entropy characteristics of propagating internet phenomena n.
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Entropy Characteristics of Propagating Internet Phenomena PowerPoint Presentation
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Entropy Characteristics of Propagating Internet Phenomena

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Entropy Characteristics of Propagating Internet Phenomena - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Entropy Characteristics of Propagating Internet Phenomena. Alfonso Valdes SRI International. Acknowledgement

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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entropy characteristics of propagating internet phenomena

Entropy Characteristics of Propagating Internet Phenomena

Alfonso Valdes

SRI International


This research was partially sponsored by DARPA under Contract Number N66001-00-C-8058. The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the supporting agency.

  • Background
  • Detection
  • Efficient Iterative Algorithm for Entropy
  • Initial Results for Slammer Worm
  • Summary and Future Directions
  • There have been numerous destructive Internet attacks that infect a vulnerable host and propagate from there to new targets (worms)
  • These have potential to saturate the entire vulnerable population in a brief time
  • Even sites without vulnerability suffer reduced QOS as worm traffic consumes bandwidth
  • Timely detection a the ISP or higher level may enable containment and control damage
  • Detection relies on enterprise-level IDS
    • Does the IDS have a signature?
    • Difficult to distinguish local from global
    • Administrators rely on phone net to get big picture
    • Exchanging IDS alert content may compromise confidential information
detection 2 isp level issues
Detection (2): ISP Level Issues
  • Can we use conventional IDS?
    • Probably not,traffic rate to high
  • Cross-site alert aggregation?
    • Possibly, if the enterprise-level alerts are generated in the first place
    • Typically limited to a subscriber base
    • Confidentiality?
detection 3 worms and entropy
Detection (3): Worms and Entropy
  • Hypothesis: Propagating phenomena affect the entropy of Internet traffic
    • More diverse client (source IP) set
    • More concentrated service (dest port) set
    • Effect does not depend on conventional IDS signature
    • This is visible at the enterprise level.
    • We conjecture it is visible at higher levels
  • Side Benefit: Detecting worms this way raises no confidentiality issues
  • Can we compute entropy in real time?
    • Expensive log calls
    • State space explosion
efficient iterative algorithm
Efficient Iterative Algorithm
  • “It can be shown” the entropy change due to a new observation can be computed from the current entropy value with 1 or 2 log calls
  • Many of these have a very good Taylor Series approximation
algorithm 3 state space management
Algorithm (3): State Space Management
  • A periodic update cycle prunes and ages the state space
  • Max state space size can be configured
  • Aging keeps most recent and active states
  • It is hoped these are the more interesting states
results for slammer worm
Results for Slammer Worm
  • As conjectured, source IP entropy increases and dest port entropy decreases
  • Data is firewall log entries for rejected e2i UDP requests
  • Down spikes in source IP trace and coincident up spikes in dest port trace are scans (serendipitous discovery)
  • Port 137 dominates non-Slammer accesses
  • Conjectured impact of worms on Internet process entropy holds for Slammer
    • Higher source IP entropy
      • Will this be true at ISP view?
    • Lower dest port entropy
      • Likely to remain true at ISP level
  • Scans from a single source appear as spike anomalies (discovered but not anticipated)
  • Defined fast algorithm with bounded state space
    • Feasible at ISP?
future directions
Future Directions
  • Examine large ISP level repository
    • Real-time feasibility
    • Does the hypothesis still hold
  • Other data streams?
    • Return codes
    • IDS alert mix
    • Packet content