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Infinite Possibilities

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Infinite Possibilities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Infinite Possibilities

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  1. Infinite Possibilities CA Technologies - ARCserve R16 software family COMPLETE PROTECTION TODAY. DESIGNED FOR TOMORROW.

  2. The ARCserve Family Continues to Grow and Evolve The ARCserve family of product gives you control over your evolving business by delivering total protection, recovery and availability for systems, applications and data. ARCserve Backup Centralized Management ARCserve High Availability Application Availability Centralized Management Application Availability You get a complete solution to manage system and data protection and recovery in both virtual and physical environments. It is the only solution that offers a full range of products from Bare Metal Restore to fully automated failover for continuous system and data availability. ARCserve D2D Speedy Recovery ARCserve Replication Simultaneous Copy Speedy Recovery Simultaneous Copy • The ARCserve Family of Products empowers you to take advantage of new on- and off -premise system and data protection and evolve to the cloud at your own pace. ARCserve Central Apps Don’t compromise! Manage data growth and ensure availability of your critical systems, applications, and data.

  3. Go BROAD with ARCserve Backup • Virtual Tape • Deduplication • R16 Now Provides: • Archive to the Cloud • Synthetic Full Backup • Integration w/D2D • Central Reporting Any tape Any network Private/Public Cloud ARCserve Backup is Ideal for ARCserve Backup goes Broad • Anyone wanting broad data protection from one centralized platform! • Existing Tape Implementations • Heterogeneous Environments • Broad application and OS support • Support for LAN, NAS, SAN & iSCSI • Long term offsite data protection (Tape) • Does Windows, Linux, Unix • Files, Apps, Databases • Very granular file & app recovery • Every Virtual Platform • Tape & virtual tape • Centralized backup & SRM

  4. CA ARCserve Backup Unique Unique Unique New New New New • SharePoint Granular Restore • Infrastructure Visualization • Unix/Linux Data Movers • Support for Exchange 2010 • Dynamic Backups • Integrated Backup Copy to Cloud • Synthetic Full Backup • Migrating D2D Backups to Tape • Restoring D2D Backups • WinPE Disaster Recovery Option • DataDeduplication • Complete Protection for VMware & Hyper-V • Global Dashboard • SRM • Proactive Alerts • FileArchiving • Access Control and Auditing • Encryption Key Management • Media Assure • Active Directory Granular Restore • Enhanced Tape Management

  5. CA ARCserve Backup Dashboard Provides at-a-glance view of entire backup environment • Identify and quickly address problems Reports • Top nodes with failed backups • Top nodes with fastest/slowest backup throughputs • Job backup status • Node backup status • Backup data status • Backup server load distribution

  6. Storage Resource Management (SRM) SRM delivered and deployed as part of CA ARCserve Backup • Making IT more efficient to identify and head-off potential problems • Tracking storage for both virtual and physical servers Report on: • CPU • RAM • Network • OS • f/s utilization • LUN utilization • Disk fragmentation How many of my Nodes are single CPU, dual CPU or quad CPU machines? A lot of single CPU machines for Tier 1 servers might indicate a need for server upgrade A Quad CPU machine for a Tier 3 server indicates inefficient utilization of servers A low L2 cache for a Tier 1 server could indicate a potential performance problem

  7. Infrastructure Visualization Network Diagram View of all components • Servers, Storage, Tape Libraries, VTLs, etc. • Overview window • Drill Down for status & backup methodology • Addresses customer need to better manage their environment • Benefits include accomplishing more in less time

  8. File Archiving New!! - Automated Policy-based Archiving of files - Archive Manager • Sets policies and schedules • Filter by file size, age and more. • Exclude files like music, videos, etc. - Archive to dedupe, tape and cloud storage - Optional stub file, output file name list to csv - Restore with normal restore job - Addresses customer needs to free up primary storage space - Benefits include faster backups, more production storage, compliance with data retention policies.

  9. Integrated Backup Copy to Cloud New!! • Migrate Backups to Cloud using D2D2C policy • Archive data stored in Cloud • Amazon AWS S3 Connector • Private Cloud access via Eucalyptus • Simple integrated form to access cloud • Easy management from ARCserve Device Manager • Easily identify and browse Cloud folders • Separate retention policy for Cloud data • Addresses customer needs to store data off-site using flexible storage to meet data growth requirements • Benefits include increased flexibility to add backup storage as needed using OPEX and freeing up CAPEX, lower cost Disaster Recovery from remote disk

  10. Synthetic Full Backup New!! • Automated Policy-based Synthetic Full Backups • Adds daily incrementals to “Full” for a complete recovery point • Easy to select “Synthetic Full Backup” • Select checkbox option from Backup Manager “Start” tab • Use with or without deduplication • Tape, disk or cloud final destination • Select custom schedule to process SFB • Simple Point-In-Time restore selection from the backup source tree • Dashboard reports include SFB status • Addresses customer needs to recover from a full recovery point.

