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My hometown is a coastal county. Its name is Lianjiang. If you come to my hometown, you can eat many kinds of fresh seafood. Lianjiang includes 16 towns. I live in ‘Fengcheng’ town. Why its name is ‘Fengcheng’ town ? Because, you can see from above that Fengcheng town looks like a phoenix. Fengcheng town is in the center of town. It is very busy. The transportation is very convenient . Although the street is not very wide, traffic is very sequential. Ten years ago, Lianjiang was very backward. Liangjiang built lots of building and tourist attractions little by little. I think my county will be famous in China in the near future.


Day five

  • We will take the bus to ‘Huangqi’. ‘Huangqi ’ is near the sea. So most of villagers there catch fish for a living. In the morning, we will go to the beach. It is the biggest beach in Liangjiang. The length of the beach is 300m. The sand of beach is soft. The water of the sea is limpid. It is a good place to swim and surf. We can take our bathing suits to swim in sea, and we can catch the crabs and pick up the shells on the beach. I like to use the sand to build castles. It is so interesting!

  • In the afternoon, we can eat fish ball. Fish ball is so popular in Fujian But here we have our own special local product of Huangqi . The skin of the fish ball is made from the fresh eel. There is fresh pork in the fish ball. It is very delicious. On New Year, we must eat fish ball because fish ball is round. It means family reunion. The villagers can use the fish to make lots of delicious food. We can buy some kilos to test. In the evening, we can cook the fish ball by ourselves. I think we can cook the fish balls as delicious as the villagers’ fish balls.


Day two

We will take MS Thom to ‘QingZhi’ Mountain. It is one of the most famous mountains in Lianjiang. Its other name is Baidong Mountain. It is also a tourist attraction. During the vacation lots of people will take a boat to travel. In the morning, we will take a boat to ‘Chuangshi’ island. We look at the ‘changmenpaotai’. ‘Changmenpaotai’ is oldest and biggest fungus in China at the present time. Most people take photos with the ‘paotai’. Then we will visit ‘Shuangguisuo’ and ‘Wanrenken’.

In the afternoon, we will visit the ‘glossy ganoderma show’. I heard a long long ago, there were many kinds of glossy ganoderma in ‘QingZhi’ mountain. Therefore, its name is ‘QingZhi’ mountain. We will watch the animal show. It is very exciting and wonderful. Next, we visit ‘Zheyaoyan’ and ‘Lincen’ Museum’. In the evening, we will go to beach to barbecue. There is a campfire party on the beach. We can relax to sing songs and dance the whole night.


Day three

  • Next day we will get up early to climb to the top of ‘Qingzhi’ mountain and watch the sunrise. I like to watch the sunrise. But I always miss it. This time, I mustn’t miss it. On the top of ‘Qingzhi’ mountain, we can look out at ‘Mazu’ island. After, we will visit ‘Qingzhi’ temple. It is a long historical standing building. The wood of joss and jade of joss are very important cultural relic in ‘Qingzhi’ temple. There are many kinds of vegetable food . The food is delicious. The vegetable is cooked to personal choice. Then we will climb the mountain from ‘Qingzhi’ mountain to ‘Fuhu’ mountain. It is very popular in Lianjiang. On Double Ninth Festival, most of people climb ‘Qingzhi’ mountain to Fuhu’ mountain at night. Fuhu’ mountain is the tallest in Lainjiang. On the mountain, there are olive trees and strawberry trees. If you are hungry and thirsty, we will climb the tree to pick fruit. If it tastes good, then you can buy some. On the top of mountain, we can see all of Lianjiang, Lianjiang looks like a phoenix. Owl-night we will come back. On the way, we will see the river. The water is very clean and cool. The view is very charming. Most of the old people do exercise to climb this mountain. In the evening, we will go to a large stall to eat dinner. Large stall is very popular in ‘Lianjiang’. The food is very delicious and lots of people go there for dinner together.


Day six

Today we must get up early at about 3a.m. We go to the small village in “MeiYang” in the high mountain to visit my friends. It is far away from the city. We will rent a car to go there. At dawn, we can see the sunrise when we go there. The sky and clouds are red. The air is fresh. The people are friendly. They can show us their houses and we will have dinner with them. It is nice that we can walk barefoot in the field. Sometimes, we can see frogs, field mice and crickets. The field is next to a stream and the water is so clear. We can listen to the sound of the stream. We can grab the crabs and small fish with fishing rods. What a wonderful thing! At dusk, we can see the sunset . We can take many pictures.



This vacation is so wonderful. Our hometown “FuZhou” has many interesting places. We can enjoy this vacation. If you come to our hometown for a longer time, we can visit more places. Welcome to our hometown! I think we are good guides.


Day one

Today, Ms Thom will come to my FuJian. She arrives in the afternoon. We’re so happy to see Ms Thom. Then we take a car to a restaurant. I think Ms Thom is so tired, so we let her rest there.

In the evening.we show the LianJiang to Ms Thom. LianJiang is a beautiful place. There is a big Central Park. There are many children and old people. Some are rich and some are poor. Some are people like to sit on benches and talk to each other. Some people dance. They are enjoy it. Next to the park, there is a fountain. You can see a shape of fancy water. It’s so nice. Many people sit there to take a many pictures.

Finally, We can return to the restaurant to rest.


Day four

  • Today ,I will show you to the ‘student street’. In the morning, people get u early and want to prepare themselves a small store . There are many special things and some special food.

  • now, let’s go to eat breakfast first. There are many things to eat sachas fried-dough, soymilk, sizzling rice, donut … when we finish eating we wan go shopping on this street. There are many cheap things. We can buy local things, such as local clothes and souvenirs. We can also buy some BBQ vegetable to eat. We will spend half a day shopping on this street . In the evening. We can go to a restaurant and have a dinner. After we can walk on the street. There are many people sitting there. When we are tired. We can sit there too., and eat some desert. Finally, we will go back to the hotel to rest.