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The cave

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The cave

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  1. The cave • WALT: write an adventure story • WILF: write an adventure story. Remembering paragraphs, adjectives and punctuation.

  2. Paragraph 1 • Introduce characters • Where are they? • Why are they there? • Describe the mountain.

  3. Paragraph 1 (example) • Sam and Bill were twin brothers and for their birthday their mam and dad had sent them on a climbing holiday because they loved climbing mountains. The holiday was in Wales and the mountain they were going to climb was massive.

  4. Paragraph 2 • How did they get ready for their climb? • What was the weather like when they started? • How did they feel?

  5. Paragraph 2 (example) • The boys got their back packs and prepared for the journey. They packed food, water, torch, map and matches. • It was a beautiful morning and the boys felt happy and excited as they set off.

  6. Paragraph 3 • What was it like climbing the mountain? ambitious word • What did they do on the way?

  7. Paragraph 3 (example) • It was easy walking to begin with because the mountain wasn’t very steep. • At about 1 0’clock they stopped and had a picnic. Sam told his brother he didn’t like the look of the dark clouds in the distance and wondered whether they should go back, but Bill didn’t want to.

  8. Paragraph 4 • Sudden weather change • Where do they go • Describe the cave? Ambitious words • What do they do? • What happens in the cave?

  9. Paragraph 4 (example) • The boys kept climbing but the weather suddenly began to get worse. The air became cold and the wind very strong. Rain lashed down. • Sam noticed a cave in front of them which they ran into. It was dark so they took out their torches. As they shone them around the cave they noticed paintings on the wall. • Bill heard a strange grunting noise at the back of the cave.......he crawled forward and in the shadows saw a caveman. The boys were scared because he looked very dirty and fierce, but soon could see that he wasn’t going to hurt them. He lit a fire to keep them warm. He couldn’t speak but made signs with his hands.

  10. Paragraph 5 • Who rescues them? • How will your story end? Don’t go home and have tea!!!!!!!

  11. Paragraph 5 (example) • After a few hours the boys heard the sound of barking dogs. It was a rescue team. Sam and Bill’s parents were worried and had called them. • They ran out of the cave and for a moment forgot about the caveman because they were so happy they were going home. • Safely back in the hotel they decided not to tell anyone about their new friend it would stay their secret.