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Functional Skills

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Functional Skills - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Functional Skills. A Guide. “Functional Skills is a central piece of the jigsaw” QCA (qualifications curriculum agency). Apprenticeships. A Levels. FS. KS3. Diploma. KS4. GCSEs. Functional Skills.

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Functional Skills

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    1. Functional Skills A Guide

    2. “Functional Skillsis a central piece of the jigsaw”QCA (qualifications curriculum agency) Apprenticeships A Levels FS KS3 Diploma KS4 GCSEs

    3. Functional Skills • “It is essential to think of learners becoming functional with English, Maths and ICT, rather than thinking that there is a vital body of knowledge, known as Functional Skills” QCA (qualifications curriculum agency)

    4. So, what are Functional Skills? • Functional Skills are a key initiative in response to: • Pressure from employers • Skills White papers

    5. What are Functional Skills (FS) about ? • Applying and using skills • Problem solving in real life contexts • Interpreting results and communicating analysis “it is not about simply taking a test but embedding teaching and learning of functionality in all areas within current programmes and across the curriculum and workplace”

    6. The 3 topics Functional English Speaking and Listening Reading Writing “Performance Statements” “Technical Demands” Functional Maths Representing Analysing Interpreting Functional ICT Use of ICT Find and select information Develop, present and communicate “Complexity and Familiarity”

    7. FS Grading • FS are simply marked as pass or fail • A marginal fail at Level 2 DOES NOT result in an award of a Level 1 pass, Each test is completely separate. • Students have to be entered at the right level • Exams are taken on line and increasingly “on demand”.

    8. Themes and Contexts • Realistic and relevant. • Key objective is transferability of skills, assessment is not always in the subject area of the Certificate/Diploma. • More initial reading than GCSE is required to “set the scene” but reading age will be kept low.

    9. Websites • • • • - an online resource for learners and tutors

    10. The profiles