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Famous Omahans. City of Omaha Links. Teacher Resources. Introduction. Notetaking. Link to World Almanac for Kids. Introduction and What you will find….

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Famous Omahans

City of Omaha Links

Teacher Resources



Link to World Almanac for Kids

introduction and what you will find
Introduction and What you will find…

This database contains information specific to Omaha and the people of our community who stand out as leaders in our community. Some have provided a path for others to travel; and many have used their sense of business for the growth and development of Omaha.

There have been so many Omahans who have contributed their gifts and talents through hard work and monetary contributions, making it difficult to choose among them.

Many of these fine citizens have public schools, parks, buildings and streets named in honor of their generous and philanthropic efforts. Do you know which ones they are?

In no way is this database an exhaustive list of the very important persons who live or have lived in our community.

What you will find here…

The Teacher Resource page contains a list of website for teachers and students to use in conjunction with finding out about Omaha. Each website listed has a brief description of what it has to offer. Each site contains numerous links to read and explore.

The Our Cultural Omaha page will take you, by ethnic group, to members of our community. Many pages have links which provide additional information.

The Reference page will provide a list of books and websites where this information was gathered. A link is provided for each site for additional exploration.


Our Cultural Omaha

  • Notable African Americans
  • Notable Caucasians (whites)
  • Notable Jewish Americans
  • Notable Hispanic/Latino Americans
  • Notable Native Americans
  • Notable Asian-American


teacher resources city of omaha websites
Teacher ResourcesCity of Omaha Websites

www.historicomaha.comThis site provides information about early Omaha and links to other data. Here you’ll find the Omaha song, the cities official seal and a picture of old city hall. This site showcases who we are in Omaha; and what makes our city great. From jobs and economic development; to statistics and facts about Omaha, you will be taken on a tour of what this community has to offer its citizens. Many photos are provided. This is the official website of the Greater Omaha Convention & Visitors Bureau. Generally, what there is to do, see and enjoy. Here you’ll find maps, local events, travel information, famous people in Omaha, top Fortune 500 companies and so much more. This site is maintained and operated by the Omaha World Herald. OWH provides newspapers for education: in addition to daily news; locally, regionally and nationally. There is also many links to services in and around Omaha. Although some of this site is still under construction, it provides links to cultural events and societal organizations throughout Omaha. They are looking for contributing authors who know information about our diverse community. This site promotes positive information about people of color; and promotes black and minority owned businesses. You may find out about local events or add your own event to this site.


slide5 This site provides information about African American History. This site is claimed to be the largest database of black history; with full text articles happenings on any given day in our nation’s history.

  • The main goal of this site is to provide information about all cultures so that we may all learn and understand each other on a global (worldwide) level. Some of the city links are: Shizuoko, Japan, Naas, Ireland, Xalapa, Mexico and Braunschweig, Germany. What a great way to exchange ideas and information with other cultures. * is looking for contributing members to share information and photos alike.
  • This site is the link to the Nebraska Press Association, which is an organization whose purpose is to maintain and enforce the freedom of the press, or the written word. Here you will find information about 700 Nebraskans in PDF format, which is downloadable: 1.6MBs. The author, E.A. Kral, researched and wrote information about 700 nationally recognized individuals who have contributed to our states culture. Kral, himself was a teacher in California and Nebraska for 30 years.
  • You’ll find a multitude of information here; including facts about all 50 states. Go to the USA map and click on Nebraska, you will be taken to a page full of statistics: population, races, incomes etc. There is a special section for teachers with printing for coloring pages and lessons. In addition, links to American Monuments and memorials along with documents defining the U.S. Constitution and legislative bills.
slide6 site provides information from the mayor’s office, police department, city council to the Townhall meetings and the Amber alert system. Quick links provide a way to locate serves in an around our community.

  • Information concerning educational resources both physical and online are provided for teachers. Many of the outreach trunks available are full of multicultural artifacts and information-FREE. Special events for schools and citizens of Omaha are posted as well as membership fees. A special link for Kids Connection offers kids things to do at home; and Theo’s Feather Files helps you learn more about art.
  • This is the main site for the Durham Western Heritage Museum. Explore realia and learn about Omaha’s rich cultural history. They have a tipi, old house, and other artifacts staged for your viewing pleasure. The museum provides special events and exhibits which are aligned with school’s curricular focus. In addition, learning booklets are available at minimal cost or free! Children and adult programs can be arranged by contacting the museum.
  • The sole (soul) purpose of this website is to recognize musicians who have roots in Omaha. The first ever; Hall of Fame, will induct persons who have contributed much to the cultural and musical scene in Omaha. 35 inductees are currently showcased on this site. An event which will be held in conjunction with the Native Omahan’s biennial Homecoming will use monies gathered for Omaha Public School children who wish to pursue their musical talents. [NEXT PAGE]

www.wikipedia.orgThis site is a free encyclopedia full of information in several languages; including Spanish. Also, each highlighted word will give you a definition by just clicking once. Information is added daily, giving each reader current resource materials.

