by tammy den ouden management assistant customer financial services n.
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By Tammy Den Ouden Management Assistant Customer & Financial Services

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By Tammy Den Ouden Management Assistant Customer & Financial Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EWEB Claims “101” (Eugene Water & Electric Board) APPA Business & Financial Conference September 19 th , 2006 Damage Claims & Service Guarantees. By Tammy Den Ouden Management Assistant Customer & Financial Services. EWEB Policies & Procedures. Claims. A Few Eugene Facts.

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by tammy den ouden management assistant customer financial services

EWEB Claims “101”(Eugene Water & Electric Board)APPA Business & Financial ConferenceSeptember 19th, 2006Damage Claims & Service Guarantees

By Tammy Den Ouden

Management Assistant

Customer & Financial Services

EWEB Policies & Procedures


a few eugene facts
A Few Eugene Facts
  • Population 146,000
  • University Town – 22,000 students “revolve” yearly
  • 3rd Largest City in Oregon
a few eweb facts
A Few EWEB Facts
  • 472 Full Time Equivalent employees
  • Provide electricity to a 238 square mile area
  • 84,000 Electric customers
  • 48,000 Water customers
  • 100 Steam customers
  • EWEB is chartered through the City of Eugene
claims in the eweb organization
Claims in the EWEB Organization

Board of Directors
















Claims Falls Under Here

eweb definition of damage claims
EWEB Definition of “Damage” Claims
  • When EWEB property is damaged by anyone for any reason, this is considered a “Recovery Claim.”
  • When EWEB damages any property for any reason, this is considered a “Liability Claim.”
eweb insurance
EWEB Insurance
  • EWEB is Self Insured up to $1mil

EWEB Headquarters

oregon revised statute 30
Oregon Revised Statute 30
  • EWEB follows the Oregon Tort claims act by requiring written notice from anyone who files a claim for damages
  • Cap for damages
claims tracking
Claims Tracking
  • Exclusive EWEB Claims Data-base (See light blue handout)
  • Log all information
  • All claims information filters to me
  • Document, Document, Document
  • Claims Adjuster/Investigator
2004 claims statistics
2004 Claims Statistics
  • 244 Liability Claims
  • Paid $59,000
  • 74Recovery Claims
  • Recovered $142,000
2005 claims statistics
2005 Claims Statistics
  • 267 Liability claims
  • Paid $47,000
  • 103 Recovery claims
  • Recovered $172,000
prize opportunity
Prize Opportunity!!!
  • What is the mascot for the University of Oregon?
electric policy
Electric Policy
  • Interruptions, Curtailments, Fluctuations, Shortages, and Outages (see tan handout).
  • This policy is heavily relied upon to help guide our decision making when dealing with customers who have claims against EWEB. It is referred to in all denial letters.
3 common liability claims
3 Common Liability Claims
  • I experienced a Power Outage and my TV, VCR, and Computer no longer work, and my food has spoiled.
  • I have had power fluctuations in my home and now my major appliances seem to be damaged. Your line person told me it was a “neutral problem.”
  • EWEB “dug-in” to our service, we incurred costs and we would like to be reimbursed.
power outage
Power Outage
  • In most cases, if we have a customer that has damaged appliances (TV, VCR, Computer etc.) or spoiled food issues as a result of a power outage, we deny the claim and refer to our policy (see tan and purple handout)
neutral issues
“Neutral” Issues
  • Neutral issues often come with major appliances being damaged (stoves,refrigerators etc.) which increases the amount of the claim (sometimes substantially). While we still refer to our policy, we do make exceptions, and occasionally negotiate with the customer. EWEB recognizes that a neutral issue is not something a customer can necessarily prevent (see green for example).
eweb dig in
EWEB “Dig-In”
  • In most cases, if EWEB caused the damage, EWEB will pay for the damage
  • The organization sending the bill should provide documentation to EWEB proving that EWEB created the damage. This is necessary, as we don’t always have the documentation with the information or we have not heard about it
eweb release of all claims
EWEB Release of All claims
  • If EWEB makes any kind of a payment for a liability claim, an offer letter with a release is sent.
  • No payment will be made until the Release is signed first.
  • See white handout for example of Release
3 common recovery claims
3 Common Recovery Claims
  • Contractor “Dig-In” to EWEB Service.
  • Car to Pole
  • Tree fell on EWEB Service
contractor dig in
Contractor “Dig-In”
  • Call to Claims Adjuster
  • Call to Claims
  • Incident and Investigation report sent to Claims
  • Billable sent to Claims
  • Claims bills the Person who did the dig in or Insurance etc.(see lavender handout)
  • Unless obvious “Locate” problem, contractor can subrogate to Locate company
car to pole
Car to Pole
  • Call to Claims Adjuster
  • Call to Claims
  • Incident and Investigation report sent to Claims
  • Billable sent to Claims with police info, if any
  • Claims bill Insurance, if any. If no insurance, bill customer directly.
tree fell on eweb service
Tree Fell on EWEB Service
  • Call to Claims Adjuster
  • Call to Claims
  • Incident and Investigation report sent to Claims (see yellow handout)
  • Billable sent to Claims with police info, if any
  • Claims bill Person who Fell Tree directly (if they want be to bill insurance, I will)
  • Tree Fell means someone cut down or trimmed tree and it “fell” into EWEB Service.
eweb billables include
EWEB Billables include


  • Labor
  • Overtime
  • Operations Overhead
  • Administrative Overhead
  • Flagging fees
  • Materials
  • Equipment Charges
  • Misc fees
  • See red handouts for definitions and example of billable
car accidents eweb vehicle employee involved
Car Accidents (EWEB Vehicle/Employee involved)
  • Biggest Liability
  • EWEB Employee fill out Yellow Auto Accident Report (in every vehicle-see small yellow handout)
  • EWEB Claims Adjuster usually called for investigation
  • Adhere to EWEB’s Driving policy(see bright pink handout)
  • Waiver of Liability (white or pink handout back of driver policy)
car accident billable
Car Accident Billable
  • If it is determined that EWEB is at fault, we will pay the customer(s) and proceed according to law
  • If it is determined the other party is at fault, We will send the bill to their insurance company. If no insurance exists, we will bill them directly
important claims factors for eweb
Important Claims Factors for EWEB
  • Document, Document, Document
  • Investigate
  • Proper Documentation
  • Claims Adjuster’s Reports
  • Locating Reports
  • Police Reports
  • Documented Policies & Procedures
  • Timely Reporting
  • Oregon Law
  • EWEB Employees vs sound judgement before, during and after incidents
  • Get the Facts – Due Diligence!
eweb claims staff
EWEB Claims Staff
  • Management Assistant (1 Full Time and 1 Part-time) Customer & Financial Services – Claims process is part of the “duties” of this position. Some tasks are occasionally delegated to other employees within the division.
another prize opportunity
Another Prize Opportunity!!
  • EWEB provides 3 different Utilities to the Eugene area. Can you name them?
  • Electric
  • Water
  • Steam
Questions ?

Call Tammy @ 541-684-5843

Mckenzie River – EWEB’s Water source

thank you

Thank You!

(South Sister, North Sister, Middle Sister – Oregon Cascade Mountain Range)