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GIST Training. Workshop Outcomes. As a result of the experiences in this workshop, participants will be able to: Install the GIST software on both a Mac and PC. Access the GIST Help resources to answer questions.

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GIST Training

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workshop outcomes
Workshop Outcomes

As a result of the experiences in this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Install the GIST software on both a Mac and PC.
  • Access the GIST Help resources to answer questions.
  • Describe the various GIST interface components used to create and modify GIST documents
  • Create GIST documents
    • Course Organizers
    • Unit Organizers
    • Lesson Organizers
    • Your own documents from scratch
    • Using the GIST Wizard
  • Save, store and retrieve GIST documents for later use
Accessing and Using the Content Enhancement Online Library
    • Creating your account and signing in
    • Surfing the site and finding what you want.
    • Downloading and storing files in GIST
    • Joining a private group
    • Uploading files to the library
  • Downloading base templates from
  • Be aware of what Professional Developers must know to lead GIST workshops in the field
what is gist and what can gist do
What is GIST, and what can GIST do?
  • Features and Benefits
    • GIST is a powerful organizing tool that facilitates a visual approach to planning and presenting information
    • GIST is designed to promote the use of evidence-based teaching and planning routines developed by researchers associated with the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning
    • GIST helps teachers organize and focus instruction on the critical content tied to helping students meet state standards and benchmarks
GIST is easy-to-use interactive software that helps teachers use research-based teaching devices from the Content Enhancement Series
  • GIST allows teachers to link together course, unit and lesson plans and other multimedia supports
  • GIST uses links to the KU-CRL so that teachers can access a growing resource library of already completed teaching devices to stimulate thinking and planning
installing and starting gist
Installing and Starting GIST
  • Installing the CD-ROM
  • Migrating Interactive Organizer documents to GIST
  • Starting the GIST Program
  • Points for Mac users
    • Where to find the application after installation
    • Where to find the My Organizers folder
    • Control click versus right click
  • Wizard upgrade download available with 1.1 update August 1

Navigation Bar

GIST menus

Properties Bar

Edit Mode

My Organizer

Edit Toolbox

Outline Window


Construction Area

GIST Templates

how to create a new document from scratch
How to create a new document from scratch
  • Start with a blank sheet.
  • Draw three rectangles in the center of the construction area
  • Change two of the rectangles to ovals.
  • Position the rectangle above the two ovals.
  • Connect the ovals using the Connector Tool.
  • Add labels to the ovals.
  • Add text to the line labels on the connectors.
  • Change the font and text size on the rectangle.
  • Change the proportion and width of the outline of the rectangle.
  • Change the outline background colors of the ovals.
  • Return to Presenting Mode.
maximize your screen
Maximize your screen.
  • Click on the gray flippers.
Activity: Draw a simple flowchart that shows the steps to becoming a SIM Content Enhancement Professional Developer.
saving your information
Saving your information.
  • Click on file
  • Click on save as
  • Type the name of the document.
  • Click save.
creating a folder
Creating a folder
  • You can create folders within My Organizer.
  • Right Click on My Organizer and then click add folder.
  • Name your folder and click ok.
my organizer
My Organizer
  • Store all of your created documents in this folder.
  • Click on the plus sign and you will see your list of documents you have created.
how to use a template to create a document
How to use a template to create a document
  • Technical Overview ( lists, changing font sizes, drop down menus. Copying and pasting)
  • The Course Organizer
  • The Unit Organizer
  • The Lesson Organizer
  • Overriding the templates to personalize your documents
using a template
Using a template
  • Technical Overview
    • Lists
    • Changing Font size
    • Drop down menus
    • Copying and pasting
choose your organizer
Choose your Organizer
  • Course Organizer
  • Unit Organizer
  • Lesson Organizer
ignore the locks
Ignore the Locks
  • Click on Edit
  • Click on Ignore the locks
  • You now have freedom to move around the screen.
connect shapes
Connect shapes
  • Click on your shape
  • Click on the Construction Area where you want to place the shape.
  • Choose the line connection tool
  • Click on the first shape and then click on the second shape

Click on the first shape.

Click on the second shape.