  • This site is full of links to information about the Omaha Indian tribe and others who lived in this community. Early Omaha history, information about treaties the U.S. government signed with Native Americans, and actual recordings of Omaha Indian music.
  • This site provides information about each state and its history. The Omaha Indians of long ago and today are showcased, as well as a page about Nebraska’s general history. Click on the map of the U.S. and locate the state you are interested in. Listen to music from many eras and singers. A Native American song from the Nebraska Omaha Indians. Omaha singers perform "Hethu'shka Song."
  • This site is the Omaha World Herald link for online access-it’s FREE. Go to contact, click Frequently Asked Questions link, then register for online access to other articles. Hint: Key in: Ruby Asugha for more African Americans in our community. Key in: Susan Aguilera-Robles for more Hispanic Americans in our community. ….People You Should Know series of articles will appear.
  • Homepage
ernie chambers july 10 1937
Ernie ChambersJuly 10, 1937-
  • Senator Chambers has served in office since 1970.
  • Committees involvement includes: Agriculture, Business, Judiciary and Executive board.
  • Senator Chambers has fought for equal rights for underprivileged citizens as well as all members of our community.
  • He has sponsored many legislative bills which represent equality for all.
  • He predominately represents the people of his district #11, which is in North Omaha.
  • Senator Chambers is an advocate against the death penalty

To find out more about the state senators go to:

For a free kid’s guide e-mail:

malcolm x may 19 1925 february 21 1965
Malcolm XMay 19, 1925 - February 21, 1965
  • Malcolm was born in Omaha
  • Due to bigotry, hatred and racism which Malcolm saw and lived, he became filled with hatred and distrust.
  • He joined the Nation of Islam and changed his name to El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz
  • A trip to Mecca in Saudi Arabia changed him

(hatred had left his heart)

  • He became a different man after visiting the holy cities
  • Malcolm opened his eyes to all and spoke his message to all races
  • Just when unity among men and brotherhood embraced his spirit… he was assassinated
  • A special day is celebrated to remember him and what he tried so hard to accomplish-brotherhood

Photos Courtesy of : EDDIE ADAMS/AP ·

ruby asugha
Ruby Asugha
  • Ruby praises her parents for her strong faith, sense of self and family.
  • She credits herself for working hard to achieve all goals.
  • Ruby is Vice President for Strategic Planning at Boys Town.
  • She continues to help families here in Omaha and nationwide.
  • Ruby shows her concern for Omaha boys and girls through her actions.
brenda council
Brenda Council
  • Brenda graduated from Central High School near top her class.
  • She attended Creighton Law School and graduated in 1977.
  • She is and has been an active member of the Omaha community.
  • She has served as a Omaha City Council member as well as an Omaha Public Schools school board member.
  • Brenda nearly won the mayoral race against Hal Daub in 1997.
  • Currently she is a partner in an Omaha law firm.
  • Brenda’s brother is Omaha Police Chief Warren.
preston love 1921 2004
Preston Love1921 - 2004
  • Preston Love is known to be one of the best saxophone players ever.
  • Omaha had many clubs in the 1930’s and 40’s
  • People would dress up in “good clothes” and go out dancing for fun.
  • Bands came to Omaha, Preston said, “we were like the center of it all here in the middle of the country”.
  • In 1943, Preston met hisidol, Count Basie, at Omaha’s Dreamland Ballroom.
  • Basie was so impressed, he took Preston on tour with him off and on for years.
  • He played with other famous musicians-Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles.
  • Preston Love was seen and heard in many hot clubs around town for years.
  • At 73 years of age, he was still playing and sounding great.


Courtesy of Nebraska Life Magazine

luigi waites
Luigi Waites
  • Luigi began playing drums at age12.
  • He performed in night clubs- his mother had to escort him due to his age.
  • He plays vibraphones and other percussion instruments.
  • He has performed with Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, and Dinah Washington-all great blues singers.
  • His group of musicians have opened for James Brown, Dizzy Gillespie, and Ramsey Lewis.
  • Luigi is a jazz historian and involved in many musical events in and around the city
  • He often performs at the Summer Art’s Festival in downtown Omaha
  • For more information about music click on :

Back to Cultural Omaha

Photo Courtesy of the Summer Arts Festival

warren buffet august 30 1930
Warren BuffetAugust 30, 1930-
  • 2nd wealthiest man in America-
  • CEO Berkshire Hathaway $44 Billion estimated holding in 2005
  • Investment genius-friend to Bill Gates
  • Buffet attended Omaha Public Schools
  • Supporter of education and teachers in our community
  • Owns Omaha businesses; Nebraska Furniture Mart, Borshiem’s Jewlers and Dairy Queen.
  • Married Susan Thompson in 1952.
  • He is said to enjoy his simply lifestyle and has lived in his home for many years.

