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Great Southern Personnel

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Great Southern Personnel. School to work Transition “Bringing focus to what the schools do”. Terry Tate Office Linebacker. GSP’s profile. Country based agency Both ESS and DMS Traditionally an ESS provider In effect the sole ESS provider in our area Service area 1 ½ hour radius

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Great Southern Personnel

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great southern personnel

Great Southern Personnel

School to work Transition

“Bringing focus to what the schools do”

gsp s profile
GSP’s profile
  • Country based agency
  • Both ESS and DMS
  • Traditionally an ESS provider
  • In effect the sole ESS provider in our area
  • Service area 1 ½ hour radius
  • 12 towns in the area, 9 towns have less than a 1,000 people
  • 120-140 participants in total
  • 10 schools population of 10 to over 1,000 high school students
the development of student servicing our model if you can call it one
The development of student servicing“Our model if you can call it one?”
  • Evolution vs Revolution
  • Galapagos Island – Darwin
  • Mostly evolution although three notable triggers
    • Yes we can work with students
    • Students in the smaller towns have limited employment options and need to look at those whilst at school
    • Student finishing school who along with their parents have unrealistic expectations
the model
The model

“We want to guide the school by ensuring that:”

  • Work experience is as far as possible a real experience for the student
  • If possible work experience is providing real feedback on the students capabilities
  • The school can support the student by modifying the classroom program to address gaps and to develop for the future

The student is better placed to make good future employment and study choices

how do we do what we do
How do we do what we do?
  • Build trust with the education institution
  • Sell that you are the employment expert
  • Demonstrate the flexibility that you (hopefully) have
  • Make early contact – maybe 2 or 3 years prior to eligibility and actual job search
  • In the early contacts set the boundaries on what we are doing
  • Use your time sparingly in the early contacts
practical case examples
Practical case examples
  • What is your model, do you even have one?
  • Train and place
  • Place and train
  • Or a blend of both
  • Matt’s story – The school are at a loss, don’t know what to do.
  • Amy’s story – too many warm fuzzies not enough cold pricklies
  • Katie’s story

Basically in all cases the Employment Coordinator,

  • - Builds the trust
  • - Assessment of strengths and weaknesses
  • We observe and focus the school on current abilities not just the current cirriculum
the traps
  • Expectation that we will supervise work experience placements
  • Handball of disengaged or problem students
  • Confusion as to what we are providing
  • Go into the schools early
  • Bringing realism to work expereince
  • Supporting the schools with our employment expertise
  • Assisting the school to develop an individual program that support the student employment skills
  • Use the flexibility of our service to cater for individual needs