Lucy m chan director growth markets business development ibm corporation may 7 2011
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Lucy M. Chan, Director, Growth Markets Business Development, IBM Corporation May 7, 2011. Work/Life Integration at IBM. 2011. IBM Work/Life Program Heritage 1956 – to Date. 2010. 4 th Global Work Life Survey. 2009. Work Life Zone. 2001. Global Work Life Fund. 1999.

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Lucy m chan director growth markets business development ibm corporation may 7 2011

Lucy M. Chan, Director, Growth Markets Business Development, IBM Corporation

May 7, 2011

Work/Life Integration at IBM

Work life integration at ibm

2011 IBM Corporation

IBM Work/Life Program

Heritage 1956 – to Date


4th Global Work

Life Survey


Work Life Zone


Global Work Life Fund


FWO’s in 11 LA countries


Regular Part-Time


FWLOA extended to 5 years


Individualized Work Schedules


First Work Life Survey


Child Care Resource & Referral


Special Care for Children


Leaves of Absence

The changing world of work transforming work life balance to work life integration
The Changing World of Work … IBM CorporationTransforming “Work/Life Balance” to “Work/Life Integration”

Increased global contacts result in the disappearance of “9 to 5” and fixed continuous schedules

Evolving family and social structures drive employee needs, perceptions and expectations

Ubiquitous low cost technology enables and generates work 24x7x365 from any location

Enabling the Global Enterprise

Work life integration at ibm

Mobility is a continuous journey IBM Corporation

IBM began its mobility program in the early 1990’s and now supports over 160,000 employees worldwide

Mobility ObjectivesIncrease customer satisfaction Improve employee productivityGenerate significant cost savings

Improve attraction and retention of talent

1998 – 2000: Global implementation

1995: 10,000 employees in the US

2011: Workplace of the Future; enable full mobility

2010: 160,000 formally identified remote workers

Target Workforce Segments Sales

Client Services & Support

Increasingly, more jobs can be performed remotely

The changing work environment in ibm
The Changing Work Environment in IBM IBM Corporation



H (home)


C (customer)


M (mobile)


N (non-office)


S (office)


Flexibility principles
Flexibility Principles IBM Corporation

  • The Enterprise never stops

  • Balancing of needs

  • Trust and personal responsibility

  • Range of options

  • Understanding differences

  • Focus on results

Ibmers have options on how when where to work flexible work options fwos

Compressed Flexible Work Week IBM Corporation

Individualized Work Schedule

Leave of Absence

Part-time Reduced Work Schedule

Job Share



IBMers Have Options on How, When & Where to Work:Flexible Work Options (FWOs)

Work life tools
Work Life Tools IBM Corporation

Ibm global work life fund 50m multi year fund
IBM Global Work/Life Fund: IBM Corporation $50M Multi-Year Fund

Primary Goals:

Enhance IBM’s position as THE global work/life leader

Contribute to the recruitment and retention of top talent


Increase supply and improve quality of dependent care where our employees live and work by providing attainable and desirable dependent care options to employees … locally recognized as high quality, desirably priced, convenient

Provide support with consideration given to local culture, norms and standards and international values

Provide support along the career life cycle to key talent

Recognize and respond to emerging markets and changing workforce demographics and needs (e.g., mobile, frequent traveler, aging, young)

Provide tools/supports for managers and employees to better take advantage of flexibility

Resource referral programs
Resource & Referral Programs IBM Corporation

Work/Life Resource and Referral (R&R) is a service developed to help employees manage work and personal responsibilities by providing information on topics and services that are important to them:

R&R in the United States

R&R Globally Provided

  • Launched in 2005 as the first ever Global R&R

  • Available in 31 countries and 8 languages with enhancements and expansions into more countries planned:

    • Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Scotland & Wales, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, UK England, Uruguay, Venezuela

      Unique R&Rs in different countries:

    • Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland

Ibm achieved cost savings and improved client employee satisfaction through mobility
IBM achieved cost savings and improved client & employee satisfaction through mobility

  • (hidden)

  • Substantial real estate savings

  • Increased employee retention

  • Enhanced productivity

  • Lower absenteeism

  • Increased revenue

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Better accessibility to IBM team

  • More “face time" with IBMers

  • More productive at customer site

  • Faster response to inquiries

Company Benefits

Customer Benefits

  • (hidden)

  • Mobility centers saved 2 million square feet and 7,500 workspaces

  • Savings and/or cost avoidance of approximately $100 million each year

  • (hidden)

  • Productivity improvement

  • More “face time" with clients

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • More accessible and responsive

  • Work longer hours with less impact on personal / family life

  • Higher morale

  • Greater loyalty

  • Use what we sell

Employee Benefits

Real Estate Savings

  • (hidden)

  • Eases traffic congestion on freeways

  • More efficient energy use

  • Cleaner air - 1990 federal clean air act

Environmental Benefits

Mobility @ ibm summary
Mobility @ IBM : Summary satisfaction through mobility


Then and Now

  • Significant Real Estate cost reduction

  • Supports Green initiatives

  • IBM began to formalize mobility as a program in 1995

  • Today more than 40% of IBM’s workforce works remotely

  • Enhances workforce productivity & morale

  • Supports global integration and business continuity

Critical Success Factors

Getting There

  • Holistic approach and cross-functional program support

  • Clear mobility policies – HR, technology, expense, procurement, etc

  • Define objectives and align to business strategy

  • Identify program champion and owner

  • Formalize the program

  • Pilot and adjust

  • Continuously improve







  • Technology as an enabler

  • Executive Champion

Workplace of the future
Workplace of the Future satisfaction through mobility

What we know about people and work . . .

  • Work used to be a “place”, now it's any place

  • Growing mobile/OTTO (Other Than Traditional Office) workforce

  • Need to work across time zones and geographies (peer-to-peer video)

  • The proliferation of devices... work doesn't have to be done on a laptop anymore

  • Technology enabling a different kind of work and culture

  • Entrance of Gen Y ... the social media generation

Workplace of the future recognizes and supports generational diversity
Workplace of the Future recognizes and supports generational diversity

Mid- career

New generation

Experienced workers

(Age 35 – 50)

(born after 1980)

(Age 50 +)

growing as % of workforce

growing as % of workforce

shrinking as % of workforce

critical to long-term viability and innovation

essential professionals and middle managers

wisdom and intellectual capital of the organization


instant messaging

social networking

Work life integration at ibm

Roadmap diversity

  • Formalize the enterprise objectives for mobility

  • Identify Executive champion(s)

  • Engage stakeholders

  • Align the mobility program to the business strategy and objectives

  • Formalize the mobility program

    • Governance

    • Processes and Controls

    • Policies

  • Conduct a trial, refine the program, expand

  • Assign program ownership

  • Continuously assess and update


Lucy M. Chan, IBM

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