Photo obtained from

Retrieved on July 9, 2005.

sarah joslyn 1851 1940
Sarah Joslyn1851-1940
  • 1874-Sarah Selleck married George Joslyn
  • 1880-George and Sarah moved to Omaha from Iowa-
  • By 1916 Ggeorge Joslyn’s business, Western Newspaper Union largest in world
  • Joslyn richest man in Nebraska by 1916
  • More than $7 million donated to charities in their lifetimes ($ worth more then, than now)
  • Charities included: University of Omaha, Old People’s Home, Child Savings Institute
  • Sarah created a memorial to her husband’s memory, for all citizens to enjoy
  • Joslyn Art Museum opened in November of 1931

Sarah was very humble concerning her wealth. She waited among the crowd on opening day, and walked in with everyone else.

Joslyn’s left a legacy for all citizens

of Omaha to enjoy for years to come.

edward mccraren creighton 1820 1874
Edward “McCraren” Creighton1820-1874
  • No one is absolutely sure, but McCraren was the name Ed and John Creighton’s dad used when he migrated from Ireland
  • John A., went to school- Ed used a team of horses and a wagon his father gave him to begin a hauling business
  • Ed lost money on a deal-moved west from Ohio to Omaha where he settled
  • Ed used business experience to secure a job-he constructed and laid telegraph from Omaha to St. Joe, Missouri
  • Edward Creighton was a hard working man-he died 20 years before his brother John
  • Mrs. Edward Creighton, Mary Lucretia, honored her husband’s wishes of establishing a college
  • Mary Lucretia’s sister, the wife of John A. Creighton, Sarah Emily, also followed her sisters wishes in death-a block of street was left to continue the dream of a college
  • When John A. Creighton passed away, he left instructions to bequeath several millions for what is now, Creignton University.


Retrieved on July 5, 2005.

father flanagan of boy s town
Father Flanagan of Boy’s Town
  • Born in Ireland in 1886 as Edward Joseph
  • Ordained as a priest in 1912
  • Provided a shelter for homeless men
  • He became interested in helping youth so they would not become desperate men
  • Began Home for Boys in Omaha on North 25th street
  • Moved to a location 10 miles outside of town called the Overlook Farm 1921
  • All welcome no matter what religion or race
  • Renamed home: Boy’s Town 1926
  • Boy’s Town National Research Hospital is know far and wide for its commitment to others
  • Services provided for families include: guidance, counseling and a shelter for youth
  • Now called: Girls and Boy’s Town


Back to Cultural Omaha

sam greenberg died november 25 1988
Sam GreenbergDied November 25, 1988
  • Philip Greenberg, a Jewish immigrant, came to Omaha from Rumania in 1905
  • Greenberg owner of Philip’s Department Store
  • Sam attended Creighton University
  • Sam and brother Henry took over in 1947
  • Sam was a member of the South Omaha Business Association
  • Former King of Aksarben
  • Sam also served on the board of the Salvation Army and was a member of the South Omaha Optimist Club
  • Soon after Sam’s death in 1988, his brother Henry closed Philip’s forever
rose blumkin mrs b 1894 1998
Rose Blumkin-Mrs. “B”1894-1998
  • Born Rose Gordick in Russia
  • Fled Russia in 1917-then married
  • Borrowed $500 to begin a business
  • She first sold used clothes and furniture
  • Opened the downtown Omaha Nebraska Furniture Mart in 1937 on Farnam Street
  • Success came from her very strong work ethic and her famous saying which she lived by: “sell cheap and tell the truth”
  • The old Astro Theatre of Omaha ,on 20th street, was purchased and donated by Mrs. B and renamed the Rose Theatre.
  • She truly is one of America’s most highly regarded entrepreneurs.

Back to Cultural Omaha

Photo: Courtesy of Jewish Press

March 25, 1994

south omaha on 24th street
South Omaha on 24th Street
  • South Omaha has always meant home to Latinos and other ethnic groups
  • South Omaha grew tremendously due to the once thriving Stock Yards
  • At one time, 3rd largest in the nation, Omaha’s Stock Yards enabled many a good living
  • Once again, South Omaha is being reinvented and is the heart and home to many within the Hispanic culture.

