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Prepositional Phrase (PP). Types. One-word prepositions: E.g. about, across, after, around, as, at, by, down, for, from, in, like, near, of, off, on, round , to , towards, with , without… Two-word prepositions:

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  • One-word prepositions:

    E.g. about, across, after, around, as, at, by, down, for, from, in, like, near, of, off, on, round, to, towards, with, without…

  • Two-word prepositions:

    E.g. as for, except for, together with, along with, as to, close to, contrary to, due to…

  • Three-word prepositions:

    E.g. as far as, as well as, by means of, by way of, in aid of, in charge of, in view of, in return for, in exchange for, in spite of, in contact with, on top of, on the part of, at the hands of…

  • Four-word prepositions:

    E.g. as a result of, at the expense of, on the part of, with the exception of

Prepositions vs other classes of words same form
Prepositions vs. other classes of words: same form

  • Prepositions and verbs:

    Preposition: There are always problems regardingpunctuality; verb:Up to now I have been regardingyou as a friend.

  • Prepositions and conjucts:

    Prep: afterhis accident; conjuct:afterhe had his accident

  • Prepositions and adverbs:

    There are always two pilots aboard. (adverb)

    There are always two pilots aboard the plane. (prep)

Internal structure of the pp
Internal Structure of the PP

  • A preposition cannot normally occur without a nominal unit; not all PPs contain a modifier but all of them contain a preposition and a complement

  • PREPOSITIONAL PHRASE= preposition + complement (and optional modifier)

    E.g. out of control; along this road; near here; at that moment

    With modifier: completely out of control; straight along this road; quite near here; just at that moment

Some types of complement
Some types of complement

  • NPs: at home, after which, on account of his age

  • AdjPhr: in private, at last, for good

  • AdvPhr: for ever, since when, until quite recently

  • PPs: except in here, from out of the forest

Some functions of the pp
Some functions of the PP

(Post-)modifier in NP: a bridge over the river, apricots on the tree

Complement in NP: He is a teacher of French literature.

(Pre-)modifier in NP: Off-the-record comments should not be printed in a newspaper.

Complement in AdjPh: My son is brilliant at mathematics.

Complement in AdvPh: They don’t live far from here.

Complement in PP: I’m free all day except on Mondays.