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Aerospace Power Systems Technical Committee (APS TC)

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Aerospace Power Systems Technical Committee (APS TC) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aerospace Power Systems Technical Committee (APS TC). Annual Report Input to P&E Group Meeting January 3, 2011 By Greg Carr, APS TC Chair. APS TC Chair. TC Chair Name / Contact Info: Greg Carr Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mail Stop 303-300 4800 Oak Grove Drive Pasadena, CA 91109

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Presentation Transcript
aerospace power systems technical committee aps tc

Aerospace Power Systems Technical Committee (APS TC)

Annual Report Input


P&E Group Meeting

January 3, 2011


Greg Carr, APS TC Chair

aps tc chair
APS TC Chair

TC Chair Name / Contact Info:

Greg Carr

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Mail Stop 303-300

4800 Oak Grove Drive

Pasadena, CA 91109

(818)354-0680 (W)



aps tc membership
APS TC Membership
  • Number of Members = 48
    • 35 Full, 1 Associate, 1 Foreign and 11 Emeritus
    • 2 new members and 2 rolled off.
      • Karen Cunningham, MSFC
      • Steven Geng, GRC
  • Employers
    • 18 From Government
    • 5 From Academia
    • 14 From Industry
  • Grades
    • 1 Associate Member
    • 22 Members
    • 7 Senior Members
    • 16 Associate Fellows
    • 2 Fellows
  • Number of Foreign Members = 1 by APS Charter
  • Member Roster - see next page
aps tc operations
APS TC Operations
  • TC has a succession plan transitioned on May 1.
    • Secretary, Michael Butler, will serve 2 years, then move on to
    • Vice-chair, Richard Shaw, will serve 2 years, then move on to
    • Chair, Greg Carr, will serve 2 years, then move on to
    • Grand Poobah, Harout Avaysian, will serve 2 years
  • TC has Six Subcommittees
    • Membership
    • Conferences & Activities
    • Publications
    • Specifications & Standards
    • Education
    • Awards
aps tc meetings
APS-TC Meetings
  • Number of TC meetings last year: 2 face to face meetings, one telecon
    • First meeting was held at the Space Power Workshop on 4/20/10
    • Second meeting was held at IECEC on 7/27/2010
    • Next telecon using meeting place will be January 19, 2011 for Winter meeting
    • Next face-to-face meeting at Space Power Workshop Tuesday April 19, 2011.
  • Participation in AIAA national Technical Conferences:
    • IECEC sponsored jointly by APS and TES TCs International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC)
    • Steering committee members from the APS TC include H. Ayvazian, R. Raffaelle, & W. Choy
  • Participation in non-AIAA conferences:
    • APS TC members are actively involved in the organization of the Space Power Workshop organized by the Aerospace Corporation in Los Angeles, CA
    • TC member Margot Wasz serves on SPW Steering Committee
special topics
Special Topics
  • Training/Education
    • Space Power System Design Tutorial
      • Instructors Robb Pinkerton, Ted Stern & Doug Allen All TC Members
      • Presented at SPW (typical), IECEC, or by invitation
      • Marshall Space Flight Center is requesting a course in 2011
    • Outreach – Henry Brandhorst made a presentation on engineering/science to 660+ students at George Washington University
    • Voted to send a proposal to TAC for a Robotics Arena for a Middle School Robotics Competition
  • Specs/Standards
    • SMC has decided to fund AIAA to turn the two the Lithium Ion Aerospace TORS (S/C Valerie Ang and L/V Margot Wasz) into an AIAA Standard
    • S111 & S112 photovoltaic cell/panel qualification standards are being revised (Henry Brandhorst)
  • Treasury
    • $2000.00 available in the account currently
aps tc honors awards
APS TC Honors & Awards
  • 2010 Aerospace Power Systems Award
    • Edward M. Gaddyof the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, who will receive the AIAA 2010 Aerospace Power Systems Award.
  • 2010 Aerospace Power Systems Best Paper Award
    • Margot L. Wasz, The Aerospace Corporation, Los Angeles, CA, Electrode Surface Area Characteristics of Batteries
  • 2010 Aerospace Power Systems Best Student Paper Award
    • Tyler G. Voskullen, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, An Analysis of the Hydrogen Sorption Kinetics of Ti1.1CrMn
aps tc publication activities
APS TC Publication Activities
  • Aerospace America publication
  • Highlights article: Provided 1 page APS highlight article (by Ted Stern)
  • Newsletter: Yearly newsletter established
  • White papers/position papers: None
  • Books: None
  • Journal articles: None
aps tc participation in aiaa sections committees activities
APS TC Participation in AIAA Sections, Committees & Activities
  • TC participation/activities with AIAA sections:
    • No official joint activities with local AIAA sections, however, local AIAA sections have been contacted with regard to participation/involvement in IECEC conference
  • Standards: Large number of TC members involved in AIAA Standards activities. Substantial & active involvement in the following Standards activities:
    • AIAA Standard - Qualification and Quality Requirements for Space Solar Cells (S-111)
    • AIAA Standard - Qualification and Quality Requirements for Space Solar Panels (S-112)
    • AIAA Standard - Electrical Power Systems for Unmanned Spacecraft (S-122)
    • APS TC members are part of an international committee trying to create an ISO standard on solar cells and panels.
    • APS TC members are involved with reviewing Aerospace Battery Qualification Standard TOR-2007(8583)-1.
    • APS TC committee members are currently and actively involved in modifications to AIAA Standards (S-111-2005 & S-112-2005 headed by Henry Brandhorst, and S122 headed by Winnie Choy)
  • Education:
    • APS TC puts together the Aerospace Power Systems course, held annually at the Space Power Workshop
    • APS TC has generated a draft Education Charter and is being reviewed by TC for release.
  • Policy: One TC member emeritus (Doug Allen) is involved in this committee
aps tc 2010 significant accomplishments
APS TC 2010 Significant Accomplishments