  11. Go FAST with ARCserve D2D • R16 Now Provides: • Cloud Support • Virtual Standby • Desktop Support • Centralized Management • Host based backup • Granular Email Recovery Efficient on any network Simple, Easy, Fast! ARCserve D2D is best at D2D is Ideal for • Simple, Fast, Infinite Incremental w/BRM • Backing up Windows • Systems, Files, Databases • Recovery to anywhere even Virtual • With complete web management • Uses any local or network disk - and now Cloud • Using military grade encryption • Complete Small Bus, Remote Office and Departmental Server Protection • Virtual Data Protection • Anyone wanting better DR • Large Businesses & Enterprises with traditional backup that have fast restore and BMR requirements

  12. CA ARCserve D2DWhat Makes it Unique and What’s New? Unique Unique New New New New • Block Level Infinite Incremental Snapshots • Single Snapshot Backup w/ now 5 Restore Types • An innovative Web 2.0 interface • Integrated Access to Cloud Storage • Bare Metal Recovery to Dissimilar Hardware • Desktop / Laptop Protection • Centrally Manageable • Revolutionary New Virtual Support via Central Applications • Application Consistent Snapshot Backups - VSS • Point in Time Backup View • High Frequency Backups • End User Search and Restore

  13. I2: Infinite Incremental Technology Unique ARCserve D2D: • Fast, Frequent Backups • Block level – Captures changed blocks only • Less storage • Less load on production server • Less load on network and CPU resources Traditional Imaging Technology: • Uses more disk space • Uses more resources (CPU, Network) • Requires retention of more recovery points to maintain policy • Deletion of a full backup set removes all associated incremental recovery points, leaving risk of exposure I2 Technology Traditional Technology Infinite Incremental 4 Incremental A4 Infinite Incremental 3 Incremental A3 Incremental B2 Infinite Incremental 2 Incremental B1 Incremental A2 Infinite Incremental 1 Incremental A1 Full Backup A Full Backup B Full Backup


  15. CA ARCserve D2DSingle Snapshot Backup with 5 Restore Types Unique FILE\FOLDER LEVEL RESTORE BARE METAL RECOVERY NEW! Microsoft Exchange Granular Mailbox Recovery SQL RESTORE EXCHANGE RESTORE

  16. Windows Explorer Shell Integration • Allows users the ability to brose and navigate recovery points (points in time) via familiar Windows Explorer interface. • Navigate Recovery Point Directory Trees just as you would real-time physical volume directories. • Browse, Search, Cut/Copy/Paste, Drag/Drop using familiar Explorer Menus and Tools.

  17. Workstation Support (Desktops/Laptops) • NEW! Support for Windows Desktops and Laptops!! • Same Look and Feel, Same Install • Same Feature/Functionality as Server Editions • BMR Recovery • I2™ Block-Level Infinite Incrementals • File/Folder Recovery • NOTE: Except for Server-based applications (SQL, Exchange, Hyper-V) • Supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 • Centrally Manageable via NEW CA ARCserve® Central Protection Manager

  18. Go FAR with ARCserve Replication & High Availability • R16 Now Provides: • Full System Protection • Failover in Cloud • Encryption Efficient use of Local & wide area network ARCserve HA is best ARCserve HA is for anyone who • Continuous protection of files and Applications • Does Windows, Unix, Linux • Instant file and application recovery • Remote recovery point snapshot • Central management • Virtual conversion and protection • Needs to keep critical apps always available • Wants be able to roll back applications in time • Tests their DR plan or does software or hardware maintenance during business hours • Wants to safely migrate to virtualize environments

  19. CA ARCserve Backup Replication and High Availability Unique New New Unique High Availability • Continuous LAN and WAN replication • Data Rewind • Real-time server and application monitoring, automated and push-button failover and push-button failback • Windows, Linux and UNIX support • Physical and Virtual server support • LAN and WAN optimization • Assured Recovery • Application-aware Replication and Failover • Custom Application Protection • Storage independence • Unified, web-based Management Console • CA ARCserve Backup Integration • Customer Conduit Replication • Continuous LAN and WAN replication • Data Rewind • Storage independence • Windows, Linux and UNIX support • Physical and Virtual server support • LAN and WAN optimization • periodic replication • offline synchronization • multi-stream replication • bandwidth throttling / tuning • Application-aware Replication • Custom Application Protection • Unified, web-based Management Console • CA ARCserve Backup Integration • Customer Conduit

  20. CA ARCserve Central Protection Manager NEW!! • Centralized view and management of D2D protected servers and workstations. • Single web-based console • Automated AD discovery • Remote deployment • Policy-based administration Status, grouping, search/restore, basic workflow, event logging, filtering, and more to simplify management and recovery of servers and workstations across the environment. • Benefits: Easier deployment, consistent policy management and reduced IT workload.

  21. CA ARCserve Central Reporting NEW!! • Centralized reporting across Backup and D2D Dashboard view across all ARCserve Backup and D2D protected servers and workstations. Reporting on all managed devices, settings and policies running on and off premise • One location to see your entire backup environment • Addresses customer need to have a single pane of glass management view over their backup and recovery environment. • Benefits: Reduced management time, easier reporting for management and compliance auditors, reduced IT workload.

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