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Virginia Department for the Aging. Area Plan Program Section. Training FY 2012. Things You Need to Know When Preparing and Administering Your Area Plan. Reminders!. List of Advisory Council Members (p. 6) should match total number of Council members (p. 5)

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Presentation Transcript

Virginia Department for the Aging

Area Plan Program Section

Training FY 2012

Reminders! Your Area Plan

  • List of Advisory Council Members (p. 6) should match total number of Council members (p. 5)

  • Include Organizational Chart

  • Provide information regarding Significant Trends(p. 9)

Total must be the sum of the first 7 categories do not include hispanic
Total Your Area Plan must be the sum of the first 7 categories. Do not include Hispanic.

Services to be provided
Services To Your Area PlanBe Provided

You must check each service if you provide it – regardless of the funding source.

Service page
Service Page Your Area Plan

We make sure it complies with Service Standards, Title III Regs, and OAA.

Service implementation
Service Implementation Your Area Plan

  • Compliance with service standard

  • Description of services provided and how services are delivered

  • VDA and Agency assessment instruments utilized

Target population
Target Population Your Area Plan

  • Expand the specific target population that your program serves, if appropriate

    • Low income minority

    • Socially isolated

    • Rural

    • Limited English proficiency

    • Caregivers (III-E)

Targeting objectives
Targeting Objectives Your Area Plan

Do not cut and paste information from last year.

Targeting Objectives Your Area Plan

Total must be the sum of White, American Indian/Native, Asian, Black/African American, and Other.

Targeting Objectives Your Area Plan

Adult Day Care

State programs on area plan
State Programs on Area Plan Your Area Plan


    • SOS

    • Options Counseling

    • Service Coordination 1

    • Service Coordination 2

Senior outreach to services sos sos
Senior Outreach to Services (SOS) Your Area Plan(SOS)

  • Mobile, brief intervention that links seniors to supports and services

  • Aggressive outreach

  • Face-to-face interview

  • No cost-sharing

Eligible population
Eligible population Your Area Plan

  • 60 years of age and older

  • Living in the community and older living in

Documentation Your Area Plan

  • Referral form

  • Pages 1 & 4 of UAI (home visit); Page 3 optional

  • Page 1 of UAI or Quick Form (community setting); Page 4 if possible

Service units
Service Units Your Area Plan

  • Persons served (unduplicated)

  • Number of referrals made for services

  • Number of services implemented

  • Number of persons served with 2 or more ADLs

Options counseling
Options Counseling Your Area Plan

  • Person-Centered, interactive, decision-support process whereby individuals receive assistance in their deliberations to make informed long-term support choices in the context of their own preferences, strengths, and values.

Options counseling1
Options Counseling Your Area Plan

  • Bay Aging

  • Jefferson Area Board for Aging

  • LOA

  • Mountain Empire Older Citizens

  • Senior Connections

  • Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia

  • Valley Program for Aging Services

Service coordination 1 and 2
Service Coordination 1 and 2 Your Area Plan

  • Assistance, either in the form of accessing needed services, benefits, and/or resources or, arranging, in circumstances where the older person and/or their caregivers are experiencing diminished functioning capacities, personal conditions or other characteristics, the needed services by providers. It entails investigating a person’s needs, preferences, and resources, linking the person to a full range of appropriate services, using all available funding sources and monitoring the care provided over an extended period of time.

Service coordination 1 eligible population
Service Coordination 1 Your Area PlanEligible Population

  • 60 years and older,

  • Deficient in 1 ADL, and

  • Require mobility assistance (either human or mechanical) OR

  • Have a diagnosed cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer’s disease or related disorder

Service coordination 2 eligible population
Service Coordination 2 Your Area PlanEligiblePopulation

  • 60 years and over

  • Frail, have disabilities, or at risk of

  • institutionalization

  • Dependent in 2 or more ADLs

Documentation Your Area Plan

  • Intake information (PeerPlace)

  • Full UAI

  • Nutritional Health Nutrition Checklist

  • Federal Poverty Level

  • Care Plan

  • Bill of Rights

  • Consent to Exchange Information

Documentation Your Area Plan

  • Monthly Progress Notes

  • Outcome Report Closing Summary

  • Denial Notice

  • Gap-filling information (notes and receipts)

Reminders! Your Area Plan

Area Plan Due


July 22, 2011!

E-mail to:

[email protected]

Reminders! Your Area Plan

  • Area Plan Requested Revisions will be emailed to AAAs

  • FAX revisions back to person who sent them to you

Concluding comments or questions
Concluding Your Area PlanComments or Questions???