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Juan R. FERRO. TETRA Association Board Member. A TETRA Market Overview. TETRA : a global technology. More than 1075 systems and 1.000.000 terminals in operation. More than 88 countries in the world are using TETRA More than 17 TETRA manufactures.

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  1. Juan R. FERRO TETRA Association Board Member

  2. A TETRA Market Overview

  3. TETRA : a global technology • More than 1075 systems and 1.000.000 terminals in operation. • More than 88 countries in the world are using TETRA • More than 17 TETRA manufactures. • More than 50 companies providing value added applications on TETRA.

  4. TETRA Contracts Growth - World

  5. TETRA Contracts by Region

  6. TETRA Contracts by Sector - World

  7. TETRA – an Open Standard • Strong multivendor support • High capacity - ideal for shared networks • Longevity of investment • 20 years + • Ongoing enhancements • New applications on installed infrastructure • Data Applications • TETRA 2

  8. Manufacturers’ Base in 2000 Cleartone (terminals) Marconi (systems & terminals) Motorola (systems & terminals) Nokia (systems & terminals) Simoco (systems & terminals) Teltronic (terminals)

  9. Motorola (systems & terminals) EADS (systems & terminals) Selex (systems & terminals) Teltronic (systems & terminals) Damm Cellular (systems) ETELM (systems) Frequentis (systems) R&S Bick Mobilfunk (systems) Rohill (systems) Artevea (systems) Thales-ISR (systems) Cleartone (terminals) FWK/DeTeWe (terminals) Sepura (terminals) ThalesDefence(terminals) Manufacturers’ Base in 2006 Further new manufacturers coming from China, Korea, India, Russia …

  10. Encouraging Innovation • Specialist markets served • Intrinsically Safe radios • Integrated GPS devices • End to End Encryption • Specialised Repeaters • Covert Radios • Colour displays • Data applications

  11. Interoperability • TETRA Association Manages the Interoperability Process • Independent Testing by ISCTI • Interoperability certificates available for download • Ensures compatible products

  12. User requirements & Operational User cases Certified Products Operator User Association Manufacturer CertificationBody Testing Technical Forum MoU TIP Groups V+D, ISI, DMO Maintenance TETRA Interoperability (IOP)

  13. A selection of multi-vendor TETRA systems

  14. Asia Pacific by Country

  15. Asia Pacific by sector

  16. TETRA in China • 43 TETRA systems already deployed ( 4% of overall contracts) • China is one of largest potential markets for TETRA in the world. • Many local companies have announced the launching of TETRA hand portables. • Nevertheless, the TETRA penetration is still very low in China.

  17. TETRA users in China (i) • PSS • Shangai Police • Honk Kong Police • Honk Kong Fire • Beijing Municipality • Beijing Police • Tianjin Public Security

  18. TETRA users in China (ii) • Transportation • Tiajin Metro • Beijing Metro • Nanjing Metro • Honk Kong Metro • Guangzhou Metro • Shenzhen Metro • Ningqi Railway • Kowloon Railway • Shangai Port • Xiamen Harbour

  19. TETRA users in China (iii) • Utilities • China Light and Power, H.K. • Tianjin Water Office • Military • Military Airports

  20. TETRA : the benefits for the users (i) • In general, and with reference to the analogue PMR technologies: • Superb Quality of voice. • Advanced Data Services: • SMS • IP data • Real time data at 28,8 kbps. • 4 times better spectrum efficiency. • Connectivity to other telecom systems.

  21. TETRA : the benefits for the users (ii) • Duplex calls • Simultaneous voice and data • Handover • Scalability • GPS inside in terminals • Multiple & High Levels of Security • Enhanced direct mode. • Etc.

  22. TETRA for China • TETRA is successfully deployed in a wide variety of applications world-wide • TETRA has group working, mobility management, multiple encryption capabilities, Air to Ground, Simultaneous Voice & Data, etc. required by mission critical users and others • TETRA is ideally suited to many of the potential applications that you may have here in China.

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