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Get A Standard 4g Mobile At Affordable Prices PowerPoint Presentation
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Get A Standard 4g Mobile At Affordable Prices

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Get A Standard 4g Mobile At Affordable Prices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you are contemplating on investing in mobile phones then visit the nearest e-store and you can get a host of attractive 4g mobile models for personal use.

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tcl india

TCL India

Get A Standard 4g Mobile At Affordable Prices

There are many companies which are known for manufacturing high-quality mobile handsets. As a buyer you can find

a wide variety of attractive mobiles online, check and compare product prices prior to investing in them. Different

companies or brands have introduced their mobile phones and many of them are quite promising. The trendy 4g

mobile are high in speed and performance. If you are still thinking to purchase, then do it fast as stocks are limited.

How to Purchase a Mobile?

Purchasing mobiles is not that difficult. There are many e-stores which sell high-quality mobiles to their customers.

Check one such e-commerce website now, check product features, prices and you can make a good deal of the


Following are some of the tips for purchasing a mobile:-

Mobiles are available in different colors, sizes and so you have to set your priorities right. You need to ensure

the type of mobile phone you want to buy.

The different e-stores highlight the products along with their prices. Check the 4g mobile phone that you

wish to buy. Read the product reviews, user testimonials.

In many popular websites you can find the mobile phones sorted by brands, pricing availability, and sellers.

The products are available in different colors.

Buyers can avail discounts on the products.

Customer Care

TCL TV – 1800-419-0622

TCL Mobile – 1860-180-8877

tcl india 1

TCL India

Features of the popular mobiles

Some of the features of popular mobiles include the following:-

The mobiles have a 13” inch primary and auto-focus camera, it has a dual-tone LED flash and a 5 Mega Pixel

front facing camera.

These mobile phones have a touch screen of high resolution.

These phones run on Android v6 marshmallow operating system.

The phones use 3GB RAM, 32 GB internal memory.

The phones use a Lithium-ion battery depending on the phone being used.

Most mobiles carry a 1-year warranty on them.

Most e-stores selling the latest mobiles possess other technical details regarding the phone. These include the OS

that is being used, the RAM being used, product weight and dimensions, batteries, item model number, wireless

communication technologies being used and they may include WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth, connectivity technologies,

camera features, special features, weight, and color.

Online vs. Offline Purchasing

There exists a difference between online and offline purchasing of mobile phones. These differences can be summed

up as follows:-

Therefore, if you want to buy the best mobile phone then it is recommended to purchase it online instead of from

offline stores. The advantages of shopping online are many and they are as follows:-

Online shopping allows you the option to choose from a wide range of products available on e-stores. As a

buyer, you can find the product prices along with their images.

Often more than one websites sell the same products and in that situation, the buyers have the option to

compare the product prices, product features.

Prior to investing in the products, it is a prudent idea to go through the user testimonials and reviews.

Many products offer attractive discounts on sales.

Different colors of mobiles are available online.

Features of latest mobiles

Most common features of latest mobiles include the presence of Android Marshmallow operating system, primary

and focus camera, lithium-ion battery and manufacturer warranty.

Customer Care

TCL TV – 1800-419-0622

TCL Mobile – 1860-180-8877