welcome to mar 6816 strategic marketing management n.
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Welcome to MAR 6816 Strategic Marketing Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to MAR 6816 Strategic Marketing Management

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Welcome to MAR 6816 Strategic Marketing Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to MAR 6816 Strategic Marketing Management. Prof. Amit Joshi. Agenda for the Day. Introductions Details about the syllabus. Introduction to Marketing Break Even Analysis. Ground Rules. Turn off phones, iPods / iPads, or other such devices before you enter the classroom.

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agenda for the day
Agenda for the Day
  • Introductions
  • Details about the syllabus.
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Break Even Analysis
ground rules
Ground Rules
  • Turn off phones, iPods / iPads, or other such devices before you enter the classroom.
  • A warning will be given for the first disruptive behavior, and repeat violators will be asked to leave the class and may be further penalized.
  • Do not schedule other activities during class times.
amit joshi
Amit Joshi
  • Ph.D. in Marketing from UCLA
  • Area of specialization:
    • Strategy; Marketing – Finance Relationship
    • Long-Run Effects
    • Motion Picture Industry
    • Social Media
  • Research:
    • Does advertising affect stock price?
    • How does movie advertising affect studio stocks?
    • Why are movie stars paid so much?
    • How does online and offline buzz marketing work?
how to contact me
How to Contact Me?
  • Instructor: Amit Joshi
  • Office: BA2 – 308V
  • E-mail: amit.joshi@ucf.edu
  • Phone: (407) 823 5355
  • Course web site: http://www.bus.ucf.edu/faculty/ajoshi/page/MAR-6816.aspx
  • My presentation slides will also be available on the class web site


Name / Background


Something you did that

you are really proud of

What are you looking for from this course / MBA

goal of this course
Goal of this course
  • Strategic Marketing Management is supposed to be an applied course.
    • Fundamentals shall be provided in the forms of lectures, readings, etc.
  • Key learning shall occur through cases and the marketing strategy simulation
  • If you are unprepared for either, you shall get nothing from this course.
    • In-class discussions, based on preparation at home, is critical to the success of this course.
tentative session plan

Tentative Session Plan

From the syllabus

what about a syllabus
What about a syllabus?
  • Available on the course web site at


  • Please read the syllabus completely.
course material
Course Material
  • No required text.
    • If you need one for reference, you could use Marketing by Grewal and Levy (Mcgraw Hill)
  • Please download notes from my website:
  • Four (4) Cases from the Harvard Business School available at the HBS website.
  • Markstrat – Marketing Strategy Simulation
two phases of mar 6816 phase one
Two Phases of MAR 6816:Phase One
  • Till Feb 19
    • Intro to Marketing and Marketing Strategy in form of lectures.
    • 4 cases. I will lead the case discussions.
      • Lectures on Marketing fundamentals pertaining to the cases shall be occur the week before.
    • 2, random, in-class quizzes on the case, theory and assigned material for the week.
    • Mid Term Exam on Feb 19
obtaining the cases
Obtaining the Cases…
  • NO case packet to be bought at the bookstore
  • You can download cases directly from the HBS website.
  • http://cb.hbsp.harvard.edu/cb/access/23337582
  • All case-related quizzes and exams shall be open book.
phase two
Phase Two
  • Markstrat (From Feb 26 - Apr 23)
    • This is a Marketing Strategy Simulation
      • Simulation encapsulates all of the theoretical and strategic aspects of marketing
    • Participation is in the form of teams that I shall create
    • Please note that Feb 12 is a HARD deadline for purchasing the e-book and registering for the game AS A TEAM.
gaining access to markstrat
Gaining Access to Markstrat
  • Three (3) students from each TEAM are expected to purchase the Markstrat handbook along with the Participant Activation Key.
  • To do so:
    • Please go to http://estore.stratxsimulations.com
    • Please enter Course ID « A33467 »
    • You will be asked to register to complete your purchase.
    • Upon purchase, you will automatically be registered in this course « A33467 »
performance evaluation
Performance Evaluation

Individual component (worth 55%)

Two in-class case-based quizzes @ 50 points each 100 points

Mid-Term Exam 275 points

Markstrat Quiz 75 points

Contribution to In-class Discussions 100 points

Group component (worth 45%)

MARKSTRAT performance (Final Stock Price) 150 points

Ranking on Stock Price (% Grade):

1 (100%); 2 (93%); 3 (89%); 4 (85%); 5(80%)

Mid-Term Report on Markstrat Progress 100points

Final Report on Markstrat Strategy 200 points

Total 1000 points

*This has also been given in the syllabus. Group grades subject to adjustment

based on peer evaluations

contribution to in class discussion
Contribution to In-Class Discussion…
  • Your grade for each week will be determined by answering the following questions:
    • Is the participant prepared? Do comments add to our understanding of the situation? Do comments show an understanding of application?
    • Is the participant a good receiver? Are the points made relevant to the discussion? Are they linked to the comments of others? Is the participant willing to interact with other class members?
    • Is the participant an effective communicator? Are concepts presented in a concise and convincing fashion?
how will i grade contribution to in class discussion
How will I grade Contribution to In-Class Discussion?
  • A Outstanding – aha! I never thought of this angle before!
  • B Above average – wow! A good thought!
  • C Average – what I would expect from a smart UCF student.
  • D Below Average – Not a sufficient grasp of the subject! Trivial!
grading scale
Grading Scale
  • Over 93.5% A
  • 90-93.5 A-
  • 87.5-90 B+
  • 82.5-87.5 B
  • 80-82.5 B-
  • 77.5-80 C+
  • 72.5-77.5 C
  • 70-72.5 C-
  • Below 70 D
  • Grades will not be rounded.
some norms
Some Norms
  • Class participation is a MUST!
  • Please don’t come LATE!
  • Leaving early constitutes as absence!
  • Multiple absences will hurt your participation grade.
  • You are allowed ONE excused absence
  • Encourage professionalism in every aspect of the course - reports, presentations, discussions, courtesy to other students.
  • Encourage a lot of interactions.
  • Learn to be assertive. Ask a lot of questions.
things to do
Things to Do!
  • Please go to the class website and download the complete syllabus. READ the syllabus.
  • Please fill out the student sheet. Affix a recent photo if your picture is not up on the e-Community.
  • All presentations / slides discussed in class shall be posted on my website.
  • Go to the Harvard website, register, and get the cases!
    • All quizzes, presentations and reports are based on the cases, so you will not be able to do without them!