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SOUTHWEST BORDER PROSECUTION INITIATIVE. Online Training Tool. Bureau of Justice Assistance Department of Justice. Overview.

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southwest border prosecution initiative


Online Training Tool

Bureau of Justice Assistance

Department of Justice


The Southwest Border Prosecution Initiative (SWBPI) provides funds to eligible jurisdictions in the four southwest border states for qualifying federally initiated and declined-referred criminal cases that were resolved after October 1, 2005.


A county or state government in Arizona, California, New Mexico, or Texas may participate if:

  • The jurisdiction prosecuted and/or detained a defendant in a federally initiated and declined/referred criminal case that was disposed of during the applicable reporting period.
eligibility continued
Eligibility (Continued)

In New Mexico, only pre-trial detention services may be reported in a county’s online application.

  • Prosecution services are provided through state agencies and will be reflected in a state-level application.
  • The state application must be completed before counties can enter their pre-trial detention cases.
registration for new swbpi participants
RegistrationFor New SWBPI Participants

Go To:

To complete your jurisdiction’s registration you will need the following information:

  • Jurisdiction DUNS Number:
  • Jurisdiction Employer Identification Number (EIN):,,id=98350,00.html
  • Jurisdiction Address
  • Primary Point-of-Contact Name, Position Title, Phone Number, Email Address, Agency Name, and Address
  • Chief Executive Officer Name, Phone Number, and Email Address
  • Financial Point-of-Contact Name, Phone Number, and Email Address

I. Select ‘Begin Application’

II. Choose your state

III. Locate your jurisdiction

jurisdiction registration information page
Jurisdiction Registration Information Page
  • All mandatory fields are denoted by an asterisk
  • DUNS number help can be found at this website:
  • EIN number help is provided at this website:,,id=98350,00.html
primary point of contact page
Primary Point of Contact Page
  • The primary point of contact (POC) is the main recipient of official electronic correspondence regarding the status and approval of applications.
  • The POC must be appointed by your jurisdiction’s Chief Executive Officer.
  • The POC must be an employee of the jurisdiction.
chief executive officer information page
Chief Executive Officer Information Page
  • The Chief Executive Officer is the jurisdiction's highest ranking elected or appointed administrative official, responsible for managing human and budgetary resources.
financial point of contact page
Financial Point of Contact Page
  • In addition to the Primary POC, the Financial Point of Contact will receive official electronic correspondence regarding issues related to the bank account information, payment requests, and disbursements of funds.
registration complete
Registration Complete

You are now ready to access the online Southwest Border Prosecution Initiative application.

login page
Login Page

Forgot your user id or password? Call the SWBPI Helpdesk at 1-866-817-9274

  • Go To:
funding status page
Funding Status Page

Edit Jurisdiction Information

Edit Contact Information

Review already submitted


Request Payment

Update banking information


Apply for open SWBPI quarter


jurisdiction information page
Jurisdiction Information Page
  • Make changes to your jurisdiction’s general information on this screen.
contact information page
Contact Information Page
  • Update the point of contact, chief executive officer and financial point of contact information from this screen.
  • The primary point of contact must be appointed by the jurisdiction CEO and be a jurisdiction employee.
manage application screen application not open only case data
Manage Application Screen (Application not open; only case data)
  • This screen is displayed only if the case reporting is open, but the application period is closed. Only the case data may be accessed at this phase of the SWBPI process.
manage application screen application open
Manage Application Screen (Application Open)
  • Apply for a new SWBPI application period here.
  • Update an open application: change profile information, add/delete prosecution data, and add/delete detention data.
cost profile page
Cost Profile Page

Enter Detention Per Diem Rate:

Publicized per diem rate of the jurisdiction jail facility. This figure is the per-day cost the jurisdiction would charge an outside jurisdiction to house inmates in its jails.

cost profile page continued
Cost Profile Page (Continued)

Enter Total Felony Cases: The number of all felony cases prosecuted and resolved during the reporting period in the jurisdiction. This number should include federally declined as well as regular, resolved felony cases.

Total Misdemeanor Cases: The number of all misdemeanor cases prosecuted and resolved during the reporting period in the jurisdiction. This number should include federally declined as well as regular, resolved misdemeanor cases.

salary costs page
Salary Costs Page
  • Each jurisdiction should submit the number and salary costs for each personnel category listed. The figures should reflect the personnel that work on all felony or misdemeanor cases, not only federally initiated cases.
  • The reported sum for each personnel category should total the jurisdiction’s actual salary expenditures for the reporting period, not an estimate or average.
  • All salary costs may include benefits and overtime required by negotiated contract, statute, or regulation such as union agreements, contractual obligations, and required post staffing minimums.
add prosecution page
Add Prosecution Page

Each prosecution case must have the following information:

Docket Number- This is the court case number assigned to each federally initiated case you apply for.

Referring Federal Agency- Choose the federal agency that referred the case to your jurisdiction.

Referred Date- The date that the federally initiated case was transferred to your jurisdiction for prosecution.

add defendant page continued
Add Defendant Page (Continued)

Resolution- The type of resolution of the case: dismissal, plea, conviction or sentencing.

  • Defendant First and Last Name- Note that the middle initial is optional.

Resolved date- The date the resolution of the case occurred.

