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  1. ADVICE Author Unknown Ria Translated by CASSG

  2. She was moving to a nursing home because her husband she lived with for 70 years passed away and she was alone... Dona Maria was a lady of 92 years old, elegant, well dressed and kept her hair neat.

  3. After, patientely waiting for two hours in the waiting room, ...she gave a beautiful smile for the attendent who came to say that her room was ready.

  4. On the way to her new home, the attendent described her small bedroom including the cheap flower curtains that adorned the windows. “I love the curtains.”she said with the entusiasm of a little girl that just recieved a puppy. “But you haven’t even seen your room yet!...”Said the attendent.

  5. “I don’t need to see it.” – answered the lady. Happiness is something that you decide on principle. I already decided that I will love it!

  6. It is a decision that I make every day while waking up. You know, I have two choices: I can stay all day in my bed concentrating on the difficulties and pains that I have in certain parts of my body that don’t seem to work too well anymore... Or I can wake up and be thankful for the other parts that still obey me.

  7. Every day is a present. And as long as my eyes still open, I will focus them on the new day and on the good memories that I have kept for this part of my life.

  8. Old age is like a bank account: You only can cash what you have saved. Therefore,my advice to you is to deposit a lot of joy and happiness in your Memories Account. And as you can see, I’m still depositing. Now, if you allow me, I would like to give you a recipe.

  9. 1. Ignore the numbers that are not essential for your survival. That includes your age, weight and height. Let the doctor worry about them, he is paid to do that. 2. Give preference to happy people. The blue ones just put you down. 3. Continue learning. Learn more about computers, crafts, gardening, anything. Do not let your brain become idol. An empty mind is the devil’s office. And the name of devil is Alzheimers Disease. 4. Enjoy the simple things. 5. Always laugh, a lot and out loud. Laugh until you run out of breath.

  10. 6. Tears happen. Hold on, suffer through and get on with life. The only person that will be with you all your life is yourself. Be alive, while you live. 7. Keep around you the things that you like: this could be family, pets, memories, music, plants, a hobby, whatever. Your home is your refuge. 8. Take advantage of your health. If it is good, preserve it. If it isn’t, make it better. If it is not so good, ask for help. 9. Do not take guilt trips. Go shopping, go to a nearby city, go to another country, but do not go to the past. 10. Say to those that you love that you really love them while you have the opportunity to say it.

  11. AND ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT: Life is not measured by the number of your breaths but by the moments that you got out of your breath ... For laughing... For surprises... For ecstasy ... For happiness!!! Enjoy!!! Pinturas de Fritz Wagner