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FlexCloud Hosting

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FlexCloud Hosting. IT Priorities. Business Priorities. Minimize CAPEX Maximize employee productivity Grow the business Add new compute resources real-time to support growth Meet compliance requirements Business continuity and disaster recovery protection. Manage change

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Presentation Transcript
business priorities

IT Priorities

Business Priorities
  • Minimize CAPEX
  • Maximize employee productivity
  • Grow the business
  • Add new compute resources real-time to support growth
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery protection
  • Manage change
  • Upgrade aging IT infrastructure
  • Manage IT infrastructure and growth without adding staff
  • Optimize server utilization
  • Ensure disaster recovery protection
  • Focus staff on growth initiatives
flexcloud hosting solves specific it priorities
FlexCloud Hosting –Solves Specific IT Priorities
  • I have multiple business units that have their own server farms. I’d like to have a computing resource pooling, tracking and allocation system
  • I am virtualized already with 20+ servers. I need a better way to track server and application utilization and eliminate sprawl.
  • I need to track cloud environments on a per department basis for charge back and budgeting purposes.
  • I have a skilled IT staff of 5+ people and I need to maintain management control of my IT infrastructure while leveraging the cloud.
  • I have internal infrastructure and internet facing environments. I need to separate the two networks for security, but track resources across both.
  • My IT staff wants to manage resources and servers but I need a way to present the resource usage and billing to executives and clerical staff.
earthlink flexcloud hosting
EarthLink FlexCloud Hosting
  • Create secure IT environments for individual business units
  • Monitor and optimize server utilization across multiple cloud environments
  • Reduce costs of server sprawl by pooling resources
  • IT team maintains complete control with portals and dashboards.
  • Create separate public and private virtual environments to meet your security and compliance requirements
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention with reporting
  • Customize firewall rules for enhanced security and compliance
  • Managed Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
  • FlexCloud Assessment establishes a baseline resource level
  • Ability to burst when additional resources required
  • Fully managed service options
reduce server sprawl costs by creating multiple business units in same cloud
Reduce server sprawl costs by creating multiple business units in same Cloud
  • IT controls entire Cloud environment
    • Administrative portal for complete control
    • Create and allocate compute resources for multiple business units
    • Authorize business unit resource requests
  • Control Server sprawl by allocating resources across multiple business units/groups
    • Track costs internally and charge back on individual business unit basis
    • Business units control their own IT environment via User Portal
    • User Portal provides business unit monitoring and reporting
    • Deliver business unit application and group level SLAs
flexcloud utilizes the micro vm concept
FlexCloud Utilizes the Micro-VM Concept
  • The Micro-VM:
  • Defined as 200Mhz of CPU and 768MB of Memory

Micro-VMs are dynamically allocated by the FlexCloud management system allowing VM headroom to be saved, bringing up to 30% reductions in both virtual and physical assets required.

Traditional Virtualization Solutions are based on fixed allocations of processor and memory size for each application or workload

Micro Virtual Machine eliminates traditional constraints on resource deployment

optimize server utilization
Optimize Server Utilization

Cloud Hosting

Virtual Machine (VM) Based

FlexCloud Hosting

Micro-VM Based

2. Next Size Up Selected

  • VMs Assigned tomicro-VM Pool

2. Micro-VMs Share Overhead









1. VM Sized For Peaks

Optimize resources for cost efficiencies across IT environment for larger number of VMs

Convenient . Easy for small number of VMs.

bursting consumption based pricing
Bursting - Consumption-Based Pricing

Cloud Hosting

Virtual Machine (VM) Based

FlexCloud Hosting

Micro-VM Based

Burst Capacity

Subscription level

Capacity sized for guesstimated peak demand


95th Percentile

  • Baseline Capacity

Usage with bursting



Minimum commit rates are established, with the ability to burst past those rates

Monthly Usage

Monthly Usage

it administrator business unit portals
IT Administrator & Business Unit Portals
  • myLink Portals
  • Administration portal provides overarching resource control
  • Service Catalogs can be customized on a per user or organizational basis
  • Business User portal provides usage reporting and alerts
  • Enable cost containment / management across business units







mylink flexcloud business user portal
myLink FlexCloud Business User Portal
  • myLink FlexCloud Portal provides a comprehensive dashboard of real-time cloud activity
  • Monitor overall cloud workload performance by viewing real-time consumption and application-level monitoring metrics
  • Role-based access allows administrators to grant user access to certain virtual datacenters with pre-determined policies
flexcloud hosting customizable security configurations
FlexCloud Hosting - Customizable Security Configurations
  • Create separate public and private environments
    • Securely segment Public/Private VMs and networks
    • Physical separation on different compute blades
    • Access private VMs via secure MPLS or VPN
  • Flexible Firewall functionality with Data Center Firewall
    • Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IPS) with reporting
    • Create site to site VPNs
    • Customize Firewall rules
earthlink flexcloud hosting1
FlexCloud Assessment

Consultative support to help you design a customized solution

Multi-layered security, self-healing cloud architecture, and automatic server failover

Scaling and Cloud Server Management through User Portals

Hosted in SSAE 16 SOC2 certified data centers

CommVault Enterprise backup

Disaster Recovery option

EarthLink FlexCloud Hosting
  • 10 MB Internet Bandwidth
  • Bursting of compute resources
  • 10G NetApp SAN storage
  • Data Center Firewall
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Managed service option
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7/365 monitoring

Cloud Computing Excellence Award recognizes companies that have most effectively leveraged cloud computing in their efforts to bring new, differentiated offerings to market.

flexcloud hosting key benefits
Optimize server utilization and control server sprawl

Create separate business unit cloud environments

Business unit user controls

Complete IT control with Administrator portal

Customize security policies to meet industry compliance

Create Public and Private facing environments

Eliminate CAPEX

Reduce on-premises data center & IT operating expenses

FlexCloud Hosting Key Benefits
achieving it agility in your cloud
Achieving IT Agility in Your Cloud

Designed to meet your business requirements -- not “one-cloud-fits-all”

Works seamlessly with your current IT investments

Aligned to your business and approach to IT

Flexible and secure, both on and off-premise

Incremental, not wholesale, change