The Aerospace Power Systems Technical Committee has been extremely busy and involved over the past year with various activities. The TC has successfully completed another transition of leadership as defined in the bi-laws. A sub-committee has been focusing on bringing up the number of papers in the IECEC as well as increasing attendance. The awards committee has completed the process for the 2010 present at IECEC. The TC provided substantial organizational and technical support for the IECEC this year. We submitted another end of the year highlights article as we did last year. We are investigating whether to produce another position paper on Nuclear Power in Space. The other major accomplishment by this TC has been its involvement in the development of various standards for the aerospace community. Significant work over the past years was put into the committee to establish and complete AIAA Standard S-122: Electrical Power Systems for Unmanned Spacecraft. Earlier involvement in the AIAA Standards S-111-2005 and S-112-2005 on Solar Cell and Array Qualification and Quality Requirements now has many APS TC members involved in meetings to discuss clarification and possible changes to these documents in response to comments from industry/Government. We are proposing to provide funding for Middle School Robotic Competition arenas to support the robotics courses.



A. Effectiveness of existing TC

B. TAC governance

C. Liaisons

D.No. of TC meetings each year and how active are the TC members

E. Special tasks by TC


A 1. Membership balance analysis

A 2. Create/update a charter

A 3. Number of foreign members (optional)

B 1. Succession planning

B 2. Training

C 1. AIAA TC’s

C 2. Local or Regional AIAA Chapters

C 3. Other Professional Organizations ( i.e. SAE, ASME, etc. )

D 1. No. of Members that attend

D 2. No. of TC members that actively work on your TC subcommittees

E 1. Professional short courses

E 2. Higher Educational Programs (Graduate and Undergraduate)

E 3. K-12 Educational Programs

E 4. Community Programs Publications:

E 5. Books

E 6. Design Guides

E 7. News letters/Bulletins

E 8. Journal Articles

E 9. AIAA papers

E 10. Aerospace America Articles Awards/Scholarships:

E 11. Student (Graduate & Undergraduate)

E 12. Young Engineers

E 13. Lifetime achievement

E 14. AIAA service

Congress Contact:

E 15. Participate in Congressional Day Visit

Importance order






No. of Metric Items

2 plus 1 Optional Item





Points per Metric Item






Max Value of Metrics

10 plus 5 Optional





Max Percentage Evaluation Metric

10 plus 5% extra





TOTAL = 98.3


A. 15 points

B. 10 points

C. 15 points

D. 8.3 points

E. 50 points

Percent Eval each TC





50.0 Total = 92.7%

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