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Stars. Mrs. Breeding 6 th Grade. What is the difference between a star and a planet?. When we look up at the night star it is hard to see the difference. We know that stars twinkle but planets don’t. Why?????. A Star is Born!. Stars are born and they die.

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Mrs. Breeding 6th Grade

What is the difference between a star and a planet
What is the difference between a star and a planet?

  • When we look up at the night star it is hard to see the difference. We know that stars twinkle but planets don’t. Why?????

A star is born
A Star is Born!

  • Stars are born and they die.

  • They are born in huge, cold clouds of gas and dust, known as nebulas.

  • When a clump of material becomes so hot and dense a nuclear reaction occurs.

  • When the temperature reaches 10 million degrees Celsius, the clump becomes a new star.

Different types of stars
Different types of stars

  • Red Stars- Coolest

  • Blue Stars- Hottest

  • Yellow Stars (Sun)- In between

  • Stars come in many different sizes, our sun is a medium size star.


  • Nearly all stars belong to gigantic groups known as galaxies.

  • There are different galaxies of different shapes and sizes.

  • Spiral

  • Elliptical

  • Irregular

  • The Universe is expanding, most galaxies are moving apart at high speed.

Black holes
Black Holes

  • Black holes are formed when massive stars run out of fuel to burn and collapse inward into the shape of a sphere.

  • A black hole is an area within the universe in which the force of gravity prevents anything from escaping including light.

  • Most scientist agree that black holes form in the center of galaxies

Star death
Star Death

  • Most stars take millions of years to die.

  • When a star like the sun has burned all of its hydrogen fuel , it can expand and become a red giant.

  • After puffing off its outer layers, the star collapses to form a very dense white dwarf. One teaspoon of material from a white dwarf would weigh up to 100 tons.

Red super giants
Red Super Giants

  • Stars heavier than eight times the mass of the sun end their lives very suddenly.

  • When they run out of fuel,They swell into red supergiants. Eventually they blow themselves apart in a huge supernova!

  • For a week or so, the supernova outshines all of the other stars in its galaxy.

  • The elements made inside the supergiant are scattered and this stardust eventually makes other stars and planets.

Partner talk
Partner talk

  • What is the difference between a red, blue and yellow star?

  • What is a supernova?

  • Where are stars born?

  • What are the three different types of galaxies?

Compare and contrast
Compare and Contrast

  • How are stars different from planets? Defend your answer.