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Minos. Prepared By Mahdi Al-Saeed. WHAT'S MINOS SYSTEM. Minos System is a patented, high technology system to remotely manage and control the public lighting plants and the external lighting plants. SYRA, ANDROS, IOS: the main components of the system. SYRA switched on lamp

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Prepared By

Mahdi Al-Saeed

what s minos system

Minos Systemis a patented, high technology system to remotely manage and control the public lighting plants and the external lighting plants.

syra andros ios the main components of the system
SYRA, ANDROS, IOS: the main components of the system
  • SYRA
    • switched on lamp
    • command switched off lamp
    • working lamp to full power
    • working lamp to reduced power as a result of command
    • faulty or unsuitable condenser ( insufficient correction of the power factor )
interrupted lamp
  • lamp exhaustion (blinking)
  • lamp short circuit
  • faulty fuse
  • absence of current

(circuit lamp not connected).

  • It communicateswith Iosserver via modem (GSM, GPRS, RADIO, RTC) or dedicated line, all the events recorded by Syra module, the remote reading of the electrical consumption, the measure of the electrical parameters related to the switchboard and any anomaly detected on the line of power supply.
2. It controlsthe switching off/on; it controls the flux reduction of the lamps to the Syramodul and the switching off/on of the lighting plant by a daily, weekly or yearly planning of the astronomic clock.
IOS Server
    • It communicates and receives via modem (GSM, GPRS, RTC, RADIO) or dedicated line, from Andros Unitall the data related to the plant.
functions of ios server and andros
Functions of IOS Server and Andros
  • Remote management at “SWITCHBOARD” level
    • switch on/off of the plants by programming

the astronomic clock

    • detection during each phase of the general fault of 1 lamp out of 30 (block control)
    • remote reading of the electrical parameters
    • remote managementof

the central voltage

Remote management at “LIGHTING POINT” level
    • switchboard level + remote management of the lighting point (IOS Server+ Andros+ Syra )
minos x software
Minos X Software
  • Main functions
    • Display in real time of all the events and anomalies of the lighting plant
    • Creation of automatic statistics to analyze the old data
    • Planning, of the switching on/off cycles of the lighting plant throughout the astronomic clock
    • Plugging in of personal data files for each switchboard and lamp of the plant
    • Creation of three emergency numbers to send alarms via SMS message to the maintenance personnel or to the Ios server
Main options
    • The remote reading of consumption and the measurement of all the electrical parameters related to the switchboard
2. The displayed cartography of the anomalies and status of the switchboard and of the lighting points spread on the territory
3. The remote reading of the weather parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure, UV rays, rain phenomenon and its importance, wind speed) and weather forecast
advantages of the system
Advantages of the system
  • It can be applied to the existing system
  • It carries out remote diagnosis, control and management
  • It manages each single light point
  • It allows energy and maintenance saving
  • It extends the average life of the lighting system
  • It improves the service and quality of public lighting systems It pays for itself in a short time and produces financial resources
power line carrier communication features
Power line carriercommunication features
  • 2ASK modulation with 112KHz carrier
  • 12 bit-wide messages (control/command: bits 1-4), (address: bits 5-12)
  • Message re-transmission 20 consecutive times (pause 12ms)
  • MANCHESTER bit coding (2ms, 4ms)
  • Transmission speed 166,6 Baud
  • Minimum detectable signal: 40mVpp