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Importance of Meta Data in Video Optimization PowerPoint Presentation
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Importance of Meta Data in Video Optimization

Importance of Meta Data in Video Optimization

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Importance of Meta Data in Video Optimization

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  1. Importance of Meta Data in Video Optimization

  2. Video Optimization “Metadata can be used to facilitate the searching of video content either by individuals or corporations hosting their videos on their own websites, as well as for videos that are uploaded and hosted on video search engines and video sharing sites like Google, iTunes, YouTube, MySpace, and others “ Relevance of Metadata: The relevance of Metadata is THE KEY FACTOR for a good search optimization of your content: • TITLE • TAGS/KEYWORDS Have a CUMULATIVE effect • DESCRIPTION Include ALL IMPORTANT WORDS Put the most important one First

  3. Metadata Know How You? Metadata You Tube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine; optimize your video to take advantage of this fact. Metadata is the information that surrounds your video: Title, Tags, Description, Thumbnail. This informs the YouTube algorithm of a Video’s content, Indexing it for search, features, related videos, and ad- serving. Best Practice Title • Keywords first • Branding at end • Compelling Tags • Mix of common & specific • Ordering • Variations & Plentiful • Use quotes for phrases: “Harry Potter” Description • Most compelling info first • Includes keywords, Links • Show description, helpful information

  4. Thumbnails Thumbnails Always create custom poster-frames to be uploaded along with the video file. There are a few general guidelines to follow, but the right poster-frame depends on what your show is about. Best Practice Upload only high-resolution thumbnails that appear crisp and clear throughout the site.

  5. Annotation Annotation Some channels have found success in using standard annotation for the length of video that appears in the same placement across all videos, such as the “ subscribe” button and “newest” / “next” / “previous”.

  6. Metadata Relevance Relevance of metadata: Keywords You can optimize your keywords by using YouTube insight statistics data: YouTube and Google Searches list all keywords that drove users to your video

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