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welcome to fourth grade parent information night n.
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Welcome to Fourth Grade Parent Information Night! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Fourth Grade Parent Information Night!

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Welcome to Fourth Grade Parent Information Night!
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Welcome to Fourth Grade Parent Information Night!

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  1. Welcome to Fourth Grade Parent Information Night!

  2. Introductions • Lisa Brose • Diane Stephens • Karen Zadkovic

  3. Literacy Fourth grade uses a variety of resources to deliver our literacy instruction: National Geographic Reach for Reading Treasures Accelerated Reader/Renaissance Learning Novels Writing Units of Study Thinking Maps Spelling City

  4. Math • Math curriculum, enVision2.0 • Rocket Math to support math fact fluency • Homework based upon needs • Access to curriculum from home and school • Embrace the conceptual understanding; be patient and know that this will benefit your child in the long run • Bounce Pages App for homework help

  5. Enrichment Groups We have enrichment groups for both math and literacy. Enrichment groups will likely start in the next few weeks, after all beginning of the year testing is completed. Students will be placed in enrichment groups based upon current skill needs. We frequently discuss student progress as a team and change a student’s enrichment group as needs change.

  6. Science and Social Studies Science and social studies are integrated throughout our six IB Planners. Though we do have integration of both science and social studies in each of our planners, each has a science or social studies focus. Who We Are – Social Studies How We Express Ourselves – Science How We Organize Ourselves – Social Studies & Economics Where We Are in Place & Time – Social Studies Sharing the Planet – Science How The World Works – Science

  7. 4th Grade Website Our classroom websites will be updated on a regular basis. Check there for schedules, links, and more information on what we are studying. Dunn 4th - www.dunn4th.weebly.com

  8. Homework and Grading

  9. Homework Policies • In 4th grade in general, homework should not exceed 40 minutes each evening (20 minutes is reading) • If your child has done more than 40 minutes, then stop working and write a note in his or her planner so that your child’s teacher is aware • No homework on weekends: unless there is a special project or make-up assignment

  10. Policies Continued • Students are responsible for writing their assignments in their homework planners, as well as writing in the date daily. • Please sign your child’s planner on the parent signature line each night, even if there is no homework. • Your signature tells us that you have seen the expectations and any messages we may have written you. Signing it does not necessarily mean that the homework is completed. • We check planners every morning, so this is a great place to write us a note. • It is the student’s responsibility to get his or her planner signed.

  11. Homework Assignments • Math: We will occasionally use homework pages from enVision2.0 which covers state grade level standards. If homework is assigned, students will be responsible for writing down the specific problems to be completed. We send home a math review prior to each unit test. Math homework is typically due the next day. • Spelling: Each Monday, students will take a pre-test with spelling words that reinforce the spelling pattern that we are discussing in class for that week. If students score an 85% or above on the pre-test, they will be given a challenge list that will include IB planner vocabulary as well as Greek and Latin roots. Spelling homework will be assigned on Monday and will be due on Friday. • Reading: Students will be expected to read for at least 20 minutes each day. This can be done alone and silently, or better yet, aloud and with an adult. There will be a reading log sent home on Mondays for your child to fill out each evening as they complete their reading homework. Weekend reading may be included in the next week’s log. There is a blank reading log on the website for you to print off if yours does not make it home. The reading logs, along with parent signatures are due on Friday. • Unfinished Classwork: There may be circumstances in which your student does not complete classwork and need to bring it home.

  12. Welcome to the first year your child will receive letter grades Your child will receive letter grades for all academic areas. We use a standard grading scale: Trimesters! A 90-100% B 80-89% C 70-79% D 60-69% F <60%

  13. Policy Continued OOPS papers • You will not see a D or an F on papers. • Instead: OOPS! • These papers must be corrected and returned to ensure understanding.

  14. Student Portfolilos • While we feel that letter grades are an important aspect of assessment, the PYP highly encourages the use of the ongoing portfolio as a more meaningful reflection of your child’s progress over time.

  15. Home/School Communication • Thursday Folders • Sign the log inside the folder each week and return on Friday • Planners • Room for parent/teacher comments • Email • We will do our best to check and respond to email, however, because we are teaching for most of the day, it may take up to 24 hours for us to respond.

  16. Birthday Celebrations & Treats • Each student has the option to bring in a birthday treat or spend time playing outside with the Birthday Box as a class • If you are bringing a treat, all items need to be store bought. • Allergies/Food Intolerances • If your child has food allergies or intolerances you may want to consider purchasing a few treats to leave in the classroom in the instance someone brings a treat your child is not be able to eat. • We do not have refrigerators to store items so something non perishable is best.

  17. Questions?

  18. Happy 4th grade! Thank you for attending! Please feel free to review materials at the back tables.