making shapes line up
Making Shapes Line up
  • Hold down the Control button
  • Now click once in each of the shapes.
  • Right click in one of the selected shapes.
  • From the drop down menu select Align.
  • Click the alignment you want to achieve.
another way to line up your shapes
Another way to line up your shapes.
  • Hover your mouse over the top-left corner of the area you want.
  • Hold down the mouse click button.
  • While holding the button down, drag your mouse down and to the right. A dotted line will indicate where your imaginary box is located.
  • Right click in one of the selected shapes.
  • From the drop down menu select Align.
  • Click the alignment you want to achieve
  • Create your layers
    • Layers
    • Edit Layers
    • New
    • Name your layer
    • Click ok
    • Click done
linking to a web site
Linking to a web site.
  • Click on the shape you want to link to a web site.
  • Type in the URL in the link window.
  • Click F3
  • Your organizer will fill the screen.
  • Click the + sign.
  • Click the – sign.
  • Use the hand to move your organizer.
  • Click F3 to go back to the original setting.
how to share your documents
How to share your documents.
  • Printing
  • E-mailing
  • web site
  • Save, store and retrieve GIST documents
  • Accessing and Using the Content Enhancement Online Library
printing your document
Printing your document.
  • Click on file.
  • Click on print.
  • Decide how many copies you want printed.
changing the printing margins
Changing the printing margins.
  • Click file.
  • Click Page setup.
  • Choose your page orientation.
  • Change your margins.
e mailing your document
E-mailing your document
  • Create your e-mail
  • Attach your document. Remember it will be found in your folder titled My Organizer. This folder will be found in the My documents file folder.
  • The person who is receiving this e-mail must have the GIST program to be able to view the attachment.
the web site to share your work
The web site to share your work.
  • You will need to have a log in account.
  • You can then access the information.
create an account and sign in
Create an account and sign in
  • Click Library button in Gist (or use web browser to go to
  • Click Create an Account link.
  • If you have an e-mail account with web access (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) complete the form. Otherwise, watch along and create your account when you have e-mail access.
  • Check your e-mail for verification e-mail. Click link in e-mail.
  • Sign in with your new account. Users without web e-mail will use demo account.
finding resources in the library
Finding resources in the library
  • Click the Library link. Note the number of resources.
  • Apply filters by selecting them in the pull-down menus. Note the number of resources shrinks.
  • Click reset icons for filters to remove them.
downloading files
Downloading files
  • Select a file from the library.
  • Click the Download link to save the file.
  • Find the file (probably on your desktop) and move it into the Gist Organizers folder.
  • Open Gist and note the file in the organizer pane.
joining groups
Joining groups
  • Return to library.
  • Click Manage Groups link.
uploading files
Uploading files
  • In Gist, choose file to upload. Locate file name in organizer pane.
  • Locate file in Windows.
  • Go to library in browser. Click Share a File.
  • Complete form for sharing files. Note what all the fields mean and location.
  • Browse for file, check box, upload.
  • Note that the file has been uploaded,
  • How to edit or delete.
  • Downloading base templates from
Exercise: Downloading and Editing a template that you could use in the future.
  • Upload the template to the library.
What SIM Professional Developers Need to Know About Teaching and Using GIST in Content Enhancement Workshops
resources you will need
Resources You Will Need:
  • GIST software and Quick Start Guide
  • “Introduction To GIST” Workshop Outcomes
  • “Introduction To GIST” Workshop Agenda
  • “Introduction To GIST” Annotated Workshop Agenda
linking gist to content enhancement development workshops
Linking GIST To Content Enhancement Development Workshops.
  • GIST is packaged with the Course, Unit, and Lesson Organizer templates. It is packaged this way because these templates represent basic planning activities. Therefore, GIST is designed to be introduced as a planning tool with the basic Content Enhancement planning routines and associated templates. The Course Organizer, Unit Organizer, and Lesson Organizer Manuals support the completion of the templates in the GIST software.
adding new content enhancement devices
Adding New Content Enhancement Devices.
  • You will soon be able to use GIST in all Content Enhancement Workshops. You and teachers will be able to access free downloads of the devices if a manual has been purchased and you have the code for the download. More information on this will be released shortly and an email will be sent to you announcing how you can get additional devices.
gist implementation considerations
GIST Implementation Considerations.
  • GIST can be a powerful and timesaving tool for teachers if they are introduced to it correctly and feel confident in their ability to use GIST. However, these outcomes depend on your ability to weave GIST and Content Enhancement professional development together. As SIM Professional Developers begin to have experience using GIST, we anticipate the number of ways that you can use GIST to increase dramatically. As we introduce GIST, we think that there are three basic approaches to weaving GIST into your professional development.
approach a a gist spotlight workshop
Approach A: A GIST Spotlight Workshop.
  • Many teachers have already been introduced to Content Enhancement Devices and Course, Unit, and Lesson Organizers. If this is the case, a GIST workshop can be conducted to show teachers how to use GIST to organize and refine previous work and to use the Content Enhancement Online Library. This workshop might be similar to the one that you experienced when you were introduced to GIST. After this workshop, teachers will be familiar with GIST and new Content Enhancement Device Templates can be added for specific routines.
approach b a content enhancement workshop and introduction to gist
Approach B: A Content Enhancement Workshop and Introduction to GIST.
  • When you introduce the Course Organizer, Unit Organizer, or Lesson Organizer to teachers, plan for half of the day to introduce the routine to teachers and the other half of the day to introduce teachers to GIST. Teachers can begin to develop their organizers on paper in the morning, and then in the afternoon introduce GIST, its features, and then allow the teachers to transfer their Content Enhancement work to GIST. This approach has been very popular with teachers. After this workshop, teachers will be familiar with GIST and new Content Enhancement Device Templates can be added for specific routines.
approach c a content enhancement workshop and gist intro lite
Approach C: A Content Enhancement Workshop and GIST Intro Lite.
