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Interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln PowerPoint Presentation
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Interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln

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Interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln. By: Kaleb Herman. Abraham’s best decisions and accomplishments. Having a passion for politics & honesty Commitment to a united America Writing the Gettysburg address. Fight against slavery. Politics.

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Interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln

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    1. Interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln By: Kaleb Herman

    2. Abraham’s best decisions and accomplishments Having a passion for politics & honesty Commitment to a united America Writing the Gettysburg address. Fight against slavery

    3. Politics He has a passion for politics which showed despite his loss of the election for General Assembly on August 6th in 1832, he studied law in 1834 and in 1860 became the 16th president and was the first Republican. On August 1st 1836, Lincoln is re-elected to the Illinois General Assembly and by now is a leader of the Whig Party and on September 9th, Lincoln receives his license to practice Law.

    4. Honesty

    5. Honest Abe acquired this nick name from when he was in managing the country store. One time when he was counting the money he collected that day, he had taken more money from a customer than the customer needed to pay. So he walked a long distance to make up the incompleteness.

    6. Commitment to a united America When he went to New Orleans in 1828, he saw a slave auction and he despised it. Since he despised the slave auction, he thought slavery should be banned in America. So after the Civil War, the thirteenth Amendment was created and the amendment says slavery is illegal in the United States of America. Not only that, their was no longer Union and Confederacy states and the country became a united nation again.

    7. Gettysburg Address Over 7500 soldiers died at the battle of Gettysburg Abrahams speech was acknowledging the soldiers that had died. He also reminded the 15,000 people listening about being a united nation that the fore fathers founded on liberty and equality

    8. Abraham encouraged the families remaining to continue with war and reinforce the nation's commitment to democracy government of the people, by the people, for the people

    9. Fighting Against Slavery

    10. 1863 emancipation proclamation freed slaves in territories during the Civil War 1865 advocated for the 13thamendment banning slavery

    11. Strange/interesting fact about his life At the age of 9 Lincoln experienced a near death incident when he got hit in the head by a horses hoof.

    12. Also at the age of 9, Abraham experienced the death of his mother by milk sickness. Milk sickness is caused from cows milk that has been poisoned from the cow ingesting white snake root. A plant found in Indiana that commonly grows on roadsides, in damp areas, or on the shaded north side of edges.

    13. Deaths of Children Robert Todd Lincoln was born in 1843-1926 *only to lived to adulthood Edward Baker Lincoln (Eddie) in 1846-1850. (tuberculosis) . William "Willie" Lincoln 1850-1862 (typhoid fever) Thomas "Tad" Lincoln 1853-1871( heart failure)

    14. references