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Parents Night

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Parents Night. Kindergarten 2013. Welcome. Mrs. Bernhardt Graduated from National Louis University with Masters Degree in 2003 Teaching for 14 years (first, multi-age, second) Kindergarten Family Married Three children (8,7 & 5) Busy!!!. Kindergarten Philosophy.

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parents night

Parents Night

Kindergarten 2013

  • Mrs. Bernhardt
  • Graduated from National Louis University with Masters Degree in 2003
  • Teaching for 14 years (first, multi-age, second)
  • Kindergarten
  • Family
  • Married
  • Three children (8,7 & 5)
  • Busy!!!
kindergarten philosophy
Kindergarten Philosophy
  • In District 47 we believe that the foundation of successful schooling is formed during the kindergarten year through the development of positive attitudes and learning habits. We recognize that each child enters kindergarten with a unique background of experiences. Therefore, the child’s kindergarten experience should be the cooperative effort of the child, parent and teacher. The curriculum is designed to support the academic, social, emotional and physical growth of the child. The instructional program is activity and language oriented, providing a secure and accepting environment, which motivates each child to use skills when developmentally ready. School personal and parents working together will provide for the individual development of the whole child.
kindergarten core instruction
Kindergarten Core Instruction
  • Language Arts
  • Handwriting
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
language arts
Language Arts
  • Reading
    • Shared Reading
    • Read Aloud
    • Mini-Lesson
    • Guided Reading
      • Stations
  • Writing
    • Modeled Writing
    • Interactive Writing
    • 6+1 Writing Traits Program
  • Technology
    • (passwords will be sent home)
    • Please see my website for additional links
  • Sunform
  • D’Nealian
    • Workbook
    • Additional Worksheets
    • Stations
  • Everyday Math
    • Whole Class Instruction
    • Small Group Work
    • Math Explorations
    • Independent Tasks
  • Homework
    • Weekly
    • Requires parent support
  • Technology
    • (Students will be sent home with passwords)
    • Please see my website for additional links
  • Wood and Paper
    • Spring
  • Technology
    • Please see my website for direct link
social studies
Social studies
  • Family
  • School
  • Community
character counts
Character Counts
  • Six Pillars of Character
    • Responsibility
      • Duty, Accountability, Pursue Excellence, Self-Control
    • Trustworthiness
      • Integrity, Honesty, Reliability, Loyalty
    • Citizenship
      • Do Your Share, Respect Authority and Law
    • Caring
      • Concern for Others, Charity
    • Fairness
      • Fairness and Justice, Openness
    • Respect
      • Golden Rule, Tolerance and Acceptance, Nonviolence, Courtesy
  • Lunch Time 11:30-12:20
  • Students have the option of bringing or buying their lunch.
  • Menus are sent home monthly
  • Parents are encouraged to purchase a lunch ticket if their child will be buying lunch.
  • A 10 day ticket is $25.00 and a 20 day ticket is $50.
    • Cash or checks are accepted.
    • Checks must be made out to School District 47.
  • Milk may be purchased for $0.55
  • If you would like to send in cash for your child to buy lunch please send it in an envelope or Ziploc bag with their name written on the front.
  • Students that will be staying all day will need to have gym shoes to participate in P.E. and an art shirt. The encore schedule is as follows;
  • Monday – Art
  • Tuesday-Health
  • Wednesday-Library
  • Thursday-Gym
  • Friday-Music
snack rest time
Snack/Rest Time
  • Each afternoon we will be resting
  • Rest time could include;
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Resting
  • Snack time will occur during rest time. Snacks are optional and are provided by parents.
    • Small and Manageable
    • Healthy
    • Peanut Free
behavior management system
Behavior Management System
  • Classroom behavior will be tracked on a behavior ladder. The children will have the opportunity to be recognized for good behavior by climbing up the ladder. The ladder will also serve as a redirection system for inappropriate behavior
  • As students are learning the rules reminders will be given about behavior. Students will be given a stamp on their calendar if they had a good day. If a child requires multiple reminders they will not receive a stamp for the day. Please check your child’s calendar every day.
report cards
Report Cards
  • Standards are established by the District for each grade level in Reading, Writing & Math
  • Reports reflect student progress as a whole
  •  Learner Characteristics
  • Academic Progress over time (4,3,2,1)
  • Student Work, Assessments, and Portfolios
  • Students Assessed three times a year
daily routine reminders
Daily Routine Reminders
  • Attendance
    • Please call the office and notify them of your child’s absence.
  • Drop-Off
    • Front of the school by the cross-walk
  • Pick-Up
    • Parents must park their car and walk to front of building to pick up their child.
    • If there is a change in your child’s end of the day routine please call or send a note with your child. E-Mail notifications are unreliable.
  • Red Folder
    • Needs to be brought to school “cleaned-out” every day
    • Behavior Calendar – Stamped daily for good behavior
    • Homework – Please return the next day
  • Reading Folder
    • Reading Log
      • Please sign the log each night your child reads/or is read to (log will begin in November)
    • Guided Reading Books
      • Books will be sent home periodically
      • Please read them with your child and send them back the next day
  • Birthdays
    • When your child’s special day arrives they can bring in a non-food item to share with the class.
      • Donate a book to the class for all to enjoy
      • Special pencils/erasers for each student
      • Stickers
      • Please remember bringing in a “treat” is certainly not a requirement for birthday recognition.
    • Birthday invitations are not allowed at school and cannot be distributed to friends and classmates.
  • Class Parties
    • Last hour of the day
      • Halloween
      • Winter
volunteer opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities
  • Project Story Boost
    • Reading to various Kindergarteners
  • Classroom Parties
    • Sign Up Sheet (2 Parents per party)
      • Halloween
      • Winter
helpful hints
Helpful Hints
  • Sleep
    • A good night’s sleep is important (10-12 hours)
    • Consistent Bedtime
  • Breakfast
    • Be sure your child has a good meal before school to give them energy to take on their day
  • Label Clothes
    • Winter Gear
  • Proper Name
    • Capital letter only for the first letter
    • Lowercase for the rest of their name
upcoming events
Upcoming Events
  • Picture Day- Monday, September 23rd
  • Book Orders-Due Friday, September 20th
  • Parent Teacher Conferences
    • Wednesday, October 23rd5-8pm
    • Thursday, October 24th12-8pm
    • Friday, October 25th8-11am
  • Early Release Days
    • There are several throughout the year and the student hours are 9-2pm.
contact information
Contact Information
  • Newsletters
    • Sent home weekly
    • Electronic or hard copy available
  • Phone
    • 815-459-4231
    • Before school, Lunch, Encores
  • E-Mail
  • Website
  • Note cards
    • Questions
    • Phone Number
    • Best time to call