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Mark Challinor Managing Director Buzz Mobile Marketing Ltd ( PowerPoint Presentation
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Mark Challinor Managing Director Buzz Mobile Marketing Ltd (

Mark Challinor Managing Director Buzz Mobile Marketing Ltd (

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Mark Challinor Managing Director Buzz Mobile Marketing Ltd (

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  1. Mobile Marketing & the Print Media A Practical View Mark Challinor Managing Director Buzz Mobile Marketing Ltd (

  2. Who me? • Managing Director of Buzz Mobile Marketing Ltd ( • Int’l board member - International Newspaper Marketing Association ( • Background: Marketing Director, Mirror Group (Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, The People) Group Marketing & Promotions Director, Associated Newspapers (Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard, Metro UK) Marketing Director, Tele-Publishing (now g8wave) Head of Marketing, Liverpool Echo

  3. Agenda • Macro view on world media trends • What’s the perception of mobile in media? • How is mobile being used? Some practical examples. • What will be the factors which will drive mobile in the future?

  4. From Thinking Like a Destination To Being a Trusted Source Source: “Print Media’s Answer To Cannibalization,” December 2005, Forrester Research Winners are those that embrace all these…

  5. Commitment! • Commitment to a Mobile Strategy! • Commitment to driving business’ future communication and revenues with customers • Part of an integrated multi platform future focus

  6. 8,000+ Daily Newspapers • Newspapers In Education programmes • Anglo countries: Youth pages, supplements • Scandinavia: Infusing youth throughout all pages of the newspaper • The Metro Reaction: Learning lessons about the young adult market • Broadsheet to tabloid conversions • Lite Newspapers

  7. Background?Digital Explosion • First reaction in 1990s: Fight digital • Second reaction: Reluctantly go along • Third reaction: Where’s the money? • Opportunity to learn more about consumers • MOBILE

  8. The Rise of SMS… • 1billion SMS sent in the UK in 2000 • 20bn by 2003 • 23bn by 2004 • 32bn in 2005 (89m per day) • (source: Mobile Data Associations)

  9. Strategic Ideas and Inspiration What’s new and different in today’s global newspaper industry? • Reader-Provided Content, or Citizen Journalism • From Print Product to Multi-Media Brand

  10. Rupert Murdoch Mar ‘06 • . "I believe traditional newspapers have many years of life but, equally, I think in the future that newsprint and ink will be just one of many channels to our readers," he said, predicting a future in which "media becomes like fast food" withconsumers watching news, sport and film clips as they travel, on mobile phones or handheld wireless devices”.

  11. VG (Norway) Citizen Journalism


  13. VG, Norway: One Brand, Multiple Channels Print Newspaper: 1,356,000 daily readers Note: 29% of VG’s operating profit now comes from online and mobile activities! Total Unduplicated Daily Coverage: 1,847,000 (47% of population) Web Site: 926,000 daily readers Mobile/SMS: 58,000 daily readers

  14. Cover the Communication Time by Mobile Devices Mobile Web Newspaper Mobile Web Newspaper Home Train Office Dinner Train Home 6789101112131415161718192021222324                                                (Hour) Mobile as the “gap medium” for Asahi Shimbun, Japan

  15. Flash Update, City AM/PM (London)

  16. MARKETING/PROMOTIONS • Competitions • Offers…product, services (Orange Wednesdays) • Txt2win/mobile game-card (drive to website) • Auctions • Happy Hours • Mobile coupons • Outbound bulk messages • DVD extensions… unlock/extras

  17. ENTERPRISES/REVENUE OFFERS • Fun/games/interactive quizzes • Ringtones/wallpapers • Brochure requests • Music tagging • Horoscopes/Lovescopes • Weather • Tips of the day…etc • Content fillers

  18. ADVERTISING • Ad placement • Repeat ad alerts • Text Back Advertising • Photo Ads • Ad alerts • Word Alerts

  19. EDITORIAL • Text us our views on…(sport, stories etc) • Votes (with downloadable graphics in real-time) • Story, picture or opinion for us? Moblogs!? • Readers letters • Comments to columnists… 2 way interaction with stars • Fantasy shares, football etc. • Editorial campaigns

  20. What’s new? • Sunday Times Ringtones to Newsletter Push • Sunday Times DVD by Text! • Evening Standard Codeword/Campaigns

  21. Media Guardian! The first newspaper promotion allowing readers to order a free DVD film via text messaging generated more than 100,000responses. "It was an experiment and it worked," said Simon Bell, the Times Newspapers marketing director. "We try to embrace new technology across the board and that includes promotions. We are constantly trying to get close to our consumers and understand their changing behaviour and text is a more convenient medium for consumers. This would encourage us to use such a mechanism again," he said. The promotion was a joint venture between DVD supplier The Communications Practice and Buzz Mobile Marketing, which devises mobile phone strategies for newspapers.

  22. A Quick Aside…CDs/DVDs The Communications Practice ( Content is King! Collections! BBC Wildlife/Attenborough Language Documentaries Etc

  23. Codeword

  24. Evening Standard

  25. Mobile Market Research • 21 brands/1000 people/6 weeks • Tone • Language • Response times • Response rates • How many messages? Specifics? Please contact Mark Challinor

  26. Things to Beware! • TECHNOLOGY • Devote efforts to inc. sales & revenues. • Marketers don’t need to understand it! IT specialists/ tech advisers work around ideas. (eg a TV set…how does it work? Do we care?)

  27. Things to Beware! • BILL SHOCK! • Balance interaction v revenue • Realise the staged benefits!

  28. Conclusions

  29. An Industry At Risk Source: September 2005, Trends “Music Lessons: Is Your Industry At Risk?” Forrester Research

  30. What Is the Value Proposition? Especially re a younger audience

  31. The Future of Mobile 3G Telly-phones Barcodes/couponing Location based WAP links to optimised mobile web sites Music iPods v Mobile debate Bluetooth Java Advertising

  32. The Mobile Opportunity • It can provide a new, modern way, for customers to interact • It can rejuvenate products and markets • It can enhance positioning, brand or service • It can be a revenue stream • It can generate database • Mobile can add a new dimension to media marketing START WITH TEXTING!?

  33. All this can lead to MASSIVE POTENTIAL!! Not just revenue, but in terms of interaction, database & value added content!

  34. Thank you for listening! Mark Challinor Managing Director Buzz Mobile Marketing Ltd