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Air Force Cyberspace Symposium 16 July 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Air Force Cyberspace Symposium 16 July 2008

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Air Force Cyberspace Symposium 16 July 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Air Force Cyberspace Symposium 16 July 2008. Lt Gen Michael Peterson Chief of Warfighting Integration and Chief Information Officer. Our Priorities are Clear. Win Today’s Fight… … Global Vigilance, Global Reach, Global Power Take Care of Our People…

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Presentation Transcript

Air Force Cyberspace Symposium

16 July 2008

Lt Gen Michael Peterson

Chief of Warfighting Integration and Chief Information Officer

our priorities are clear
Our Priorities are Clear
  • Win Today’s Fight…

…Global Vigilance, Global Reach, Global Power

  • Take Care of Our People…

…Airmen are our most valuable “weapon”

  • Prepare for Tomorrow’s Challenges…

…Airmen must have the right tools

we have work to do
We Have Work to Do
  • It’s Cyberspace with a Capital “C”
  • AF Consensus on a Way Ahead
  • Doctrine
  • Organizational Structures
  • Cyber Capabilities
  • Force Development

Leveraging an Information-Rich Environment

Current Configuration

Target Configuration

  • Stove-piped connectivity solutions
  • Reliant on voice communications
  • Limited information sharing
  • Minimal air-to-ground connectivity
  • Standardized connectivity solutions
  • Voice and data exchange
  • Robust information sharing
  • Integrated air-space-ground networks

Controlling an Integrated Network Requires a Robust C2 System!

air force cyber control system
Air Force Cyber Control System
  • Cyber Control System: Produces and manages effects-based operations in the electromagnetic spectrum by directing essential NetOps tasks & enabling Network Attack operations.
  • Like in the aerospace domain (with IADS), commanders need the same capability with their IT systems in cyberspace!
    • Centralized Cyberspace (Battlefield) Global Situational Awareness
      • “Normal” Network Traffic vs. Attack?
    • Effective / Efficient Cyber C2
    • Information Dissemination
    • Sensors

Operating the CCS Requires a Highly Trained Cyber Workforce!

advanced tactical data link tactical targeting network technology ttnt
Advanced Tactical Data-LinkTactical Targeting Network Technology (TTNT)
  • Working to replace legacy data-links like Link-16
  • TTNT is the leading candidate under the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) program
  • High-throughput (10 Mbps), IP-based airborne networking
  • Integrating on the F-22A for high-threat operations

TTNT extends our digital network to the battlefield


Objective Airborne Gateway

From concept demonstration in JEFX… …to established Air Force program

Airborne gateways bridge the air, ground, and space networks


Leveraging Cyberspace in GWOT

Predator Remote Split Operations

leveraging cyberspace in gwot data link automated reporting system
Leveraging Cyberspace in GWOTData Link Automated Reporting System

Link 16

Link 16

– Fuel

– Vector and flight path

– Target assignment– Target engagement status

– Platform status

– Weapons status

Aircraft Status

DLARS provides critical mission data to decision makers

leveraging cyberspace in gwot deployed battlefield air operations kit
Leveraging Cyberspace in GWOTDeployed Battlefield Air Operations Kit
  • AFSOC Special Tactics Battlefield Air Operations (BAO) Kit deployed with all Special Tactics personnel
    • Blue force tracking, targeting, moving maps, Small / Micro UAVs
    • Feeds JSOTF and AOC Weapon Systems (JADOCS)
  • No manual entry, all machine to machine
  • Reduces approval to execution time by 70%



Cursor on Target




SOF Approval

AOC Approval

Blue Force Systems


we have work to do1
We Have Work to Do
  • AF Consensus on a Way Ahead
  • Doctrine
  • Organizational Structures
cyber capabilities
Cyber Capabilities
  • Build Security Into the Network
  • Link C2 Systems into Global, Seamless Capability
  • Reinforce Culture of Integration (Air Space & Cyber)
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Mgt/Exploitation
  • CAN/CND/CNE Tools -- Keep Pressing
force development
Force Development
  • Officer
    • Operator Focus
    • Breadth of Opportunities to Grow/Advance/Lead
  • Enlisted
    • Expert Technician
    • Advance to Senior NCO or Transition to Civilian
  • Civilian
    • Technical Foundation of the Force
    • Opportunities to Grow both Technically and as a Leader
cyber career field transformation
Cyber Career Field Transformation



33S (C&I)

12x (EWO)

13S (Space)

13B (Air Battle Mgr)

62E (Dev Eng)

14N (Intel)


1A3 (Comms)

2Ex (Comm Elect)

3Cx (Comm Ops)

3A (Info Mgmt)

1Nx (Intel)

1C6 (Space)


Series 2210, 391, 800, 1550, 343, others

EW, Net Mgmt, Intel


Cyber Officer

17D – cyber ops & warfare

12W – rated EWO’s

Cyber Enlisted

1B0x, 1B1x – cyber ops & sustainment

1B4x – cyber warfare

Cyber Civilian

Series 2210, 391, 800, 1550, 343, others

Cyber Integrating Ops:

62E – Engineering

14N, 1Nx - Intel

13S, 1C6 – Space Ops

13B - Battle Mgmt

Cyber Mission Analysis – What They’ll Do:

  • Establish the Domain
    • Provision & Sustain the Cyber Bridge (Off/Enl)
    • Bandwidth & Spectrum management (Off/Enl)
    • Cyber mission assurance (Off/Enl)
  • Control the Domain
    • Cyber defensive ops (NetD, EP, etc) (Off/Enl)
    • Threat analysis and OPB (airborne, ground) (Off/Enl)
    • Prioritized cyber defense plan (Off)
    • Situational awareness across entire cyber domain (Off/Enl)
    • Operational risk assessment (Off/Enl)
    • Cyberspace control authority responsibilities (Off)
    • C2 cyber combat operations from the AOC (Off)
  • Dominate the Domain
    • Operational Prep of the Battlespace (OPB) (Off/Enl)
    • Airborne-based cyber attack (DE, EW, NW, etc) (Off/Enl)
    • Ground-based cyber attack (DE, EW, NW, etc) (Off/Enl)
moving forward
Moving Forward
  • Win Today’s Fight…innovating in air, space, and cyberspace
  • Take Care of Our People…exploiting the power of information
  • Prepare for Tomorrow’s Challenges…breaking down stovepipes