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ProStock Complimentary Services Design Assistance and System Selection PowerPoint Presentation
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ProStock Complimentary Services Design Assistance and System Selection

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ProStock Complimentary Services Design Assistance and System Selection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ProStock Complimentary Services Design Assistance and System Selection

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ProStock Complimentary Services

Design Assistance and System Selection

Sometimes you know just what you need. How to order it, fabricate it, install it and then reap the benefits along with your customer. Sometimes you don’t. Especially if you’re new to daylighting with polycarbonates. Each project is different. When you need expert help to achieve your goals in aesthetics, economy and performance, that’s when Duo-Gard’s Design Team comes into play. Right from the beginning so you avoid missteps.

We’ll discuss all the possibilities and help you select the best system for your project. After all, we’ve “been there – done that” for 30 years. All as an international innovator in translucent polycarbonate technology. We offer these services in design:

Basic design support is complimentary for your project. There’s no charge for you to take advantage of our expertise. We want to make sure you get the system solution you need and the knowledge to use it effectively for your customer.

If you don’t know polycarbonate, you need to know Duo-Gard’s Design Team. Call us to discuss adding either of these services to your ProStock package. 734-207-9700

ProStock Fee Based Services

Daylight Modeling Eliminates the Guesswork

Daylighting – bringing natural light into a structure. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? You’ve been doing it for years. Sometimes it worked well. Sometimes…not so well. In today’s frantic dash for sustainability and healthier environments, the demand for effective daylighting is increasing. With emphasis on limited resources, energy efficiency, economy – and especially occupant comfort – there’s no place for trial and error. You have to get it right the first time. And you can. Right from the start at the design stage when changes are easiest.

Duo-Gard’s daylight modeling service uses computer simulation to create the real-life conditions surrounding your building. It eliminates the guesswork about the right amount of light for a space, the minimizing of solar heat gain, the effective integration of natural light with artificial illumination and the compliance with LEED and CHPS criteria. It helps create long-term operational savings. And it impresses your customers like crazy.

Want to fine-tune your daylighting right from the start? Call us and we will shed some more light on it, including the cost. 734-207-9700. Ask for one of our ProStock customer service representatives.