teaching with twitter and learning to tweet oit summer symposium n.
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teaching with twitter and learning to tweet OIT Summer Symposium PowerPoint Presentation
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teaching with twitter and learning to tweet OIT Summer Symposium

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teaching with twitter and learning to tweet OIT Summer Symposium - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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teaching with twitter and learning to tweet OIT Summer Symposium
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  1. teaching with twitter and learning to tweetOIT Summer Symposium Enza Antenos-Conforti Dept. of Spanish/Italian

  2. I want to meet* my new friends from Italy. Excuse my* Italian! Best and fond wishes to @profeac, every once in awhile we pull off speaking Italian without being embarrassed about it. Welcome to Italian III ! Happy (International Women’s Day) to you and your female students I ate cake because today is my birthday. I am very happy! In January I’m going to study in* Florence* for 6 months! We are now at the end of the semester. Tomorrow you will have your oral exam which brings us to the end of Italian. Thank you for this semester. I need chocolate  I am happy for tomorrow because it is Valentine’s day and the birthday of my boyfriend, Valentin

  3. What is Twitter? • Micro-Blogging, Social Networking Service, a form of social media • Users send updates/tweets via SMS, IM or Web • Light-weight blogging, short posts (140 characters or less)

  4. ITALIII students & Web 2.0 • MySpace (53%) • Facebok (84%) • YouTube (63%) • Flickr ( 5%) • Twitter or Jaiku ( 5%) • Second Life ( 5%) • a Yahoo group, a Google group ( 5%) • Gmail/Google/Google reader (26%)

  5. Their tweets (what they said recently) in your timeline. How to tweet • Use Twitter via Twitter.com The last thing you micro-blogged: a.k.a. a tweet This is where you tweet People you follow - your fellow Twitterers

  6. Social networking asEductional networking • Twitter too is a computer-mediated communication that engages students in a learning environment that provides: • Interaction with content • Interaction with peers • Interaction with subject matter experts

  7. Twitter = micro-blogging • 140 character limitation (including spaces, punctuation, letters, emoticons, etc.) • Sound bites to narrate, cite, relate, question, highlight, inform • Followers share, answer, engage, learn

  8. Expanding the Italian Classroom Twitterers can: • engage in synchronous & asynchronous CMC • engage in individual & community language use • belong to the classroom & beyond…into the target language culture

  9. Synchronous or Asynchronous CMC? • Twitter can be an asynchronous CMC tool (developing over a period of time) if a twitter tweets another and some time passes before an acknowledgement or reply is made. • Twitter can be a synchronous CMC tool (in real time) if both parties are tweeting at the same time and decide to direct message (using the “@” symbol) one another.

  10. Twitter as Individual & Community Twitterers can: • Micro-blog about what they are doing (learner written output) • Read what others are doing (learner’s comprehensible input) • Communicate directly with someone they are following (negotiation of meaning)

  11. Twitter In the classroom

  12. Unexpected benefits

  13. Expectations: The Syllabus • On Twitter each week, I expect you to do two things: • post short messages on your Twitter.com account twice a week (on 2 of the 3 weekdays we do not have class--Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday). You will be limited to 140 characters in total, including spaces & punctuation. This is so you can practice writing about your routine within text limitations. • to comment on someone else's tweet (entry on Twitter) once a week. • Example: • Let's say PINCO's tweet says: • Sabato ho visto il film “I am legend” • You can reply to PINCO as follows: • @PINCO voglio vederlo anch'io. Ti è piaciuto? • You must comment to only one person per week to receive full credit. Once you get used to the reply feature, it becomes second nature.

  14. Frequency of tweets

  15. Twittering in the FL class Salient findings of survey (questions on a 4-point Likert scale) • 79% of students thought Twitter made the course more interesting • 69% of students believed the tweets contributed to knowledge of grammar and vocabulary • 90% believed posting tweets helped build their confidence in writing in Italian • Only 73% actually believe their writing improved • 79% believed Twitter increased their motivation in learning the language • 84% gained confidence in abilities as an independent learner • 79% found it helpful receiving correction from the professor via replies • 85% agreed that the professor’s replies increased the learning potential • 95% enjoyed tweeting better than traditional writing assignments • 90% liked sharing links & images • 79% agreed that Twitter contributed to a greater sense of class community • 95% agreed that the tweets were relevant to real-life language use in Italian

  16. What students liked • i liked being able to stay in touch with my classmates and my teacher outside of the classroom. • I liked that I could communicate with my classmates and professor outside of class. Also, Twitter was informal so I didn't feel pressured to be correct when writing in Italian. • i liked being able to take my time and think abut what i wanted to say instead of feeling rushed • I liked that you could read from others and not worry about being wrong in your writing because you're all in the same class. • The thing I liked most was how quick it was to post a tweet. • that i was able to talk slang with the italians • I like the fact that we could communicate with actual Italians. • It provides students with a great sense of cultural information while expanding our vocabulary. It also allows students who are less comfortable in class express themselves without pressure. • The fact that I could use it through my cell phone was very nice and easy. • it used everyday language • learning tool • It was a fun way to communicate. • its cool to be able to contact italians is i wanted to. • The interaction between italians, and being able to write in italian ad use the language outside the classroom. • It made me use Italian in other ways than just academic aspects. • The sense of community, despite being from different parts of the world. • Like texting or your facebook status you could say what you will do, had done, or wish you had done. • Only writing a sentence or two at a time and relating it to my everyday life really got me interested in twitter.

  17. What students did not like • The Italians tweet a lot and i miss out on what classmates are saying because my page is full of italian tweets. • How much the Italians tweet; it's crazy. • That the Italians tweeted so often, especially because I didn't understand a lot of the slang they use. • Following the Italians on twitter was over the top. They twitted too much and created an overwhelming atmosphere. • i disliked how much some of the italian twitters wrote so much stuff! • I didn't enjoy the amount of tweets from Italians because it was harder for me to find my classmate and professor's tweets. • The Italians tweeted too much, I couldnt find what my classmates were writing and I was too intimidated to write to the Italians because I felt that I was going to say something stupid. • The massive number of tweets from the Italians, and at times I would forget to tweet. • I enjoyed reading the twitters by natives Italians. However, I think they twitters were too overwhelming. • It was an assignment. • i did not find it helpful in learning italian • requirement of tweets per week • i found it hard to remember to tweet. and iwasnt that into doing it. if i did.. it was cause i forced myself because its a homework grade. idont really like posting on the internet what i am doing throughout my day. i like more privacy. • It was graded therefore I felt pressured to post tweets every week. If the tweets were not graded I probably would of posted more often and would be able to interact more with the people on twitter it would of been just a social network, not school related. People would feel more confidable talking about anything and if the reward was extra credit more students will post. • nothing • sometimes i would forget to twitter • writing every other day. sometimes it gets to a point that I did not know what to write about. • that it was limited in number of characters

  18. Twitter as educational networking Twitter can be used in higher education to: • Maximize the Teaching Moment • Create a Public Note Pad • Continue class chatter • Foster Classroom community • Get a sense of the World • Have Instant Feedback (clickers) • Follow a Professional • Follow a Famous Person • Develop Grammar Skills • Develop Rule Based Writing • Contribute to a Writing Assignment • Track a Word • Track a Conference Source: AcademHack