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Assisted assistance

Assisted assistance. Peer support in managing personal assistance. Current situation. Most personal assistance models are organised by service providers or cooperatives . Self-directed personal assistance is very rare.

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Assisted assistance

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  1. Assisted assistance Peer support in managing personal assistance

  2. Currentsituation • Most personal assistancemodels are organisedbyserviceproviders or cooperatives. Self-directed personal assistance is very rare. • The reason: self-directedassistance is oftenconsidered to be complicatedand time-consuming. • The result: serviceproviderscandemand a lotofmoney for organising personal assistance. • Assistance users are considered to be a burden andtooexpensive; thisresultsin a reductionofassistance time

  3. Oursolution • Ouraimis to supportself-directedassistanceusers in runningtheirownassistance„mini-company“; to encourageemployerswith a disability to organisetheirownassistance and to advisenewemployers to starttheirownassistancebusiness. • We encouragepeoplewithdisabilitieswhowouldprobablyneverdareto takeon the responsibilityofstartingtheirself-directedassistance to actuallytake on thisveryresponsibility and starttheirself-directedassistance. We also supportpeoplewithdisabilitieswho are no longerable(progressive disabilities) or will be neverable(learningdisabilities) to take on the responsibilityfor their personal assistancethemselves.

  4. Ourservice • Consulting for personal budget/directpayments (peer counselling) • Calculation of costs, billing the municipality • Support during the application for reimbursement • Monthly assistants’ salary cost accounting • Support in monitoring the bank account • Support in the recruitment of personnel • Assistance in making schedules • Assistance in personnel management • Assistance in times of crisis and conflict mediation

  5. contact • http://www.rhein-main-inklusiv.de/assistenz/teilhabe-management/

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