Workplace team development session 5 th june 2007
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Workplace Team Development Session 5 th June 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Workplace Team Development Session 5 th June 2007. Gillian Lewis Head of Health Promotion. Great Expectations. Aim To establish the role & purpose of the team for 2007/08 Actions Agree aims & objectives of the team Create the work plan for 2007/08

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Workplace team development session 5 th june 2007

Workplace Team Development Session5th June 2007

Gillian Lewis

Head of Health Promotion

Great expectations
Great Expectations


  • To establish the role & purpose of the team for 2007/08


  • Agree aims & objectives of the team

  • Create the work plan for 2007/08

  • Agree the skills & resources required to deliver the work plan

  • Agree the composition of the team to deliver the work plan

1 individual exercise
(1) Individual Exercise

  • Individually consider what you hope to achieve today and what you fearmight happen today

  • This is a process: consider also what you hope may happen from this process and what you fear might happen from the process

  • Take some time to think

  • Add your post its to the flip chart

  • Add as many as you want

  • Differentiate between responses for ‘today’ or ‘process’

Today my hopes
Today – my hopes!

  • Agenda – lots to do, agenda for change to be added

  • Be productive

  • Gain consensus

  • Full participation

  • Play to our strengths as a team

  • Address the things that need changed

  • Enhance the things that work well

  • We get/feel ready to participate on 12th June

Who are we
Who are we?

  • Health Promotion (HPm) Specialist Function within Public Health Unit

  • Pan Grampian remit

  • Specialist HPm skills & knowledge

  • Specific focus on HPm – topic, setting or service

  • National, Regional & local connections

Ref: Health Promotion Function Paper - Section 3

What do we look like
What do we look like?

Ref: Health Promotion Function Organisational Chart

What do we do
What do we do?

  • Healthy Public Policy - influencing, forming, implementing eg?

  • Re-orient health services to promote health eg?

  • Creating supportive environments eg?

  • Including community development methods in HPm eg?

  • Developing personal skills to improve health eg?

  • Workforce development eg?

Ref: Health Promotion Function Paper - section 4.1

How we link together
How we link together

Ref 4.2 (National Health Promtion Strategy for Ireland 2000-05)

Working principles
Working Principles

  • Needs assessment

  • Good practice & evidence informed

  • Integrated planning

  • Inequalities focus

  • Implemented in supportive environments

  • Ownership agreed

  • Monitoring & evaluation

  • Effective & efficient use of resource

  • Competency of staff

Grampian profile summary
Grampian Profile (summary)

  • Industry: public sector faster growing, 1/3 agriculture output in Scotland is from NE Scotland

  • Population: to rise then decline, mostly in working aged population & rise in post retirement aged population, 2.9% population from E.Europe

  • Earning: av.ft wage £551.60 (Scottish £503.70)

  • Health: cancer (38.5%), IHD (15%), resp.system (7%), 10.4% CVD, 5.19% mental/behavioural disorders.

  • Health Improvement priorities: obesity, tobacco, health inequalities, substance misuse & mental health.

  • Staff Governance: improved & safe working environment

Ref: Grampian Profile: Brief Overview May 2007

Workplace hpm
Workplace HPm

  • Promotion & delivery of HWL

  • Topics: NHSG health improvement priorities

  • Focus on Health & Safety – priorities?

  • Focus on promoting staff health in NHS G

  • Promote health in local workplaces - who & what?

  • Build partnerships to support delivery – new?

  • Build capacity – training role

  • Innovate – contribute to evidence base

  • Generate income – promote services, create partnerships, seek funding

Hpm work plan

Health Improvement Priorities

Obesity, health inequalities, mental health, tobacco, substance misuse

HEAT targets

Focus on inequalities

NHS Grampian Corporate Objectives

Agreed for HPm

Programme work plan

Collate team plans


Ways of working


Resource available

Majority of resource funds staff

Identified project budgets to be allocated

HPm Work Plan

Ref: Grampian Profile, HPm Function Paper, Work Planning Tools

Health promotion work plan
Health Promotion Work Plan

  • Improving Health : maximise improvements in health status & outcomes - developing healthy public policy

  • Improving Health - strengthening community action for health

  • Improving Health - reduce inequalities in health

  • Service Delivery & organisation – achieve delivery of effective healthcare, promote innovation & improve quality

  • Financial – to achieve strong and sustainable financial performance

  • People – to involve the public and partners to meet their needs

  • Learning & Growth – to equip the organisation with the knowledge and skills to deliver the strategy

2 group exercise
(2) Group Exercise

  • From what you have heard identify what you feel are the key priorities the team need to consider

  • Brainstorm and log the points to be considered

3 small group exercise
(3) Small Group Exercise

  • In your designated groups

    • Brainstorm: aims & objectives of the team

    • Each group to feedback

  • As whole group consider feedback

    • Identify common elements

    • Formulate agreed aims & objectives

  • 4 group work work planning
    (4) Group Work: Work planning

    • Copies of the work plan template will be distributed

      • In the same groups consider actions the team need to deliver

      • Consider skills & resources also needed

      • Refer to reference material, your experience & awareness of what needs to be delivered

      • Each group to feedback on actions developed

        2. Review actions – consider similarities, priorities, ability to deliver.

      • Agree actions for the work plan

      • Agree who will feedback to HPm development session

    5 pairs exercise
    (5) Pairs Exercise

    • In pairs consider the questions posed (see flip chart)

    • Discuss

    • Note comments/suggestion on post its, add to the flip charts

    • As large group review post its consider groupings

    • Agree final statements

    • Consider the implications of change on team & individuals – may require post session discussion

    Managing hwl

    Managing HWL

    Consider the proposal

    Summing up
    Summing Up

    • What have we achieved?

    • What is happening next?

    • How was it for you?

    • Is there/was there anything missing?

    • Any comments/questions/suggestion

    • Thank you for your input