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Africa. Our study we learned how to write about Africa in power point .it was very fun .we learned a lot ! By M aria L aura.

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Our study we learned how to write about Africa in power point .it was very fun .we learned a lot !

By Maria Laura


MapsThis shows where biomes are. the yellow parts are desert and the green is Forest and grassland . The blue shows the aquatic biome .a biome is a place were people animals or plants live .


LifestyleIn this picture shows woman wearing baskets on there heads .they are wearing colorful clothing they usually wear bright colors .in the basket the woman have there are supplies .some woman can carry there baskets on there heads with out holding them.


BiomesThis is a picture of a forest .in the forest there are lots of trees .It only has a few flowers .almost every day it rains at the forest .The animals in the forest are gorillas and black leopards .in the forest it is very dark .Some times you can get lost .There are other biomes like desert ,aquatic and grassland .But people are cutting trees for making boats ,houses and other stuff .


Animalsthis is a picture of two girl lions in the grassland .there are many animals in the grassland like the big five .the big five are buffalo , leopard ,elephant ,lion and rhino .in the grassland it is vary hot at day time and night time .it doesn't rain that much in the grassland.