  • This approach usually involves half day (3 to 4 hours) Content Enhancement Workshops in which a routine is presented and teachers have an opportunity to develop devices on paper. Towards the end of the workshop, teachers have an opportunity to spend 45 minutes to an hour with computers and GIST. You provide a short introduction to GIST and GIST features are provided and demonstrate how to work with the template of the Content Enhancement Device that was the focus of the earlier part of the workshop. This approach is the least preferable, but allows you to make the time-saving features of GIST available as a tool for those teachers who are willing to be more independent learners.
prepare presentation and demonstration materials
Prepare Presentation and Demonstration Materials.
  • Consider using the activities included in the “GIST Introductory Workshop” materials. However, you will make a better impression on teachers if you prepare your Content Enhancement and GIST workshop materials using GIST and then use GIST to present the targeted information. If you are going to demonstrate how to download from the Content Enhancement Library, find the specific device you want to download and do a test download to make sure that it goes smoothly.
create an account on the content enhancement library website
Create an Account on the Content Enhancement Library Website.
  • If you haven’t already done so, create an account on the website, sign in, and familiarize yourself with site and how to use the filter to find completed Content Enhancement devices.
plan if and how you will use groups
Plan if and How You Will Use Groups.
  • The Content Enhancement Online Library now allows you to create groups that you can use to facilitate collaboration and sharing during and after your workshop. For example:
Create a group just for participants in the workshop. Before the workshop, post the devices that you want them to use in the workshop to the group folder.
  • During the workshop, have participants download the devices and templates that you want them to have. Ask participants to post work completed during the workshop to the group folder.
  • After the workshop, ask teachers to post completed devices to demonstrate implementation.
Ask teachers to post reports, workshop evaluations, etc., to the group folder.
  • To provide feedback, go to the group folder, review work, make comments and provide implementation prompts and support. You might want to create a new group folder for returned work.
  • Use the GIST layering feature to add comments right on the device before posting it back to the work folder.
  • If you are working with groups in a school, create multiple work group folders and a whole school folder for teachers to post completed work.
To create a group, click the Manage Groups link and request a group. Please allow at least one business day for us to verify the group. Note the group name and the pass phrase you selected for the group. Your workshop’s attendees will need this information to join the group later.
get a printed copy of the quick start and gist user s guide
Get A Printed Copy of the Quick Start and GIST User’s Guide.
  • During the workshop, you will want to have these guides in a printed form. Create tabs for easy reference to frequently used sections. The GIST Help in the software is a fast way to get information, but as you navigate the workshop, the hard copy of the GIST User’s Guide may be the fastest way for you to get information if all the computers are being used. As you learn how to use GIST, make margin notes about short cuts and tips that you can share with teachers and that might be used to make the User’s Guide more user friendly. This will make the hard copy of the GIST User’s Guide more personal and useful.
determine if a site can use gist
Determine if a Site Can Use Gist.
  • In addition to determining if a site wants to purchase GIST for your workshop, you will also need to determine if the computers in the school have the required Windows or Mac operating system requirements. As part of your early communications with the school district, send the operating system requirements for GIST to determine if the software will run on the school’s computers. The operating system requirements can be found on the Quick Start Guide and packaging information that came with the GIST software.
confirm gist site purchasing arrangement
Confirm GIST Site Purchasing Arrangement.
  • Once you have confirmed that the teachers in the workshop will be using GIST, help the workshop organizers determine the best purchasing arrangement.
individual cd rom purchase
Individual CD ROM Purchase.
  • GIST is purchased for each teacher in the workshop at a cost of $89.99. This is the most expensive purchase option, but this option ensures that each teacher gets the CD ROM and the materials that come with software. The teachers can then install GIST on school, classroom, and their home computer. The software is ordered and shipped in the same manner that other SIM materials are ordered and shipped. Order forms are provided in your SIM PD’er materials.
gist small quantity school site download
GIST Small Quantity School Site Download.
  • GIST can be ordered as a school site purchase with a 10% discount when it is downloaded and more than 10 installations at a site are anticipated. Visit for more information.
gist large quantity school site download
GIST Large Quantity School Site Download.
  • GIST can be ordered as a school site purchase with a 20% discount when it is downloaded and more than 100 installations at a site are anticipated. Visit for more information.
arrange for access to computers
Arrange for Access to Computers.
  • You will need a space for your traditional Content Enhancement Workshop activities and then access to a bank of computers. One computer for each teacher is ideal, but two teachers for each computer is an acceptable compromise. Three or more teachers per computer make it very difficult to run an effective workshop using GIST.
plan for gist software installation
Plan for GIST Software Installation.
  • Since the policies and procedures related to technology vary greatly across schools, it would be wise to make arrangements to have access to a computer lab for the workshop as soon as you know that you will be doing the workshop. In addition, you must make sure that the technology personnel have access to the GIST software and have time for them to install the GIST software on computers. This is particularly important because each school has security procedures that require that the school’s technology personnel to install any software on the school computers. Don’t go to conduct your workshop with one copy of the software thinking that you are going to install the software when you get there. In addition, don’t think that you can ask teachers to download and install the GIST software as part of workshop activities unless you have cleared this with the school’s technology staff.
site check
Site Check.
  • A day or two before the workshop check contact the site to make sure that GIST has been installed on all the computers.