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Team name : KIRIKU. : ThE. FuTuRe oF. Team Members : Isaa Secaira Karina Poveda David Pereira. What can I do?!!. Educating a generation of change. Creative – Practical Learning. “ The only clases that I enjoy in the school are agriculture and sports , they are fun “.

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Teamname: KIRIKU



  • TeamMembers:

  • IsaaSecaira

  • Karina Poveda

  • David Pereira

What can I do?!!

Educating a generation of change

Creative – Practical Learning

Theonly clases that I enjoy in theschool are agriculture and sports, they are fun “

Keyfred Philips


10 years


Ricardo Botero


14 years

“My professor of enviromentaleducationalwaysfallsaseepinclass”

Ignacio León


9 years

Jorge Barahona


JanAxelson: Communication


Jorge: “ Educationmethodsshouldnotbeonlybasedonrationallearningbutalsoonwhatcreativity and feelings can teach”

Jan: “Educationneedsto stop beingperceived as a punishment and turntobe a motivationforchildren ”

Merging solutions

  • In the Municipal Primary School of Kanawa, a town of 8,000 people in Japan, Toshiro Kanamori has succeeded in combining learning with fun, with respect for the individuality of each child and with great personal growth of students.Explain that we only have one life and we live with joy but that happiness consists not in seeking individual benefit but only to learn to think of others.


- What way we could link your teaching method with environmental education?- What do you think that children must not only have love for themselves, but also to become sensitized to their surroundings?- Which advantages does your students have against traditional education students?