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SAACURH State Presentation. Created by Jenna Hazelton Presented at state organization meetings. SAACURH Executive Committee. Regional Director ~ Lindsey Johns (NC State) ADBA ~ Thomas Brigman (Appalachian State) AD of NRHH ~ Bruce Blansett (UVA-Wise)

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SAACURH State Presentation

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saacurh state presentation

SAACURH State Presentation

Created by Jenna Hazelton

Presented at state organization meetings

saacurh executive committee
SAACURH Executive Committee

Regional Director ~ Lindsey Johns (NC State)

ADBA ~ Thomas Brigman (Appalachian State)

AD of NRHH ~ Bruce Blansett (UVA-Wise)

RCC of Administration ~ Bonnie Brackett (UGA)

RCC of Development and Ed. ~ Jenna Hazelton (Clemson)

Regional Advisor ~ Sean Pierce (FAU-Jupiter)

Regional Advisor Elect ~ Alicia Vest (Appalachian State)

Regional NRHH Advisor ~ Adam Schwarz (FIU)

top 10 to affiliate
Top 10…to AFFILIATE!

10. SAACURH has some really cool people to hang out with….

9. If you aren’t affiliated, there is a 1 year “trial period” (or associate membership) where fees and requirements are reduced! What do you have to lose?!

8. You and your institution will have access to great networking opportunities!

7. Where else can you RIDE THE PONY???

6. One affiliations process means both NRHH and RHA are both affiliated…it’s like 2 for the price of 1!


5. NACURH’s primary focus is to create the “ultimate residence hall experience”….and isn’t that why we’re all here?


3. You get a chance to meet student leaders from all over the nation!

2. We have a pretty stellar lion costume….

1. Without PRIDE, all you have is SHAME

how to affiliate
How to affiliate

The new affiliation year will begin at NACURH

Affiliations are now 100% online (with the exception of payments)

Step 1: Create a NACURH login if you haven’t done so

Step 2: Gather all affiliations materials (check, RFI report, RHA contact info, NRHH constitution)

Step 3: Submit all materials online and send check

Step 4: Wait for NIC/AD of NRHH to approve materials

more affiliations
More affiliations!

If there is an issue with your affiliations, it will be noted on your RHA page (someone w/ the login info will need to login to see what needs to be changed/corrected)

Bruce Blansett, AD of NRHH, approves NRHH constitutions…if you have specific questions about the NRHH constitution, please contact him directly

If you have questions about affiliations as a whole, please contact Jenna Hazelton, RCC of Development and Education

If you have SPECIFIC questions (trouble uploading, why something wasn’t accepted, etc), please contact the NIC directly

no frills 2010
No Frills 2010

No Frills 2010 “The Office” at Mississippi State University- March 19-21, 2010

Cost per delegate is: $119

Cost per advisor is: $173

Transportation update: they will only transport from GTR, not Memphis and/or Jackson as stated before

Registration closes February 12th, 2010; late registration and payment closes February 26th

nacurh 2010 update
NACURH 2010 update

NACURH 2010 “reUNITE, reCREATE, reINSPIRE”: University of California- San Diego June 21-24, 2010 (

Cost per delegate/advisor: max. of $235/person

Registration: April 6th-April 30th; late registration closes May 10th, 2010

To help the conference team establish numbers, please go to the NACURH website to fill out the short survey

San Diego International Airport (SAN) will be used for flying in/out of

  • A bid is created to showcase a person, institution/organization, program, initiative, campus, etc.
  • All bids will be able to be submitted to the BID committee for review before final submission to the region
  • Criteria (and suggested criteria) can be found on the SAACURH website in the Policy Book
  • Look for e-mails via the listserv with information, such as due dates, clarification/questions, and general information
available awards
Available awards
  • All SEC position
  • No Frills 2011
  • OCM Distinguished Service Award
  • First Year Experience Award
  • Hallenbeck Service Award
  • SEAHO Student of the Year
  • On-Campus Marketing NCC of the Year
  • NRHH Member of the Year
  • Evelyn A. Wallington Advisor of the Year
  • President of the Year Award
bids cont d
Bids (cont’d)

NRHH Representative of the Year

SAACURH NRHH Service Award

School of the Year

Building RHA Award

NRHH Outstanding Chapter of the Year

NRHH Building Block Chapter of the Year

Commitment to Diversity Award

national bid submission
National Bid Submission

With the exception of the NRHH Service Award, all awards are eligible for national bid submission.

The winner in each category will be submitted on behalf of SAACURH (others can submit, but only the winner will have a letter of support from the SEC)

Winners will have a chance to edit bids before the national due date of April 15

Winners will be decided upon/announced at NACURH 2010

bid suggestions
Bid suggestions

Check the SAACURH Policy Book for ALL criteria as bids could be disqualified if criteria aren’t met


All bids must be in PDF format before final submission

Late bids may not be accepted, so be sure to get it in on-time (if not early)

Questions/comments/concerns? E-mail the SEC for clarification/questions!

misc awards
Misc. awards
  • 4 Year Service Award
    • Due to Lindsey Johns by the start of No Frills 2010 (registration at the LATEST)
    • Form is on the SAACURH website under “applications”
  • South Atlantic Alumni and Affiliates Society (SAAS)
    • Due to Adam Schwartz by March 1st ($30 and form)
    • Form is on the SAACURH website under “applications”
  • Grants
    • Programming grant, membership affiliation grant, conference delegate grant
    • Due date- March 1st and forms will be available on the SAACURH site (check listserv e-mails for more specifics)
regional otm committee
Regional OTM committee

This committee judges the OTMs submitted each month on the regional level

The more people, the better!

Each person will read about 3-4 categories each month (depending on the # of committee members)

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact the AD of NRHH, Bruce Blansett