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Truly Drivers Car PowerPoint Presentation
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Truly Drivers Car

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Truly Drivers Car - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Figo VS. Liva. Bytes. Details. Inadequate Passenger Cabin . Space- Class Apart. vs. Features – Smart & Best in Class . Lacks in Smart Technology. vs. Car full of Comfort and convenience. Liva is just ordinary hatchback. vs. Truly Drivers Car. Mediocre ride & handling.

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Presentation Transcript

Figo VS. Liva



Inadequate Passenger Cabin


Class Apart


Features –

Smart &

Best in Class

Lacks in Smart Technology


Car full of Comfort and convenience

Liva is just ordinary hatchback


Truly Drivers Car


ride & handling

The ride is one of the best in class, good at both low and high speeds. It’s very stable at three digit speeds and you can see Ford’s ‘driver’s car’ DNA in it. The steering is light and nicely weighted for both city and highway .



Figo vsLiva

The Most awarded car of the year

20 Awards in just 15 months

Expert Speak

The Figo’s interiors are pretty spacious, well equipped and solidly built…Ford has a winner on its hands.

FigoDuratorq EXI Toyota Liva JD

FigoDuratorq ZXI Toyota Liva GD

Figo DuratorqTitanium Toyota Liva GDSP

Quick Facts

The Figo has great big car feel and the ride and handling is up there with more expensive cars.

Quite simply the Figo takes the best traits from every car and betters is.

Change is a wonderful thing

Frankly speaking there aren’t too many hatches out there that can give you a better overall package than the Figo

New Seat Fabric Design

New Head Lamps

New Steering column mounted audio controls

New front Bumper

Riviera Blue IP

It is the wit of Ford Figo that makes it the best Diesel hatchback around

New Alloy wheels

New Tail Lamps

* Ex Showroom Price -Delhi

Date – April 1, 2013 Release No. V8.0 NF

Confidential and for Internal circulation to Ford India dealers only