouldn´t....

  • Friends or acquaintances

  • Friends are peoplewespendlotsoftimewith, wehavemuch in common

  • Acquaintances – peoplewhoweknow, but who are not close friends.

Qualitiesof a truefriend

How do hr change as we grow older2
How do HR changeaswegrowolder ?

Whenwe are olderwehave a romanticrelationship. A boy and a girlfall in love, startdating, later get engaged and get married.

Nowadaysmanymarriages break up/splitup. There s a highdivorce rate.

When is a marriage happy


to love eachother

to spendtimewith

a family

to shareduties /


to havecommon


to talkaboutproblems


and respect

Whenis a marriage happy?

Reasons for a divorce
Reasonsfor a divorce

  • lackofcommunicationbetweenspouses

  • infidelity

  • alcoholism

  • drugaddictionofoneofspouses

  • gambling

  • financialproblems

Problems of different people in our society
Problemsof „different“ people in our society

Society oftenfacesproblemsbetweenpeopleofdifferentraces, religions, socialclasses or the disabled.

  • Reasonsofnegativerelationships

  • illiteracy

  • predjudice

  • close – mindedness

  • intolerance

  • people are suspicious

Status of women in society
Status ofwomen in society

The relationshipbetweenmen and women in society wasdifferentfrom the presentone. In the pastwomencouldn´t get goodeducation, couldn´twork or vote. The women´smovement tried to changeit. Nowadaysit has got better. Women and menshouldbetreatedequally – athome or atwork.