Made micha chrzano w ski class 2a
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Made: Micha? Chrzano w ski Class 2a - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Holland. Made: Michał Chrzano w ski Class 2a . Some information.

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Made micha chrzano w ski class 2a



Michał Chrzanowski

Class 2a

Made micha chrzano w ski class 2a

Some information

Holland (or the Netherlands) is a country between Germany and Belgium. Its area is more than 41,500 sq km and its population is about 16,000,000. The highest point in Holland is 321 m. The capitals of Holland are Amsterdam and Haga . The people there speak Dutch. They are good at skating, water polo, football and volleyball. Dutch cheese is quite famous. Vincent van Gogh, the famous painter was Dutch. Today there are many good football players.

Made micha chrzano w ski class 2a


In Holland people live in row houses put above the canals. There are beautiful houses with big windows and shops. The symbol of Holland are wind mills.

Made micha chrzano w ski class 2a

Boat where we can live?

In Holland there are boats where people can live. It isn’t very popular. This house is very expensive so only some people can live there. That houses look very strange. We can watch spectacular views and live in very interesting places. In Amsterdam we can live in boat Hotel.

Made micha chrzano w ski class 2a


There are shoes which are made of special wood. They are heavy. There symbol of Holland and national dress. This shoes are very colorful with some patterns. In Poland they names are „chodaki”.

Made micha chrzano w ski class 2a


Bicycles are a very important part of the Dutch landscape. Every Dutchman has the at least one bicycle. The bicycle is means of communication here and in the everyday use. On a bike Dutch people are going to the school, to the work, for the shopping, and go for Sunday trips.

The infrastructure of the country is perfect.There are bicycle roads everywhere along roads and streets with the wonderful surface. There are lights on streets for cyclistsand bike parks

Made micha chrzano w ski class 2a


Experience Heineken is putting in the old jar of the Heineken. The brewer brewed beer in 1864–1988 years but then the company was moved behind the city. Since then the Heineken is keeping stale beer as a tourist attraction. There are many interesting old installations for the production of the beer but many visitors are tempting the free beer.

Made micha chrzano w ski class 2a

Flower market in Aalsmeer

On this ultra-modern, and automated flower market, every day plants and flovers are sending out from Netherlands to entire world.Tulips are very popular in Holland. Dutch people buy tulips onions from different countries and they plant them in own gardens.

Made micha chrzano w ski class 2a

Anne Frank

Annelies Marias "Anne" Frank (born on 12 June 1929 in Frankfurt above Menem, died on February/March 1945 in Bergen-Belsen), the Jewish girl, the author of the diary, died in the concentration camp after several years' concealing oneself in Amsterdam.

Museum Anne Frank is a house in Amsterdam where Anne

and her family was hiding. Her family was endangered taking away to the concentration camp. Many people go to Anne Frank museum. This museum is very interesting place where we should visit when we are in Amsterdam.

House some years ago

House now