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– Massimo Pezzini , Gartner PowerPoint Presentation
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– Massimo Pezzini , Gartner

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– Massimo Pezzini , Gartner

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– Massimo Pezzini , Gartner

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  1. Appistry OverviewScalability Simplified: Critical requirements and new solutions for high-volume data processing Dan Wilbricht “Fresh, radical and powerful technology aimed at meeting the needs of highly demanding business problems.” – Massimo Pezzini, Gartner

  2. Agenda • New challenges for a data-driven world • The Appistry solution • Case studies

  3. Abundant data drivingnew requirements • Data sources • Sophisticated analytics • Internet distribution • New business models • System to System (SOA) • Customer Expectations • Mobile Access • Constant change DATA INTENSE (VOLUME) DEPARTMENTAL APPLICATIONS ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS CPU INTENSIVE (# OF SERVERS)

  4. New applications/initiatives to meet changing needs “Real-Time” analytics Enterprise HPC Event-Driven applications SOA Decision Management (EDM) Legacy migration Data and compute-intensive applications for high-volume data processing

  5. Challenges:I.T. & Business Executive • Capability & competitiveness • Time to market • Project risk • Organizational skill sets • Overall spend

  6. Challenges:Architecture & Development • Complexity of distributed / multi-core development • Data partitioning issues • Data caching issues • I/O bottlenecks • Parallelization / coordination of work • Resource Management • Externalizing process & rules

  7. Challenges:I.T. Operations • Non-standard infrastructure • Service levels • Deployment • Version control

  8. New platform required HIGH-VOLUME DATA PROCESSING Decision Management (EDM) Event-Driven applications “Real-Time” analytics Enterprise HPC SOA PLATFORM

  9. “Googlization” Simplified • Effortless scale, on-demand • Decreased time-to-market • Agile & resilient • Commoditized infrastructure • Pervasive Web services • Unified deployment model across technology platforms

  10. Appistry EAF Overview Appistry Enterprise Application Fabric A grid-based application platform that dramatically simplifies the development and deployment of agile applications for high-volume data/transaction processing

  11. Application Fabric Characteristics Scale-out Virtualization Application-level Fault Tolerance Automated Management • Fabric looks like a single system: • Enables linear application scale • Complexity of distributed software development hidden from developers • Complexity of distributed system management hidden from operators • Fabric provides software-based reliability: • Application state propagated to multiple machines at all times • Ensures no job / transaction ever fails • Simplifies development and operations • Enables use of commodity hardware • Fabric & applications easy to deploy and manage • Dynamically discovers and assimilates new computers • Automatic provisioning of software stack • Updates occur without downtime • Maximizes performance while minimizing resource consumption Applications ‘inherit’ these capabilities without manual coding

  12. Comprehensive Platform for HVDP Appistry EAF Policy Definition & Enforcement Management & Monitoring Fabric API Remoting Web Services Service Access Adaptive/Distributed Load Balancing Service Grid Java POJO .NET PONO C/C++ Legacy External (Web)Service Process-BasedOrchestration Self-Organization Deployment & Provisioning Data Grid Distributed Cache & State Management … Linux Windows x86

  13. Business Results / Value: Demonstrated ability to: • Decrease time-to-market • Simplify development • Reduce project risk • Simplify operations • Provide scalability • Enhance reliability

  14. Case Study:Decreasing development complexity for a high-volume image processing application Appistry EAF at GeoEye The leading provider of satellite imagery for government and commercial applications, GeoEye is building its next-generation image processing applications on Appistry EAF. Data Process Result • Challenges: • Multi-core / SMP development complexity • Risk, cost and agility of traditional platforms • Meeting customer SLAs • Results: • Imaging applications now able to process in excess of 5 TB of satellite imagery per day • Developers able to focus on core competencies • Capital savings greater than $1.2 million • Easily meet customer requirements for maximum processing time “ By relying on the application fabric to provide scalability, reliability and manageability, we can leave our infrastructure concerns behind and focus on providing maximum value to our customers. ” – Ray Helmering,VP Photogrammetric Engineering at GeoEye Data: Raw satellite image is retrieved from SAN and broken up into tiles Process: Tiles are processed using proprietary GeoEye algorithms for sharpening, geocorrection, etc. Result: Tiles are reassembled and stored back in SAN

  15. Case Study:From Single-Threaded Algorithm in Lab to Large-Scale Logistics Solution in Two Days • Data: Database of today’s packages • Process: Calculate routes for each truck based on today’s packages • Result: Calculated routes propagated to loading and tracking systems Appistry EAF at FedEx In order to increase efficiencies, FedEx is building a key logistics planning application on Appistry EAF. Data Process Result • Challenges: • Bringing strategic application to market quickly • Supporting existing application code • Ensuring predictable request execution • Results: • Application deployed in one day • Predictably processes all shipments in required timeframe • Application to save tens of millions of dollars per years

  16. Case Study:Reduced Time-to-Market and Efficient ResourceUtilization for a Service-Oriented Suite of Financial Services Applications Appistry EAF at Clearent To create overwhelming competitive advantage for its credit card processing business, Clearent built it’s core applications on Appistry EAF. Data Process Result • Challenges: • Bringing their service to market quickly • Ensuring high-quality service with minimal capital investment and operating costs • Laying a strong technology foundation for future growth • Value Proposition: • Facilitated smooth product introduction • Provides high reliability on lower-cost infrastructure • Reduces application security risks • Decreases system administration costs by 60% • Data: Online: Authorization requests received from merchants. Batch: Settlement files received from banks. Files parsed, split and passed to fabric application • Process: Authorizations and settlement records processed by Clearent engine • Result: Settlement transactions placed with banks • “ A common perception in our industry is that you need to start with a certain scale to be effective. Our belief is that with the Appistry fabric in place, we are able to shatter these barriers and achieve competitive performance and economics with much smaller volumes. ” • – Dan Geraty, President and CEO of Clearent

  17. Your Application Portfolio Learn more about how can Appistry help you develop, deploy and manage applications for: • "Real-Time" AnalyticsImprove business insight and responsiveness with analytical applications that meet the challenge of providing the right results, when you need them. • High-Performance ComputingExploit the price/performance of easily-managed grid infrastructure for your compute-intensive HPC and HPTC applications. • High-Volume Data ProcessingKeep abreast of, and make sense of, the pools and streams of information managed by your business with data-intensive applications able to scale to today's and tomorrow's need. • Services-Oriented ApplicationsField incrementally scalable, highly-reliable business applications in C, Java and .NET in record time, and with minimal complexity.