overview electives pt and si 0i001 n.
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Overview electives PT and SI ( 0I001) PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview electives PT and SI ( 0I001)

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Overview electives PT and SI ( 0I001) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overview electives PT and SI ( 0I001). Monique Jansen-Vullers Maartje van de Ven April 23, 2013. Agenda. 12.45h-13.00h: Monique Jansen, Maartje van de Ven Program overview USE and e lective packages Information market, p reparation , your own study program

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overview electives pt and si 0i001

Overviewelectives PT and SI(0I001)

Monique Jansen-Vullers

Maartje van de Ven

April 23, 2013


12.45h-13.00h: Monique Jansen, Maartje van de Ven

Program overview

USE and elective packages

Information market, preparation, yourownstudy program

Studyrecommendations, reflection, challenges (Maartje)

13.05h-13.30h: Information per track, per major

http w3 tue nl nl onderwijs tue bachelor college
  • Notallchoices are sufficientfor a certificate!!
  • ExamCommittee (EC) decides on coherence of your program as a whole
  • In general
    • Twoelective packages, 25-30 ects
    • One USE package
  • Otherwise
    • Submityour program andmotivationto the EC forapproval
use planning
USE planning

First two courses in two successive quartiles;

Third course (project) in the next one (or one quartile later)

BC website (notupdatedyet - April 23)


elective packages
Elective packages

Alphabetical list


Per major


  • Design your own studies:
    • Theme: make up your mind what you like (or not), which direction you prefer and what is doable for you
    • Next part today: suggestions based on your technical variant
    • Visit the BC-website forelectiveand USE learninglines
    • Select a limitednumber of packages tovisit April 25
      • Based on content
      • Based on schedules (quartilesand time slots)
      • Consideryourownstudyprogress
information market
Information market

E-mail invitationby STU has been sent already

April 25

  • Thursday, 25 April
  • In front of MetaForum
  • About 90 packages present themselves
    • Information market
    • Speed dates
planning application
Planning application

No precedence relations

No prior knowledge

your own study program
Yourownstudy program
  • On Bachelor College website
    • Overview of courses and packages
    • Planning application
    • Submission form
      • Available April 25
      • Deadline June 7 !!
  • No guaranteetobeadmittedtoall courses:
    • Maximum per course
    • ExamCommittee
  • Stillneedtosubscribe in oase August 1-11!!
maartje van de ven study advisor
Maartje van de Ven, studyadvisor


Online course questionnaires

Challengesfor next year

Introduction Mr. Wil Kuijpers

pre recommendation
Pre recommendation

Positivewhen 15 ects or more in semester 1

  • PT: 91%, SI: 89% positive
  • PT 33%, SI 29% obtained 30 ects(all courses)
binding study recommendation
Binding studyrecommendation
  • In August
  • Positivewhen 30 ects or more (3 major courses inclusive)
  • Negative: have toleave the bachelor program

Personal circumstances (acknowledged)

  • Inform the studyadvisor or the stu (4 weeks max)
  • BSR next year
  • More information by email
online course evaluations
Online course evaluations
  • E-mail sent already
  • Online course questionnaires
    • Part of professional skillReflection
    • Obligedbecauseotherwise no gradefor the courses, linkedtoRefelction.
    • First semester: questionnaires notfilledin byeveryone.
      • Additionalassignment (compensation)
      • Deadline May 1
more challenges next year
More challenges next year

-Propedeuse, nominalstudents

Honors program

    • In progress, more information availablesoon


  • Student mentor (coaching new students in year 1)
    • interviews aroundJunefornominalstudents)
  • Member Information Pool (participate in information meetings, informfuturestudents)

More information will follow

introduction wil kuijpers
Introduction Wil Kuijpers

The studyadvisorfromyear 2

next more information per track or major
Next, more information per track or major
  • SustainableInnovation
    • Paviljoen M23 by Rob Raven, Carolina Castaldi and Monique Jansen-Vullers
  • Psychologyand Technology
    • Paviljoen B1: Livingby Antal Haans
    • Paviljoen U46: Roboticsby Raymond Cuijpers
    • Paviljoen J17: ICTby Martijn Willemsen