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B2B portal ELKO EP. Advantages of on-line ordering. There are advantages which this system will bring you :. Stock ON-LINE. Technical specifications and related documentation of the product. Access from anywhere if connected to Internet.

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B2b portal elko ep

B2B portal ELKO EP


of on-line ordering

B2b portal elko ep

There are advantageswhichthissystemwillbringyou:


Technicalspecifications and relateddocumentationoftheproduct

Access fromanywhereifconnected to Internet

Orderingofseveralitemsatoncewith import from XLS file

Easy and interactiveorderplacing

ON-LINE availabilityofproductsaccording to productionorders

  • Youcansaveyourorder in progress

  • Possibility to seethe status ofyourorder on-line:

  • thedateofdispatchingofyourorder

  • iftheorder has alreadybeendispatched

  • means and termsofpayment

  • overviewofallyourorders, balances to orders, open orders…

B2b portal elko ep

The most importantinformation


Clear and importantinformation:- code, EAN code, yourprice, enter to thecart

Infocentrum (contact, price list download…)

Main info:



datasheet and manual

Send feedback:


Your individual price list download

Yourindividualprice list download

Downloadyourprice list in xlsformat and getinformation

aboutyourprices in one place in a tabularform!

Downloadingofyourprice list takesfrom

fewsecondsto a minute


Ifyouorder more piecesthanwehavecurrently on thestock, youcanfinditout in detail of a shopping cart .

Youseecurrentavailability and thenearestavailabledate.

B2b portal elko ep

3 waysofsearching

By codeofproduct

By code EAN

By name

Enter thenameof a product, forexample CRM-91H/UNI

Enter anorderingcode: 1244

Enter an EAN code 8595188112420

B2b portal elko ep


Wesaveyourtime! Youcanchoosefrom a quickorderofoneproduct to a quickorderofonehundred and more productsatonce!

Loadingorderfrom XLS file

By EAN code

Itallowsloadingof MS EXCEL filegeneratedfromyoursystemyoucreatedmanually

To the text part on theleftsideof e-shopwritean EAN codeconsistingof 13 characters (accordingyourprice list) and on therightsidenext to the EAN codewrite a numberofpieces, then „Add to cart“.

Exampleofinsertingofproducts to XLS:

A = EAN code

B = thenumberofpieces

Save as .xls

B2b portal elko ep


Due to thisadvantageyoucanchoosewhetheryouwant to use CatalogorRoll sort.

Do youneed to find a priceforyourrelay and don´tyouhave a price list withyou?


Roll and sort by …

B2b portal elko ep

Technical support

Do youneed to beadvised


… about a product?

Do youneed to find a technicalparameter?

Or do youhave a problem

withtheinvolvementof a product?

Thereisnothingeasierthan to writeus!

HOT LINEtechnical support

+420 775 371 531


B2b portal elko ep

Monitoring oforders

Can´tyourememberhow many pieces and what type ofrelaydidyouorder? Whatisthevalueoftheorder?

Allnecessarryinformationscanbefound in a section „My account and documents“.


Filteringdocuments by: externalnumber, firm, person, deliveryadress, date

B2b portal elko ep

Howto return to unfinishedorder?

Haveyoueverbeeninterruptedwhileorderingfrom e-shop? Haveyoueverlostanaccess to the internet and thenyour shopping cart has beendeleted?

Itwillneverhappen in our e-shop! Afteryour

re-loginyour shopping cartwon´tbeempty but you´llfindeverythingyouputtherebefore!

1)Unfinishedorder, contentof shopping cart

2)System Error, lossof data and access

3)After re-logintheproductsstay in the shopping cart and youcanchooseamongotherproductsuntilcompletingyourorder.

B2b portal elko ep


Are youinterested in ourproducts and do youwant to know more aboutus?

Do youpreferpaperorelectronicalform?

Are youinterested in news?


Sendusyourcontact e-mail and youwillknoweverythingfirst!

B2b portal elko ep

Quickpurchasedirectlyfrom Czech producer!

Webelieveyou are interested in ourpresentation and our B2B portalwill make yourworkeasier.

ELKO EP branches not only in Czech …

ELKO EP, s.r.o.

Palackého 493

769 01 Holešov, Všetuly

Czech Republic




Tel.: +420 573 514 218

GSM: +420 775 371 536

Fax: +420 573 514 227

Skype: elkoep.eshop