For more about Omaha historyclick here

debra ondar common sense parenting la crianza practica de los hijos
Debra OndarCommon Sense Parenting/La Crianza Practica de Los Hijos
  • 15 years working with families at Boy’s Town
  • Began on Crisis Hotline
  • Now teaches families helpful parenting skills
  • Senora Ondar travels nationwide to assist others
  • Buen Trabajo, Debra!

Gudeman-Roberts, K. (2004, October 5). Omaha World Herald, Series: 31 People

you should know p. Retrieved on July 10, 2005 on

alfred martinez south high s hall of fame class of 1949
Alfred MartinezSouth High’s Hall of Fame Class of 1949
  • Graduated from South High School
  • 1985’s first “Hispanic Man of the Year”
  • Former Police Officer-retired in 1990
  • Former member of the Board of Trustees to South Omaha’s own Packer’s Bank and Trust
  • Worked as an investigator for the Douglas County Attorney’s office
  • Six-time commander of the Omaha branch of the American G.I. Forum off of 20th and L (noted for great tacos)

Mr. Martinez is a wonderful asset to the Omaha community; and we thank him.

Photo: Courtesy of Arnold Clark

Studios, Bill Clark

edward babe gomez 1932 1951
Edward “Babe” Gomez1932-1951
  • Enlisted in the Marine Corp in Omaha
  • Fought in the Korean Conflict
  • Edward laid his body across a grenade to save the lives of his machine gun team
  • He is remembered for sacrificing his life to save the lives of others
  • The Metal of Honor and the Purple Heart, two of the highest honors in the service, was given to Private 1st Class Gomez
  • He will be forever remembered; due to his valor and honored by the city of Omaha
  • An elementary school and a street have been named in South Omaha to honor him.

Back to Cultural Omaha

Writer’s note: My mother’s friend, Eileen Bird-Vopalka, attended South High with Edwards

sisters. She and my uncle, Alejandro “Alex” Aguilera, remember him fondly. My uncle also

a hispanic American, served in Korea during the same time when “Babe” was there.

Kim Beebee

francis la flesche 1857 1932
Francis La Flesche1857-1932
  • Son of Chief Joseph La Flesche
  • Uncle was Ponca Chief, Standing Bear
  • Adopted by tutor and boss, Alice Fletcher
  • Worked tirelessly along with Fletcher to make sure non-Indians understood the musical and spiritual Native culture
  • Wrote, The Omaha Tribe in 1911 along with Alice Fletcher
  • Researched and wrote his own book: Osage Tribe and finally published all 4 volumes in 1928
  • He recorded songs on an old cylinder sung by the Omaha Tribe-90 in all

To hear these songs go to:

*click on Keyword: MUSIC

Courtesy of the National Anthropological

Archives, Smithsonian Institute

Photo # 4504

dr susan laflesche picotte 1865 1915
Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte1865-1915
  • First Native American women to become a physician
  • She earned her degree at Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania
  • The Women’s National Indian Association provided her with financial aid for school
  • She returned to Omaha and became a doctor for the school on the reservation
  • Married Henry Picotte in 1894
  • Dr. Picotte lobbied (fought), state legislation for better public health laws for all citizens
  • Picotte Elementary is named for her.

Back to Cultural Omaha

richard takechi
Richard Takechi
  • Oldest son of Kazuo Takechi
  • Kazuo born in Japan in 1913
  • In 1937 Takechi’s moved to Omaha
  • Worked at the Oriental Trading Co.
  • Kazuo, father of Richard Takechi, was awarded high honors for his contributions toward Japanese and Omaha friendship
  • Richard Takechi continues his fathers work as a member of the OSCA, Omaha Sister Cities Association
  • Richard is a former member of the Omaha City Council
  • He held position as former official of the Register of Deeds at the court house
  • His family owned and operated Takechi’s Gifts and Jewelry store

Photo of Richard Takechi and MarK Kraft taken by Kelly Gaughan at OSCA.

terry and gordon watanabe sons of fern and harry goro
Terry and Gordon WatanabeSons of Fern and Harry Goro
  • Harry Goro Watanabe moved to Omaha from Japan in 1932
  • At age 6, his oldest son, Terrance, was working the cash register
  • He took over his father’s firm at age 20
  • The Watanabe family began the Oriental Trading Company in 1932
  • A small gift shop turned in to a multi-million dollar business

For more about the Harry Goro go to:

Back to Cultural Omaha

Gordon and Joy Watanabe and their

4 children. Owners of Nobbies, Inc.


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[next page]


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Homepage[next page]



Name: _____________________

Notetaking Sheet

Notable Omahan’s name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

How he/she contributed to Omaha_____________________________________________________


Three facts about this person:




I feel this person was chosen because _______________________________________________