Era net road ii proposal
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ERA-NET ROAD II proposal. Status as of 23 September 2008 CEDR TGR meeting 24 September 2008, Paris. Patrick MALLEJACQ. What’s new? (1/2). Consortium meeting in Paris on 16-17 June Good attendance level Gave guidance on the proposal Discussion on eligibility, submission process etc.

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Presentation Transcript
Era net road ii proposal

ERA-NET ROAD II proposal

Status as of 23 September 2008

CEDR TGR meeting

24 September 2008, Paris


What s new 1 2
What’s new? (1/2)

  • Consortium meeting in Paris on 16-17 June

    • Good attendance level

    • Gave guidance on the proposal

    • Discussion on eligibility, submission process etc.

  • Good contacts with Commission’s DG RTD:

    • Second meeting, on 23 July

    • Formal “pre proposal evaluation check”: positive

  • Proposal has been repeatedly fine tuned

    • More legible, deliverables made clearer

    • WPs better connected

    • Resources allocated between partners

    • etc.

What s new 2 2
What’s new? (2/2)

  • Proposal was submitted on time

  • Reference number FP7-235474

  • Thanks to all partners for their efforts in filling in the various forms, and for their input on the proposal text

Enr2 aims
ENR2 aims

  • Project’s aims in very short:

    • Intensify cooperation eg by launching two joint calls of 3 M€ and 6 M€ (partners will be invited to fund)

    • Assess outcomes and benefits of collaborative research

    • Strengthen dissemination of road research results: “web spider” to be developed and embedded

    • Encourage and facilitate joint programming for road research in Europe, and embed the culture of collaborative research within NRAs

    • Define and help establish a permanent structure to continue after ENR2 (CEDR probably)

    • Align with transport research, be it publicly or privately funded

    • Broaden the geographical scope of the ERA-NET ROAD (add 2 new partners)

    • Take part in ERA-NET Learning Platform and other efforts


  • ENR2 consortium consists of 18 partners:

    • Austria, Belgium-Wallonia, Belgium-Flanders, Denmark, France LCPC, France ministry, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

  • CEDR is an associate partner

    • Mentioned as such in the proposal

    • Will take part at NSG level, without funding

    • Letter of support included in proposal

  • Others :

    • Spain has opted out for the moment, as well as Cyprus

    • Some contacts with Portugal

    • Turkey clearly interested (not a CEDR member…)

Structure 1 2
Structure (1/2)

  • Management structure:

    • Coordinator

    • Network Steering Group (NSG)

    • Executive Board (EB)

    • Monitoring Panel (MP)

    • Work Package Teams

  • NSG: strategic direction of the project

    • CEDR, ENT, international organizations to be invited

  • EB: operational management

  • MP: chaired by UK’s HA

Structure 2 2
Structure (2/2)

  • Six work packages:

    • WP1: Joint Calls

    • WP2: Dissemination: Access Facility for Road Research

    • WP3: Structuring Public Road Research

    • WP4: Aligning with Transport Research

    • WP5: Broadening

    • WP6: Governance (includes project dissemination)

All to contribute
All to contribute

  • Work package leaders have been identified

    • WP1 Christian Pecharda, Austria, BMVIT

    • WP2 Christine Kellermann-Kinner, Germany, BASt

    • WP3 Ales Znidaric, Slovenia, ZAG

    • WP4 Richard Van Der Elburg, Netherlands, DVS

    • WP5 Hans Ertman Larsen, Denmark, DRD

    • WP6 Patrick Mallejacq, France, LCPC (coordinator)

  • ALL partners are expected to contribute:

    • About half of partners to undertake most of the work required to deliver the project

    • Other partners to take part in all activities, workshops etc.

    • Some budget set aside for non-partners to be involved

Era net transport
ERA-NET Transport

  • Both ERA-NETs to exchange views on objectives and procedures on a regular basis.

  • Coordination with ENT through WP4

  • ENT invited to attend ENR2 NSG

  • ENR/ENR2 to be invited to ENT “plenary group”

    • Next: 1-2 December

Next steps
Next steps

  • Commission to evaluate the proposal, and confirm whether it is eligible for funding

    • We should receive that message by early October

  • If eligible for funding, we will be called upon to enter the negociation phase

    • This is expected to take place in December

  • Project could start early 2009 (?)

Patrick Malléjacq


[email protected]

Tel: 00 33 1 4043 5028

Mob: 00 33 6 2056 6838