What goes up must come down
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What goes up must come down. Hitler was totally to blame for WW2 breaking out. Do you agree?. Recall – How did you treat Germany at the end of the First World War? Why?. A. L. rmy. and. M. B. oney. lame. Treaty of Versailles.

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What goes up must come down

A World War?








Treaty of versailles
Treaty of Versailles World War?

LAND – Lost Land e.g. can’t put people into the Rhineland, Can’t join with Austria (even though they are German speaking people).

ARMY – military strength was reduced to 100,000 men & 6 battleships.

MONEY – reparations were fixed at £6600 million to the allied countries. This crippled the German economy.

BLAME – Germany had to accept guilt for starting the war. This was the clause the Germans hated the most.


What goes up must come down

  • For each year, there is a picture or series of pictures that show what caused WW2.

  • For each of the pictures:

    • Write down a reason / list of reasons for what caused WW2 based on that picture. (Level 4)

    • Try to give a reason for why it caused WW2. (Level 5)

      Extension – over a series of pictures you might be able to find re-occurring themes / links between the pictures. If yes, draw a line to the re-occurring themes (Level 6). Try to explain why they link (Level 7)

Film Instructions

Example picture 1 1919

Think about: show what caused WW2.

What is happening in this picture?

Who might be to blame for WW2?

Explain why?

Example - Picture 1 1919

What goes up must come down

  • Picture 1 (1919) show what caused WW2.

  • Picture 2 (1929)

  • Picture 3 (1936)

  • Picture 4 (1938)

  • Picture 5 (1938)

  • Picture 6 (1939)

Decision time
Decision Time… show what caused WW2.

  • Hitler was totally to blame for WW2 breaking out. Do you agree?

    Agree sit on the fence Disagree

  • In your answer, you should think about explaining:

    • Who you think was responsible giving evidence from the pictures. (Level 4)

    • Explain why that caused WW2. (Level 5)

    • Explain any themes / re-occurring links you have found over time to cause WW2. (Level 6)

Review… show what caused WW2.

  • Write a newspaper headline to explain the main cause of WW2.

  • Examples

What goes up must come down

Geheime Hommandofache  show what caused WW2.Berlin, den 18.2.41 Der Oberste Befehlshaber der Wehrmacht 10 Ausfertigungen Ausfertigung Instrument of Surrender – English Text.Of all British armed forces in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland including all islands.1.The British Command agrees to the surrender of all British armed forces in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland including all islands and including military elements overseas. This also applies to units of the Royal Navy in all parts of the world, at port and on the high seas.2.All hostilities on land, sea and in the air by British forces are to cease at 0800 hrs Greenwich Mean Time on 19 February 1941.3.The British Command to carry out at once, without argument or comment, all further orders that will be issued by the German Command on any subject.4.Disobedience of orders, or failure to comply with them, will be regarded as a breach of these surrender terms and will be dealt with by the German Command in accordance with the laws and usages of war.5.This instrument of surrender is independent of, without prejudice to, and will be superseded by any general instrument of surrender imposed by or on behalf of the German Command and applicable to the United Kingdom and the Allied nations of the Commonwealth.6.This instrument of surrender is written in German and English. The German version is the authentic text.7.The decision of the German command will be final if any doubt or dispute arises as to the meaning or interpretation of the surrender terms.