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SEO Alerts: Don’t Stake Your Brand Reputation on Fake Reviews PowerPoint Presentation
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SEO Alerts: Don’t Stake Your Brand Reputation on Fake Reviews

SEO Alerts: Don’t Stake Your Brand Reputation on Fake Reviews

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SEO Alerts: Don’t Stake Your Brand Reputation on Fake Reviews

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  1. SEO Alerts: Don’t Stake Your Brand Reputation on Fake Reviews Call : 1300 760 363

  2. “Just a few reviews!” “It’s a no brainer. We have experts to take care of it and no one will ever know it. After all, it’s about our brand reputation. “What harm would two or three fake reviews can do to our well established business?” Well, what we are going to say and tell you in the succeeding lines might incite you to think again. Tanuj Rastogi, an Online Reputation Specialist and the Director of Sigma Infotech, says “Hundreds and thousands of online marketers buy reviews from third-party sites and individuals to post them on behalf of their clients. They think this cookie-cutter approach would give a little boost to their brand reputation until it costs the brand customers and much more.” Buying and posting fake reviews is in fashion, even after being regarded as an unethical and illegal practice. Call : 1300 760 363

  3. Fugitive Gains or Potential Losses: The call is yours! Positive reviews are sure a reputation booster and what Google search engine pages love to flaunt. But faking those reviews on behalf of customers, the same audience you serve and that makes your business, could bring in some long-term perils and trouble. It’s quite easy anyway. There are many (review sites, individuals and blogs) out there who will be more than happy to write you a handful of comments and reviews for a few dollars. Call : 1300 760 363

  4. However, here are some pointers that explain how buying or writing bogus reviews is a plain killing-your-own-reputation recipe and could be the worst way to controlling what’s being said about your brand on the web. • It is simply illegal. The Australian Consumer law prohibits posting of fake or paid reviews. Individuals and groups found guilty can be charged hefty fines by the ACCC and can even end up shutting down their business. • Google is strictly against posting reviews on behalf of others. Google’s spam detection algorithm catches out spammers and reviewers involved in unethical behaviours of posting fictitious reviews. Not only are those false reviews immediately removed on detection but Google penalises the culprit by affecting their search engine rankings. Call : 1300 760 363

  5. Most consumers today are smart enough to spot made-up reviews and testimonials, which can cause customer trust and your business credibility to collapse immediately. • • There are websites like Yelp and Amazon that publically call out businesses caught in the practices of buying and posting of false, misleading reviews. It just doesn’t end here. The websites go on to label such fraudulent businesses with a tag of untrustworthiness. Call : 1300 760 363

  6. Of course, you don’t want to wear that disdainful badge of fraud and fall back in online listings and search engine results. So, how do you restrain the temptation of writing fake reviews? By simply staying ethical with your services and growing your business organically. Alternatively, it’s always a good idea to have a professional by your side to manage online reputation. Being a dedicated online reputation specialist, Tanuj Rastogi specialises in online reputation management (ORM) and advises and assists businesses across practice areas including personal reputation management and corporate reputation management. Call : 1300 760 363

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