Case Type- Choose felony or misdemeanor if your jurisdiction resolved both types of federally referred cases during the reporting period.

add prosecution page continued
Add Prosecution Page (Continued)

Instructions for a prosecution case that you need to enter more than once as a result of multiple defendants associated with the case:

  • Each defendant represents a separate case; one case with multiple defendants should be claimed as separate cases.
  • If a SWBPI qualifying case has more than one defendant, you may select the same docket number for multiple defendants.
  • One defendant charged in multiple cases should be claimed as only one case to the extent the defendant's cases are being investigated and/or prosecuted during concurrent periods of time.
prosecution guidelines
Prosecution Guidelines
  • Federally initiated criminal case.
  • Declined/referred to a county or state jurisdiction after October 1, 2005.
  • Prosecuted by a state or county prosecutor.
  • Resolved during a designated reporting period.
prosecution guidelines continued
Prosecution Guidelines (Continued)

A case is eligible, regardless of:

  • The level, type, or number of criminal offenses involved.
  • The defendant's age or citizenship status at the time of the federal referral.
  • Whether the case was formally declined/referred by a U.S. Attorney, or declined/referred through a blanket federal declination-referral policy; accepted federal law enforcement practice; or federal prosecutorial discretion.
  • Whether state or local law enforcement participated with federal authorities in the investigation or arrest (federal/state task forces).
prosecution guidelines continued1
Prosecution Guidelines (Continued)
  • Federally referred case declined and not prosecuted by state or county prosecutors.
  • Probation or parole violation or revocation hearings.
  • Extradition cases.
  • Cases not accepted by state or county prosecutors.
prosecution guidelines continued2
Prosecution Guidelines (Continued)


A federally initiated case results from a criminal investigation or an arrest involving federal law enforcement authorities for a potential violation of federal criminal law, including task forces on which a federal agency or officer participates in the investigation or arrest process. Jurisdictions applying for SWBPI funds must enter the referring federal agency on each case submitted for prosecution costs in the online application.

prosecution guidelines continued3
Prosecution Guidelines (Continued)


A federal declination/referral occurs when, during an investigation or following an arrest, a U.S. Attorney or a federal law enforcement official decides not to pursue federal criminal charges against a defendant (declination) and requests that a state or local jurisdiction prosecute the defendant for possible violation of state or local criminal statutes (referral).

prosecution summary page
Prosecution Summary Page
  • This page displays a list of all prosecution cases submitted for the SWBPI reporting period.
  • From this page, you can update prosecution cases, remove prosecution cases; add/remove defendants or add/remove detention cases.
add detention page
Add Detention Page

Each detention case must have the following information:

Docket number/ Defendant- choose a docket number and defendant from the list of already submitted prosecution cases.

Inmate ID- The identification number used by the jurisdiction jail facility to identify the inmate.

Detained Date- The date the defendant was taken in to custody.

Released Date- The released date for a detention record cannot be after the prosecution resolved date for the corresponding prosecution case.

detention summary page
Detention Summary Page
  • This page displays a list of all the detention cases submitted for the SWBPI reporting period.
  • From this page, you can update detention cases, remove detention cases or add prosecution cases.
submit application page
Submit Application Page
  • This page shows all the open applications for a jurisdiction that have not yet been submitted to BJA for review.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ link to continue the application process.
application summary page
Application Summary Page

To make any change at this point, select the ‘Manage Application’ link from the left menu.

The total application value is the total possible reimbursement for the jurisdiction. The actual payment amount will be based on SWBPI funding levels.

To submit the application, click the ‘Proceed’ link.

This page provides an overview of all the information submitted on a SWBPI application period- cost profile data, prosecution cases and detention cases.

application certification page
Application Certification Page

I. Certify that the information submitted in the application is accurate and that the cases submitted are federally initiated.

II. Select an answer for ‘Are you the CEO?’ If no is selected, an authorized designee page will pop up. This person must be appointed by the CEO and must be a jurisdiction employee.

III. Check the certification box and enter the CEO name.

IV. Complete application submission.

application submitted confirmation page
Application Submitted Confirmation Page
  • Your application has been successfully submitted.
  • BJA will review the submitted applications and conduct outreach to jurisdictions if any questions or concerns are found.
  • Jurisdictions will be asked to provide additional prosecution and detention case documentation after the application is submitted. Any cases that do not have the corresponding case documentation will be removed from consideration.
  • Please print a copy for record-keeping purposes
request payment page
Request Payment Page
  • Once BJA’s review is complete and award amounts have been calculated, you will be able to request payment on each SWBPI application quarter you applied for.
  • Each jurisdiction will have 45 days to complete certification and request payment. After 45 days, the funds may no longer be available.
confirm banking information page
Confirm Banking Information Page
  • Verify that the banking information for your jurisdiction is correct.
request payment certification page
Request Payment Certification Page
  • Certify that the information submitted in the application is accurate and that the cases submitted are federally initiated.
  • Select an answer for ‘Are you the CEO?’ If no is selected, an authorized designee page will pop up. This person must be appointed by the CEO and must be a jurisdiction employee.

Check the certification box and enter the CEO name.

Complete payment request certification.

payment request confirmation page
Payment Request Confirmation Page
  • Your payment request was successful.
  • Please allow two to three weeks for the payment to reach the jurisdiction general fund.
  • Please print a copy for record- keeping purposes.
banking information page
Banking Information Page
  • Review the banking information on file for your jurisdiction.
  • Make necessary changes here.
  • Mail the updated ACH form to:

Office of Justice Programs

Attn: Office of the Chief Financial Officer Control Desk

810 Seventh Street, NW

Washington, DC 20531

application history page
Application History Page

The application history page provides a summary of every application a jurisdiction has submitted and the status of each application.

mail center
Mail Center

The SWBPI Mail Center allows users to complete the following actions:

  • View and reply to email.
  • Compose and send new email.
  • Set their email preferences.
  • View sent messages.
change password
Change Password

This page allows the SWBPI user to change their current password.

log out
Log Out

Use the log out link to end your SWBPI session.

swbpi contact information
SWBPI Contact Information

The Southwest Border Prosecution Initiative Helpdesk can be reached at 1-866-817-9274 or email