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S e n s e Beautiful Science. Inspired by a world renowned scientiston cellular nutrition Dr. Myron Wentz- Most famous for his world

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    1. U S A N A Health and Wellness Spa

    2. S e n s e Beautiful Science Inspired by a world renowned scientist on cellular nutrition – Dr. Myron Wentz - Most famous for his world # 1 nutritional supplements - Food line (Macro Optimisers) - Skincare line (Sense)

    3. Introduction Thank you for coming Pamper, Inspire, Educate and Fun Revolutionary approach to skin & health - what you put on your skin - what you are feeding your body at the cellular level - what you are eating has a huge impact on your health Your skin is a reflection of what is going on inside your body.

    4. Intelligent Skin care Holistic approach – combining science, nutrition & dermatology Inner and outer approach to health & beauty at a cellular level Transdermal delivery of nutrition to the skin – Proflavanol-T & Proteo C proprietary complexes nourishes, protects & revitalises with essential moisture from pure plant extracts & antioxidants Clinically proven for results in as little as 14 days

    5. 3 Major Differences Exclusive anti-aging technology - Dermal Surface Renewal Light Technology - 24 hr sun protection Self-Preserving Technology & No Added Parabens - patent pending world’s 1st breakthrough technology

    6. Sense DVD

    7. The Spa Experience

    8. Gentle Daily Cleanser Ultra gentle (pure plant extracts) Soap free, moisture rich Leaves skin moist & supple Saponaria, echinacea, centella Use morning and night Self-Preserving

    10. Rice Bran Polisher Gently exfoliates Hydrates and soften skin (plant extracts) Leaves skin luminous Rice bran, aloe, papaya enzyme, kukui nut oil Use 2-3 times weekly Self-Preserving

    12. Nutritious Crčme Masque Hydrating masque Gently removes impurities & excess oils Delivers intense moisturisation Firms and soothes skin Shea butter, mango butter, bisabolol Use 2-3 times weekly Self-Preserving

    14. Next 20 Minutes 3 frequently asked questions: How was Usana able to break the code and be the 1st company to actually get chemicals out of the products and also be self-preserving?? How do you know that these are the best products on the market?? Who is Dr. Myron Wentz?

    15. No Added Parabens Self Preserving Technology Hurdle Technology - water is not available to bacteria, only to the skin - pH level is just below 5 (perfectly balanced & fine tuned to inhibit multiplication) - More botanicals than any other line of products available commercially - Botanicals are also self-preserving - Package and manufacturing - Liquid crystal technology (patent pending technology provides final hurdles to microbial activities)

    16. Marketing OR Fluff Dr. Myron Wentz being the authority on cellular nutrition Formulated by the world-renowned John Garutto (who has formulated more than 1,000 products) Pharmaceutical GMP Listed in PDR, CPS, eMIMs $1 million athlete guarantee 3rd Party Study – Comparative Guide 500/100

    17. USANA’s rack of honours Businessweek ranked Usana 3rd top 100 hot growth company in 2005 Forbes magazine ranked Usana #5 Best 200 small companies in 2005 3rd top performing stock on Wall St. Usana’s stocks gone from US$1.90 to US$64 with a stock split. Currently US$40 A testimony to the products making a difference to people’s lives.

    18. Dr. Myron Wentz Microbiologist & Immunologist (PhD) Founded Gull Lab in 1972 Became the world expert in cellular nutrition and cell culture technology Understands the nutritional & protective requirements of human cells

    19. ……Dr. Myron Wentz Developed 48 viral diagnostic test kits, approved by FDA for commercial use by medical community worldwide in 35 countries, controlled 60% of the global market in this aspect Developed the 1st reliable form of Epstein Barr Viral test kit to detect Glandular Fever for which all of Europe was waiting for at the time

    20. ……Dr. Myron Wentz The face of western medicine needs to change – 99% healthcare cost is cure (he was only detecting not preventing diseases) The way we live and die has changed - 1900s – infectious diseases - Today – chronic degenerative diseases (cancer, heart diseases, diabetes) - ľ of the population will die from these diseases Mission to move the world towards prevention

    21. ……Dr. Myron Wentz Both parents died prematurely of CDD Supplemented himself with the most popular product in North America – ineffective ingredients & formula Commercially available products not able to support the life of cells in lab – they would not survive Armed with >20 years knowledge of cellular nutrition & keeping cells healthy in culture Launched Usana in 1992 - Usana means “True Health” Vision – “To manufacture the highest quality science based products without compromise. Products that people can trust……..”

    22. Cellular Nutrition Essentials – Dr. Wentz for the last 35 years had learnt what is vital for optimal cellular health. Essentially what your cells need to function in its role BiOmega – Essential fatty Acid crucial for healthy hair, nails and skin cells. Also important for your brain, heart, joint, cellular membrane and metabolic functions Active Calcium – bone fomula with magnesium in the correct ratio together with Vitamin D for bioavailability Proflavanol 90 – Super Antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties, enhance vascular function, crosses the Blood Brain Barrier

    23. Toner Restores proper pH balance Soothes, firms & refines Assists in eliminating lingering residues Saponaria, Echinacea, Centella, Green tea Self-Preserving

    25. Perfecting Essence AHA free treatment serum Retexture, even & firm the skin surface Brighten the skin complexion Gentle for sensitive skin Pure Vit C, whole grape extract, olive leaf, soy, green tea Self-Preserving DSR Technology

    27. Serum Intensive Delivers rich alpha & beta-hydroxy acids complex Refines, retextures, brightens Hydrates, exfoliates, firms the skin Penetrates deep into the skin – unclog pores providing additional moisture Reduces appearance of fines lines & wrinkles Vit C & E, soybean protein, green tea extract Self-Preserving DSR Technology

    29. Eye Nourisher Minimises appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, dark circles Helps the skin retain moisture Firms and brightens Shea butter, squalane, soy,elderflower Self-Preserving DSR Technology Regenisomes

    31. Daytime Protection Emulsion with sunscreen UVA & UVB sun protection Delivers intense, all-day moisture Helps erase past signs of aging & prevent new signs of aging Firms and brightens Potent antioxidants Self-Preserving Regenisomes

    33. Night Renewal Clinically proven firming complex Delivers powerful moisturising agents Restores, repairs, rejuvenates Shea butter, squalane, soy, elderflower Self-Preserving DSR Technology Regenisomes

    35. Clinically Proven to Achieve Results

    36. Sense Splash Revitalizing Shampoo Nourishing Conditioner Energizing Shower Gel Firming Body Nourisher Intensive Hand Therapy

    42. 5-Day Reset Based on the famous Releasing Fats book by Dr. Ray Strand Not a typical cleanse of starvation mode Actually foods and teaches the body to eat 5 small meals/day Low GI – stabilise your sugar, reduce cravings Not a quick fix – you won’t lose 20kgs!! Maintenance program enable body to continue to release fat for long-term optimal health


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