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Day 1 Denver

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Day 1 Denver

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  1. Day 1 Denver In school we’re venturing on a road trip and I’m stuck in a car with a purple haired girly girl because we’re studying geography and topography. Another thing you should know about me is I am a certified genius. I have never told any body this. I venture to college. that is why am bored when I am in elementary school and why I miss so many days of elementary school. Geography : the study of life Topography : the study of the shape land takes Meet the characters Tiffany Pippy

  2. The Awsome Colorado Trip of Amy as Tiffany Emilyn as Pippy

  3. From the desk of Bush Bush’s letter telling me I’m a genius Fort Collins Fun Facts I’m so happy today were about to venture on the trails by horse back in the plains in Fort Collins. I wanted to do some real camping and devour numerous smores, but alas we most stay at tip top guest ranch in cabin. At least I glimpsed I new kind of plant. It is called the sprinting cactus. It is a petite saguaro cactus that pulls it self out of the ground and sprints on its roots if it glimpses a predator . I also spotted a tributary. Winner of the best place too live in 2006 Hosts many events Day 2 Fort Collins Tributary=a small river that leads to a larger one. Plains = dry flat lands

  4. Day 3 Steamboat Springs I despise Tiffany. She is so immature and is lucky she has so many friends. At school numerous friends like me because I am unique . She is so popular. We are venturing through numerous life zones, today we drove through the sub alpine life zone. Steam boat Springs is situated next to the Continental Divide Life zones= different zones such as sub alpine , alpine etc. Sub alpine life zone=almost alpine life zone.

  5. DAY 4 GRAND JUNCTION I guess Tiffany is not that bad. She helped me finish my homework. To think I’d been filled with wrath for her. I never looked at her incredible other qualities. I might even disclose my biggest secret to her… later We are in a alpine life zone. Alpine Life Zone= coldest life zone. Plateau

  6. Day 5 Silverton We are having a pillow fight with the girl in the next room. It was this or going to a mesa. Today we are driving to Silverton and I am so glad I told Tiffany my secret because she is like a whole new girl. She treats me like someone who is cool. She even told me who she likes. “His name is bob and I think he is kind of nerdy but one to her own likes. Today we ventured to a river and gold panned. I swear I have this much gold! Tiffany acquired this much gold. I feel a little sorry for her, but I am still really happy. Silverton used to be a mining town.

  7. day 6 Bye! Bye! We really enjoyed our trip but we are extremely happy to be home. Us taking a final picture