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Key Features To Look Out For In An Android Watch PowerPoint Presentation
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Key Features To Look Out For In An Android Watch

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Key Features To Look Out For In An Android Watch - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Android watches come with a wide range of features. They enable users to make or receive calls, track fitness and control media. You can control the smartwatches using gestures and remain handsfree.

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Key Features To Look Out For In An Android Watch

Smart watches have seamlessly merged into the lifestyle of people, tracking their sleep hours, calorie count

and sending notifications, where necessary. The leading companies have come up with innovative features

in these apps. Today, a smartwatch is more of a necessity than a luxury. People can manage the busy

schedules of their lives with a smartwatch around their wrists. If you are planning to buy an android watch,

you should get across to the online stores of the reputed brands and make your purchase. You can integrate

the gadget into your daily life seamlessly, simplifying the tasks with the smart technology.

Have a look at the key features of an Android watch.

Fitness tracking features

Android watches have gained immense popularity among fitness freaks. These watches come with a large

number of fitness-tracking features. These include calorie count, tracking the sleep hours, sports activity

tracking and so on. Health-enthusiasts often look out for the best android smartwatch that can help them

to manage the fitness activities with ease. The smart device sends notifications, emails, reminders and SMS

to the users, keeping them informed about their fitness.

Dialling and receiving calls

Dialling and receiving calls become simplified when you have a smartwatch. You can pair your Android

watch with your smartphone. This will enable you to respond to the incoming calls and call other numbers

from your smartwatch. You can remain completely hands free when you get the smartwatch. You can also

look out for a fitness band that comes with health tracking features.

Gesture control

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TCL India

Gesture control is another key feature of these phones. A simple twist of your wrist is enough to snap

pictures or play music. This further simplifies the control of these watches. Even if you are engaged with

other tasks, you can control the smart watch with your gestures. When you buy the Android watch,

customize it according to the desired display features. You can buy the best fitness tracker online from the

reputed brands, which will keep a record on your pulse rate, calorie count and so on.


One of the most important functional benefits of Android watches is sending notifications to the users, to

keep them informed on various matters. You will receive notifications for emails, social media messages,

SMS, missed calls and reminders about tasks you had scheduled on the smart watch. Besides, you can

monitor your fitness with the smart watch, as it keeps a track on the number of steps you walk. Reach out

to the reputed brands for elegant smart watches.

Media control

You will enjoy the smart control over the media in your smartphone, through the smart watch. Play your

favourite music while your work, or experience the hands-free control over music in your device. The

sophisticated devices come with stunning displays and user-friendly interfaces. Buy a smart watch with fast-

charging capability, so that you can quickly charge the device and carry them outdoors, performing other


The reputed brands have developed Android watches with 2 MB ROM and 16 MB RAM, ensuring a hassle-

free operation. Buy smart watches in India online from the reputed brands. Enjoy a wide range of features

in the Android watches.

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