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  1. Act One John Proctor Dislike and distrust Parris Had an affair slave Distrust and dislike niece daughter Abigail Tituba Betty Thomas and Ann Putnam Conjured spirits in the forest Calls them to be free from Devil and to call out names of witched daughter Reverend Hale Ruth The Crucible

  2. The Crucible: Family Summary Parris Nurse Corey Proctor Putnam • Betty – daughter • Abigail - niece • Rev. Parris found the girls dancing in the forest shocking the girls (Betty and Ruth) • Abigail drank blood to kill Elizabeth Proctor. • Rev. Parris is greedy and afraid of losing his job; he’ll do anything to keep his position. • Francis and Rebecca Nurse are respected in the community. • Rebecca is accused of killing the Putnam’s babies. • Francis approaches the court for Rebecca’s defense with a petition. All petitioners are called in for questioning/ arrested. • Giles and Martha Corey are respected and well-liked in the community. • Martha reads books and is accused of bewitching some pigs. • Giles approaches the court for Martha’s defense with word that Putnam is killing people for land. • Giles refuses to give name and is arrested/crushed to death. • John and Elizabeth have 2 children but have an unstable marriage. • Abigail was their maid, but she had an affair with John. • Mary Warren replaces Abigail as the maid. • Elizabeth is accused of stabbing a doll with a needle hurting Abigail. • Elizabeth is pregnant. • Elizabeth lies to save John’s reputation/life and condemns all/releases Abigail of responsibility. • Thomas and Ann have one child, Ruth, after 7 have died after birth. • Thomas is greedy and wants to own the land in the town for power. • Ann sends Ruth to the forest to see who killed the babies. • Ruth is caught dancing and goes into a comatose state. • Ruth is the mouth for Mr. Putnam to “kill people” for their land.

  3. Act Two Reverend Hale Questions Christian character of the home Martha Corey married John Proctor Elizabeth Proctor Rebecca Nurse Accused of witchcraft Loves him Uses poppet to accuse Wants her dead Servant and makes poppet Abigail COURT In court together Mary Warren The Crucible

  4. Thomas Putnam Claims he is killing people for land Arrests for contempt of court COURT Hale, Danforth, Sewell, Hathorne Giles Corey Francis Nurse Go to court for wives’ defense “God is dead!” Arrested for “evidence” of witchcraft Claims to be pregnant Called in for questioning of possible lechery and lies for John Threatens to leave court when questioned about adultery with Proctor John Proctor Accidentally condemns Abigail Goes to court to admit to faking Elizabeth Proctor Tries to withstand Abby’s influence but breaks under pressure claims witchcraft against John to save self from court Act Three Mary Warren The Crucible

  5. Rev. Hale Tries to persuade her to get John to confess Act Four Elizabeth Proctor Tries to persuade John to confess to save his life Tells John that she is at fault and takes partial blame John Proctor Hanged Refuses to accept a lie in order to save his life Rebecca Nurse Refuses to give name for the community Rev. Parris Realizes John Proctor’s goodness, respect – guilt? Martha Corey Judge Danforth The Crucible

  6. The Crucibleby Arthur Miller ANN PUTNAM (lost all but 1 child at birth) Married REVERAND PARRIS (preacher) THOMAS PUTNAM (greedy Landowner) Supports GILES COREY Enemies Father Niece Former Adulterous Lovers BETTY PARRIS ABIGAIL WILLIAMS Leader of the “possessed” girls JOHN PROCTOR (farmer) Friends Follows Friends Married FRANCIS NURSE (Highly Respected) REBECCA NURSE (Highly Respected) ELIZABETH PROCTOR Married