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LYNX Digital Photo Management

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LYNX Digital Photo Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome!. LYNX Digital Photo Management. Users, Groups, Project Templates, and Custom user-defined search fields. Quick Acquire. Download, annotate and file your images in just two mouse clicks!. Acquire using the Media Lab. LYNX Photo Compression. Photo Browser & Photo Viewer.

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LYNX Digital Photo Management

Quick Acquire

Download, annotate and file your images in just two mouse clicks!

Communicate with:

Printing,Visual Punchlists,

Exporting, and Photo Albums

Auto Transfer

(Automatically export and import your lynx images)

In today’s economy, unfortunately, claims, litigation, and unwarranted and unapproved change-orders are becoming a daily occurrence. Is your construction team prepared to handle more work with less personnel and are they visually documenting to help protect your company? -

More importantly, is your competitor visually documenting, gaining the upper hand, when it comes to claims and litigation on your projects?

You’d be wise to assume that they are!

Stop the finger pointing! Have up to date visual access to every project worldwide!

Recently, digital photos were NOT accepted in a court case because they were not in a TAMPER PROOF database like LYNX.

Billions of dollars are lost in construction litigation because they can’t find the images that they took to support the claim! How frustrating to have the documentation that you need, but be unable to find it?

Project control has never been easier! With less personnel, you NEED control now more than ever! Allow/restrict who has access to the data, and even if access is granted, what features are enabled by utilizing users and groups.
Managing images can be a frustrating process. Folders within sub folders for every project is not only extremely time consuming, but it also puts your agency at risk because images can be altered, changed, moved, copied, deleted, etc.

Project images don’t help if they can’t be found. Images without annotations leave more questions than answers. (ie. Who, what, where, when, why.) It’s crucial that project images are annotated and stored in a “consistent” manner so your personnel can locate & communicate visually instantly.

Annotate your images in seconds with:



Text & Notes


Redlining Layers

User Defined Search Fields

LYNX automatically annotates Date, Time, Taken By, Camera, Resolution and more…..

LYNX files your images into a high speed, secure, searchable database at Corporate offices and project locations.

LYNX will automatically synchronize your project site images (with all associated information) to your regional , and or corporate offices! (less work for them, less work for you!)

LYNX allows you to find and communicate any photograph, or group of photographs within a project or across all projects worldwide instantly!

Create a “visual portfolio” in order to market new work from prospective clients. You are already considered a technological leader in your industry , enhance that by having the capability to keep your clients visually up to date on “their” projects at all times!

Create Custom “best practices” and training construction story books. These visual albums are a great way to communicate with all project partners.

LYNX WebServer. This application is designed to make images accessible and more importantly manageable via an internet connection. (original images are automatically resized, and stored with all information so that others can log in and view, search and print visual documentation from anywhere in the world securely with any internet connection.

Original image 3000X2000 10MB


Web size image 640X480 50K

Project License

LYNX Master will automatically resize & update LYNX WebServer.

For easy access to Owners, and other project partners via the free LYNX WebClient!

LYNX WebClient

Can you see work in progress images from all your sub contractors automatically?

Join the ranks of LYNX clients who specify our application on their projects.

In order to allocate personnel, time, and resources efficiently it’s imperative that you “SEE” exactly what is occurring on your projects. By requiring sub contractors to use LYNX you could see how every contractor is progressing, as well as, go back and look at any contractors work on every project from anywhere!

With LYNX all it takes is TWO mouse clicks and the photos are acquired, annotated, filed to the project, and can even be automatically exported form the sub contractor & imported into YOUR LYNX system. It’s proven to be so much faster than trying to send image files using any other method!