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Question Quiz 1-8-13

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Question Quiz 1-8-13. 1. Why is childproofing a house important when you have kids? 2. When watching children, why is it important to be a good role model? 3. Identify one of the best ways to prevent illnesses. 4. What are developmentally appropriate activities?

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question quiz 1 8 13
Question Quiz 1-8-13

1. Why is childproofing a house important when you have kids?

2. When watching children, why is it important to be a good role model?

3. Identify one of the best ways to prevent illnesses.

4. What are developmentally appropriate activities?

5. Explain the difference between child abuse & child neglect.


How would you feel right now if you found out that you are going to be a parent?

parenting learning targets
Parenting Learning Targets
  • I can explain the reasons that one may choose to become a parent
  • I can explain the responsibilities of parenting
  • I can describe the impact having a child can have on a parent’s time, energy, finances, and career
  • I can identify factors that affect the kind of relationship a parent has with a child
  • Why is parenting considered a full time job??
reasons to choose parenting
Reasons to Choose Parenting
  • Love
    • Love gives children a sense of security, belonging & support
    • When kids feel loved, they enjoy new experiences
      • They show love & caring for others
    • Loving care – grow & learn
    • Never have a child expecting to simply receive love
      • Parents seem to give more than they receive (at times)
  • How did your parent(s) or guardian show you love when you were younger?
  • How do they show you love now?

New Experiences

    • What new experiences do you anticipate having if you become a parent??
reasons to choose parenting1
Reasons to Choose Parenting
  • New Experiences
    • Feeling of closeness when holding & cuddling a newborn
    • Teach new words, play new games, go new places, meet new people
    • Find great pride & joy through child’s experiences
      • First day of school
  • Seeing Through a Child’s Eyes
    • Kids – naturally enthusiastic, excited over little things
    • Kids help parents see things differently
activity individual
Activity (Individual)
  • List what you think are the most important responsibilities of parenting
  • Rank those in order of most important to least important
responsibilities of parenting
Responsibilities of Parenting
  • Children = BIG responsibility
  • Give security by providing love & attention
  • Do everything in power to meet the child’s physical, social, intellectual & emotional needs
  • Full-time role model
  • Decision to have children – not simple
    • Serious
    • Talk to partner
  • Preparing for Parenting
    • Sharing time, space, money & belongings with family members
    • May have to give up some activities to spend time with the child
    • Lifestyle adjustments
    • If you are ready, you do not mind adjustments
    • If not ready, resentment
    • Children sense attitude of parents – Be careful on what you decide
  • At what point in your life (if ever) do you feel you will be ready to meet the responsibilities of parenting?
meeting a child s needs
Meeting a Child’s Needs
  • Physical
    • Shelter, food, clothing, medical needs
    • Classes to learn
    • Meeting needs takes time
  • Intellectual
    • Young kids learn through play
    • Provide toys & materials
    • Need to be active in school
  • Social
    • Chances to fulfill social needs
    • They need to meet different people as they grow
    • Time away – difficult
    • Help them through their problems
  • Emotional
    • Kids need to know that parents love them unconditionally & openly
being a role model
Being a Role Model
  • Teaching Values
    • Values – standards that guide actions, attitudes & judgments.
    • Children accept the values by which they see their parents live
  • Modeling Self-Esteem
    • Self-esteem – how you feel about your self
    • Make a child feel important, use polite language
    • Model self-esteem (do not put yourself down)
  • If you have children in the future, what values do you hope to pass on to them one day?
question quiz 1 9 13
Question Quiz 1-9-13
  • How do you think that becoming a parent will affect the following:
      • Finances
      • Career
      • Time & energy
  • What is the difference between guidance & discipline?
  • Do you feel that you are ready for a child?? Explain
impact of parenthood
Impact of Parenthood
  • Time & Energy Changes
    • Less time for self
    • Change activities depending on children’s needs
    • Lots on energy caring for a child
  • Financial Impact
    • Cost of baby – shock for many new parents
      • Food, supplies, diapers, medical bills, daycare,
      • As children grow – expenses grow = school, events, clothes, food, bigger family – more room
impact of parenthood1
Impact of Parenthood
  • Effects on Careers
    • Stay at home parent
    • Leave – affect changes for promotion
    • Some companies – extended leave, employer-sponsored
    • Furthering education – challenge
    • Not advance as much b/c of family responsibilities
the parent child relationship
The Parent-Child Relationship
  • Certain qualities necessary – good parents
  • To relate well
    • parents need to be in control of their lives
    • Take responsibility for their decisions & actions
      • Devote time to children
the parent child relationship1
The Parent-Child Relationship
  • Social readiness
    • Must like yourself
    • Strong marriage/relationship
    • Example – cookie
    • Parents with high self-esteem can make decisions that are best for their child
      • Model self-esteem
  • Good health
    • Extra time & effort needed
    • Mothers between 20 – 32 most likely to have healthy children
    • Weight & eating habits
the parent child relationship2
The Parent-Child Relationship
  • Financial Security
  • Responsibility
  • Teen Parenting
learning parenting skills
Learning Parenting Skills
  • Easy skills – diapering, planning nutritious meals,
  • Harder skills – communication
  • Guidance – all words & actions parents use that affect their children’s behavior
  • Discipline – various methods parents use to teach children acceptable behavior.
  • Positive Statements when setting limits
    • Stay in yard, not don’t go out in street
learning parenting skills1
Learning Parenting Skills
  • Child Abuse
    • Harm to a child that is done on purpose
  • Child Neglect
    • Failure to meet a child’s needs
ready for a child
Ready for a Child???
  • Emotional Maturity – fully developed emotions or feelings, and the ability to handle them well (developmental task)
  • Financial Stability – the ability to meet everyday living costs
  • Personal Readiness – child gives families a new and different focus – Are you ready for that
  • Knowledge of Prenatal Care - how to keep you and baby healthy while pregnant
teen parenthood
Teen Parenthood
      • Usually not mature enough to handle parenthood
  • Development in Process
    • Personally demanding – transitioning from childhood – adulthood
    • Due to demands from parents, teachers, society & friends – not emotionally ready
    • Having a child may limit choices
    • Making sacrifices
  • Education & Work
    • Usually not financially prepared
    • Low wages, still finishing school, part-time
    • Finishing school – extremely important
teen parenthood1
Teen Parenthood
  • Physical Concerns
    • Risk for both baby and momma
    • Many delay seeking prenatal care
    • Studies show that babies of teen moms are more likely to be premature – born before they are completely developed – or have a low birth weight
    • Very young teens – endanger their own bodies
      • Stress on the body
      • More likely to develop unhealthy blood conditions
        • Toxemia – buildup of poisons in the blood
        • Anemia – lack of iron – lead to fatigue
plan ahead
Plan Ahead
  • Being a parent should be a choice made after much careful thought.
  • Are you ready??? Think about what you want your life to be like in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?? Would having a child fit those plans???
  • Remember – talk to your partner, it should be a joint decision
question quiz 1 10 13
Question Quiz 1-10-13
  • Identify physical concerns for teen moms.
  • Identify other concerns for teen parents.
  • When setting limits for children, how should they be phrased?
  • What factors affect the parent-child relationship?
  • Do you feel that it is a form of child abuse/neglect to allow a child to be obese? Explain.
study guide
Study Guide
  • Complete worksheet from yesterday & today (Question quiz – due tomorrow)\
  • Red Books (180) Blue Books (185)
    • Review It Questions #1-10
    • Think More About it #2